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1Online teaching practicesKarin Bolldén2015-04-21The aim of this study was to describe and analyse online tea...ISBN-13:9175191237
2Delaktig (även) på äldre darIda Kåhlin2015-01-16Participation of people in all ages is one of the main goals...ISBN-13:9175191520
3Vad är god forskningssed?Bengt Gustafsson2005ISBN-13:9789173070621
4Negotiating SolidarityNedžad Mešić2017-01-25Precarious migrant workers are today an everyday part of the...ISBN-13:917685583X
5Technology Teachers as ResearchersInga-Britt Skogh2014-02-05This book presents the scientific output of the TUFF researc...ISBN-13:9462094438
6Att göra pedagogisk praktik tillsammansSara Dalgren2017-02-07Denna studies övergripande syfte är att åskådliggöra hu...ISBN-13:9176855937
7Translational Stem Cell ResearchKristina Hug2010-12-25For many years, the ethical discussion surrounding human emb...ISBN-13:9781607619598
8ProtokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4554401
9Riksdagens protokoll2001MINN:31951D02305817G
10Reading Bernstein, Researching BernsteinBrian Davies2004-06-24Basil Bernstein is arguably one of the most important educat...ISBN-13:1134299281
11The Routledge Companion to Organizational ChangeDavid Boje2012-10-02Organizations change. They grow, they adapt, they evolve. Th...ISBN-13:1136680896
12Principles of Genetic EpistemologyJean Piaget2013-07-04First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1136221085
13MultiPluriTrans in Educational EthnographySabine Bollig2015-08Ethnography has established itself as a key strategy of qual...ISBN-13:383942772X
14Governing by InspectionSotiria Grek2014-09-19In recent decades, governing practices in education have bec...ISBN-13:1317635140
15ChinamanShehan Karunatilaka2011-10-01Retired sportswriter, W.G. Karunasena is dying. He will spen...ISBN-13:8184002246
16When Medicine Went MadArthur L. Caplan2012-12-06In When Medicine Went Mad, one of the nation's leading bioet...ISBN-13:1461204135
17An Introduction to Childhood StudiesMary Jane Kehily2008-11-01"This thoughtful book provides expert overviews of historica...ISBN-13:0335236804
18The LegVan Jensen2014-11-18Writer Van Jensen (PINOCCHIO, VAMPIRE SLAYER; THE FLASH) and...ISBN-13:9781603093545
19The Student'S Guide To Research EthicsOliver, Paul2010-04-01This reader-friendly book examines the ethical issues and qu...ISBN-13:0335237975
20Listening to Young ChildrenAlison Clark2011The Mosaic approach views children as ‘experts in their ow...ISBN-13:1907969268
21A History and Theory of Informed ConsentRuth R. Faden1986-02-27Clearly argued and written in nontechnical language, this bo...ISBN-13:0199748659
22Research EthicsRobin Levin Penslar1995-01The ethical conduct of research has become an area of great ...ISBN-13:9780253209061
23Strangers at the BedsideDavid J. Rothman2017-07-12David Rothman gives us a brilliant, finely etched study of m...ISBN-13:135148804X
24Medicine & PhilosophyIngvar Johansson2008-01-01This textbook introduces the reader to basic problems in the...ISBN-13:311032136X
25Situated Ethics in Educational ResearchHelen Simons2012-11-12Ethics has traditionally been seen as a set of general princ...ISBN-13:1135121249
26Europeanizing EducationMartin Lawn2012-05-14The study of common and diverse effects in the field of educ...ISBN-13:1873927614
27Researchers and Their 'subjects'Smyth, Marie2004-10-13Offering an insight into research participants' perspectives...ISBN-13:1861345143
28Handbook of Early Childhood LiteracyNigel Hall2003-10-18"This volume examines early literacy research on a global sc...ISBN-13:1446206955
29Planning Ethically Responsible ResearchJoan E. Sieber2013This book guides readers through one of the most important a...ISBN-13:1452202591
30Ethics in Qualitative ResearchTina Miller2012-09-13This fresh, confident Second Edition of Ethics in Qualitativ...ISBN-13:1446210898
31StockholmJeppe Wikström1996ISBN-13:9789175881539
32Ethics in Qualitative ResearchMartyn Hammersley2012-06-06Ethics in Qualitative Research explores this field and prese...ISBN-13:0857021400
33Classroom Discourse and the Space of LearningFerence Marton2004-05-20Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning is about learn...ISBN-13:1135642338
34Lectures on the Will to KnowM. Foucault2013-04-09In the first of his annual series of lectures at the Collèg...ISBN-13:1137044861
35Annals of the Road: Or, Notes on Mail and Stage Coaching in ...Harold Esdaile Malet2018-02-15This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781377583686
36Spaces to PlayAlison Clark2005-03-31Spaces to Play explains how to use innovative Mosaic approac...ISBN-13:1907969241
37Help for Dyslexic ChildrenE. Miles2003-09-02First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134948115
38Collected Works of Braj B. KachruBraj Kachru2015-02-26Professor Braj Kachru (b. 1932) has pioneered, shaped and de...ISBN-13:1441137130
39Teaching AbroadGordon E. Slethaug2007-06-01Focuses on North Americans who go to China and Europe, but a...ISBN-13:9789622098541
40Everyday and Academic Mathematics in the ClassroomMary E. Brenner2002Examines what happens when everyday and academic mathematica...ISBN-13:9780873535106
1God forskningssedGod forskningssed
2God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2011God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
3God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2017God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
4God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2016God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
5God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2013God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
6Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...
7Vad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...Gustafsson, BengtVad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...
8Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] : synpunkter, ri...Gustafsson, Bengt2006Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] : synpunkter, ri...
1God forskningssedVetenskapsrådet, Expertgrupp för etik Eriksson, Stefan, 1963-, 2011God forskningssed
2Vad är god forskningssed? : Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...Gustafsson, Bengt, Hermeren, Göran Petersson, Bo 2004Vad är god forskningssed? : Synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...
3Vad är god forskningssed?Petersson, Bo, 1941-, Hermerén, Göran, Gustafsson, Bengt, 2005Vad är god forskningssed?

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