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1Delaktig (även) på äldre darIda Kåhlin2015-01-16Participation of people in all ages is one of the main goals...ISBN-13:9175191520
2The Role of Multilateral Environmental AgreementsBritta Sjostedt2020-05-28The environment suffers enormously during armed conflicts an...ISBN-13:1509922555
3Online teaching practicesKarin Bolldén2015-04-21The aim of this study was to describe and analyse online tea...ISBN-13:9175191237
4Virtual Sites as Learning SpacesSangeeta Bagga-Gupta2019-11-25This volume fills a gap in the literature between the domain...ISBN-13:3030269299
5Interprofessional Simulation in Health CareMadeleine Abrandt Dahlgren2019-08-13This book describes and discusses a practice-oriented approa...ISBN-13:3030195422
6Vad är god forskningssed?Bengt Gustafsson2005ISBN-13:9789173070621
7Riksdagens protokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4554401
8Riksdagens protokoll2001MINN:31951D02305817G
9Translational Stem Cell ResearchKristina Hug2010-12-25For many years, the ethical discussion surrounding human emb...ISBN-13:9781607619598
10Bridging Research and Practice in Science EducationEilish McLoughlin2019-08-27This edited volume presents innovative current research in t...ISBN-13:3030172198
11Values and Valuing in Mathematics EducationPhilip Clarkson2019-04-24This engaging open access book discusses how a values and va...ISBN-13:3030168921
12Doing Research with RefugeesBogusia Temple2011-03-01Explores methodological issues relating to the involvement o...ISBN-13:184742905X
13The Sociology of ScienceRobert K. Merton1973-01"The exploration of the social conditions that facilitate or...ISBN-13:9780226520926
14Responsible Conduct of ResearchAdil E. Shamoo2009-02-12Recent scandals and controversies, such as data fabrication ...ISBN-13:0199709602
15Contemporary Perspectives on Social Learning in Early Childh...Olivia Saracho2007-06-01Social epistemology is a broad set of approaches to the stud...ISBN-13:1607527324
16Negotiating SolidarityNedžad Mešić2017-01-25Precarious migrant workers are today an everyday part of the...ISBN-13:917685583X
17Educational imaginariesLina Rahm2019-01-23This thesis makes use of a genealogical approach to map out ...ISBN-13:9176851583
18Life Trajectories Into and Out of Contemporary Neo-NazismChrister Mattsson2019-10-29This book provides the first comprehensive sociological stud...ISBN-13:1000707954
19Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics LearningLyn D. English2013-05-09This book emanated primarily from concerns that the mathemat...ISBN-13:9400764405
20School InspectorsJacqueline Baxter2017-04-10This book examines the role of the inspector within the cont...ISBN-13:3319525360
21Teaching as ActivismLinda June Muzzin2005How would teaching and learning be different if environmenta...ISBN-13:9780773528086
22Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care: Swede...Taguma Miho2013-02-05This book focuses on quality issues in early childhood educa...ISBN-13:9264176748
23Introducing BronfenbrennerNóirín Hayes2017-03-16Children learn in contexts, and the spaces, places and peopl...ISBN-13:1317294319
24Tourism and Memories of HomeSabine Marschall2017-02-03This book investigates ‘home’ and ‘homeland’ as dest...ISBN-13:1845416058
25Digital Didactical DesignsIsa Jahnke2015-08-14As web-enabled mobile technologies become increasingly integ...ISBN-13:1317400976
26Mathematics Education and Language DiversityRichard Barwell2015-11-25This book examines multiple facets of language diversity and...ISBN-13:3319145118
27Encountering AlgebraCecilia Kilhamn2019-07-03The book reports a comparative research project about algebr...ISBN-13:3030175774
28Labor and Monopoly CapitalHarry Braverman1998-12-01This widely acclaimed book, first published in 1974, was a c...ISBN-13:1583673741
29Texts, Topics and Tasks: Teaching English in Years 4-6Bo Lundahl2014-05-05The title of this book identifies three concepts that are ce...ISBN-13:9789144080536
30Views and Beliefs in Mathematics EducationBenjamin Rott2018-12-14The book is made up of 21 chapters from 25 presentations at ...ISBN-13:3030012735
31The Acquisition of Heritage LanguagesISBN-13:1107007240
32Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual SocietiesKurt Braunmüller2012-08-22The 25 contributions of this volume represent a selection fr...ISBN-13:9027273499
33Assessing Multilingual ChildrenJan de Jong2015-04This book presents a comprehensive set of tools for assessin...ISBN-13:1783093129
34A History and Theory of Informed ConsentRuth R. Faden1986Patient / Einwirkung.ISBN-13:0195036867
35Doing Good ParenthoodAnna Sparrman2017-01-24This edited collection shows that good parenthood is neither...ISBN-13:3319467743
36Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integratio...Tomei, Lawrence A.2008-02-28As more and more universities, schools, and corporate traini...ISBN-13:1599048825
37Exploring Probability in SchoolGraham A. Jones2006-03-30Exploring Probability in School provides a new perspective i...ISBN-13:0387245308
38Children Learning Second LanguagesAnnamaria Pinter2011-03-29This comprehensive guide to research and debate centres arou...ISBN-13:0230302297
39Curriculum Landscapes and TrendsJan van den Akker2013-06-29Curriculum problems are everywhere: alert observers with a p...ISBN-13:9401712050
40Children's Play and DevelopmentIvy Schousboe2013-06-20This book provides new theoretical insights to our understan...ISBN-13:9400765797
1God forskningssed2011God forskningssed
2God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2011God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
3God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2016God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
4God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2013God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
5God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2017God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
6Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...
7Vad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...
8Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] synpunkter, rikt...Gustafsson, Bengt2006Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] synpunkter, rikt...
9Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] Synpunkter, ...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] Synpunkter, ...
10God forskningssed / Göran Hermerén, Bengt Gustafsson och B...uuuu-uuuuGod forskningssed / Göran Hermerén, Bengt Gustafsson och B...
11Vägval för framtidens forskningssystem [Elektronisk resurs...ArrayVägval för framtidens forskningssystem [Elektronisk resurs...
1God forskningssedEriksson, Stefan, 1963-,2011God forskningssed
2Vad är god forskningssed? Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exempe...Gustafsson, Bengt, Hermerén, Göran, Petersson, Bo, 1941-, 2005Vad är god forskningssed? Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exempe...
3Vad är god forskningssed? : Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...Gustafsson, Bengt, Hermeren, Göran Petersson, Bo 2004Vad är god forskningssed? : Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...

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