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1Pediatric NephrologyEllis D. Avner2009-08-20Here is an extensive update of Pediatric Nephrology, which h...ISBN-13:3540763279
2Cloud Computing and SecurityXingming Sun2018-09-12This six volume set LNCS 11063 – 11068 constitutes the tho...ISBN-13:3030000125
3Horizontal Gene TransferTomás G. Villa2019-08-13The book focuses on the evolutionary impact of horizontal ge...ISBN-13:3030218627
4Neuroeconomic and Behavioral Aspects of Decision MakingKesra Nermend2017-10-06This proceedings volume presents the latest scientific resea...ISBN-13:3319629387
5Artificial Intelligence XXXVMax Bramer2018-11-27This book constitutes the proceedings of the 38th SGAI Inter...ISBN-13:3030041913
6The History of English SpellingChristopher Upward2011-09-15The History of English Spelling reveals the history of Moder...ISBN-13:1444342975
7Ecosystem FunctioningKurt Jax2010-09-16A new and integrative analysis of the concept of ecosystem f...ISBN-13:0521879531
8Biosystems Engineering: Biofactories for Food Production in ...Ramon Guevara-Gonzalez2014-01-24This book presents new food production systems (for plants a...ISBN-13:331903880X
9Handbook of Management Accounting ResearchChristopher S. Chapman2006-12-08Volume one of the Handbooks of Management Accounting Researc...ISBN-13:9780080468877
10Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop EcosystemsDinesh K. Maheshwari2011-04-19The future of agriculture strongly depends on our ability to...ISBN-13:9783642183577
11Persistent Organic PollutantsStuart Harrad2012-12-06Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) continue to be the subj...ISBN-13:1461515718
12Computer Safety, Reliability, and SecurityStefano Tonetta2017-09-01This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of five works...ISBN-13:3319662848
13Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 2John Whittall2012-04-25Biocatalysts are increasingly used by chemists engaged in fi...ISBN-13:1118307860
14PrebioticsBob Rastall2006-05-01The prebiotic concept works on the basis that many potential...ISBN-13:0470023147
15Recent Advances in Soft ComputingRadek Matoušek2018-08-04This book presents selected papers from the MENDEL conferenc...ISBN-13:3319978888
16Biocatalysis for the Pharmaceutical IndustryJunhua (Alex) Tao2009-07-23Biocatalysis is rapidly evolving into a key technology for t...ISBN-13:0470823151
17The Influence of Global Environmental Change on Infectious D...Institute of Medicine2014-09-03The twentieth century witnessed an era of unprecedented, lar...ISBN-13:0309305020
18Smart and Sustainable Engineering for Next Generation Applic...Peter Fleming2019-05-08This book reports on advanced theories and methods in two re...ISBN-13:3030182401
19Functional ProteomicsJulie D. Thompson2008-08-12As the emerging field of proteomics continues to expand at a...ISBN-13:9781588299710
20Dietary Reference IntakesInstitute of Medicine2006-08-29Widely regarded as the classic reference work for the nutrit...ISBN-13:9780309100915
21Brain Edema XIIIJulian T. Hoff2006-06-22This volume contains 93 papers from internationally recogniz...ISBN-13:3211307141
22ProbioticsMin-Tze Liong2011-07-28Probiotic microorganisms have a long history of use, and the...ISBN-13:9783642208386
23Handbook of cheese in health: production, nutrition and medi...Victor R. Preedy2013-10-21Cheeses are one of the most diverse food commodities known. ...ISBN-13:9086867669
24Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine Im...Guoyan Zheng2019-05-08This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th In...ISBN-13:3030137368
25Food, Nutrition & Wellness, Student EditionMcGraw-Hill2008-12-09Motivate students to develop responsible eating and fitness ...ISBN-13:9780078806636
26Mammoth CaveHorton H. Hobbs III2017-06-14This book reveals the science and beauty of Mammoth Cave, th...ISBN-13:3319537180
27Air and Space LawHenri Abraham Wassenbergh1992-06-18The aim of this unique volume is twofold. First and foremost...ISBN-13:9780792316268
28Pediatric and Adolescent Urologic ImagingLane S. Palmer2014-01-06Pediatric and Adolescent Urologic Imaging provides a compreh...ISBN-13:1461486548
29Extracellular VesiclesWinston Patrick Kuo2017-08-21This volume examines established methods and protocols to is...ISBN-13:9781493972517
30Low-Oxygen Stress in PlantsJoost T. van Dongen2014-01-17During the last ten years, knowledge about the multitude of ...ISBN-13:3709112540
31Oncolytic VirusesChristine E. Engeland2019-09-05This book aims to provide a guide for virologists, translati...ISBN-13:9781493997930
32Advances in Dairy ProductsFrancesco Conto2017-11-13Advances in Dairy Product Science & Technology offers a comp...ISBN-13:1118906438
33Introduction to Food ToxicologyTakayuki Shibamoto2012-12-02The area of food toxicology currently has a high profile of ...ISBN-13:0080925774
34LymphomaRalf Küppers2013-01-08Lymphomas are lymphoid malignancies derived from B or T lymp...ISBN-13:9781627032681
35Clinical Pediatric NephrologyKanwal Kher2016-11-25The third edition of a bestseller, this book provides insigh...ISBN-13:1482214636
36Congenital Diseases in the Right HeartAndrew N. Redington2008-10-29'Congenital Heart Disease in the Right Heart' is an exhausti...ISBN-13:1848003781
37Biodiversity and Ecosystem FunctioningMichel Loreau2002'This is the hottest area in ecology and environmental scien...ISBN-13:9780198515715
38Trees in a Changing EnvironmentMichael Tausz2014-08-26This book delivers current state-of-the-science knowledge of...ISBN-13:9401791007
39Toxoplasma GondiiLouis M. Weiss2013-08-10This 2e of Toxoplasma gondii reflects the significant advanc...ISBN-13:0123965365
40Modelling Methods for Energy in BuildingsChris Underwood2008-04-15Climate change mitigation and sustainable practices are now ...ISBN-13:1405153008

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