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1Delaktig (även) på äldre darIda Kåhlin2015-01-16Participation of people in all ages is one of the main goals...ISBN-13:9175191520
2The Role of Multilateral Environmental AgreementsBritta Sjostedt2020-05-28The environment suffers enormously during armed conflicts an...ISBN-13:1509922555
3Vad är god forskningssed?Bengt Gustafsson2005ISBN-13:9789173070621
4Online teaching practicesKarin Bolldén2015-04-21The aim of this study was to describe and analyse online tea...ISBN-13:9175191237
5Nanny FamiliesSara Eldén2020-07Using Sweden as a case study, this book combines theories of...ISBN-13:1529201535
6Interprofessional Simulation in Health CareMadeleine Abrandt Dahlgren2019-08-13This book describes and discusses a practice-oriented approa...ISBN-13:3030195422
7Riksdagens protokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4554401
8Values and Valuing in Mathematics EducationPhilip Clarkson2019-04-24This engaging open access book discusses how a values and va...ISBN-13:3030168921
9Research Methods in Theatre and PerformanceBaz Kershaw2011-04-18How have theatre and performance research methods and method...ISBN-13:0748688102
10Bridging Research and Practice in Science EducationEilish McLoughlin2019-08-27This edited volume presents innovative current research in t...ISBN-13:3030172198
11The Sociology of ScienceRobert K. Merton1973"The exploration of the social conditions that facilitate or...ISBN-13:9780226520926
12Drama and Social JusticeKelly Freebody2015-08-20"This text offers a cohesive framework for exploring social ...ISBN-13:1317628780
13Intimate RelationshipsRalph Erber2016-01-08Intimate Relationships covers both classic and current mater...ISBN-13:1317347455
14Contemporary Perspectives on Social Learning in Early Childh...Olivia Saracho2007-06-01Social epistemology is a broad set of approaches to the stud...ISBN-13:1607527324
15A History and Theory of Informed ConsentRuth R. Faden1986Patient / Einwirkung.ISBN-13:0195036867
16Research EthicsRobin Levin Penslar1995"The book provides opportunities for unusually good discussi...ISBN-13:9780253209061
17Coding as a PlaygroundMarina Umaschi Bers2020-10-06Coding as a Playground, Second Edition focuses on how young ...ISBN-13:1000194523
18Examining Ethics in Contemporary Science Education ResearchKathrin Otrel-Cass2020-08-31This book poses questions on how to work ethically in resear...ISBN-13:3030509214
19Responsible Conduct of ResearchAdil E. Shamoo2009-02-12Recent scandals and controversies, such as data fabrication ...ISBN-13:0199709602
20Strangers at the BedsideDavid J. Rothman2017-07-12David Rothman gives us a brilliant, finely etched study of m...ISBN-13:135148804X
21Planning Ethically Responsible ResearchJoan E. Sieber1992This text provides readers with the knowledge to plan ethica...ISBN-13:9780803939646
22Lesson StudyPeter Dudley2014-08-27This book introduces readers to the development of Lesson St...ISBN-13:1134460414
23Controversies in Applied LinguisticsBarbara Seidlhofer2003This book brings together a number of high-profile exchanges...ISBN-13:9780194374446
24Ethics and Research in Inclusive EducationMelanie Nind2014-01-02The recent move towards inclusive education has radically in...ISBN-13:1136555161
25Iranians in SwedenShidrokh Namei2012ISBN-13:9789150622713
26Researchers and Their "subjects"Marie Smyth2004This book examines the role of participants in research and ...UOM:39015060597633
27Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics LearningLyn D. English2013-05-09This book emanated primarily from concerns that the mathemat...ISBN-13:9400764405
28Applied Theatre: Understanding ChangeKelly Freebody2018-06-26This volume offers researchers and practitioners new perspec...ISBN-13:3319781782
29Exploring Probability in SchoolGraham A. Jones2005-03-21Exploring Probability in School provides a new perspective i...ISBN-13:9780387245294
30A New Approach to Research EthicsHenriikka Mustajoki2017-03-16A New Approach to Research Ethics is a clear, practical and ...ISBN-13:1134817975
31No Education Without RelationNel Noddings2004This book is a collective statement about a new approach to ...ISBN-13:9780820468303
32Animal Ethics in Animal ResearchHelena Röcklinsberg2017-10-26The use of animals in research has always been surrounded by...ISBN-13:1108356222
33An Introduction to Childhood StudiesMary Jane Kehily2008-11-01"This thoughtful book provides expert overviews of historica...ISBN-13:0335236804
34Foucault, Sport and ExercisePirkko Markula-Denison2007-01-24Michel Foucault’s work profoundly influences the way we th...ISBN-13:1134244126
35Views and Beliefs in Mathematics EducationBenjamin Rott2018-12-14The book is made up of 21 chapters from 25 presentations at ...ISBN-13:3030012735
36Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
37Situated Ethics in Educational ResearchHelen Simons2012-11-12Ethics has traditionally been seen as a set of general princ...ISBN-13:1135121249
38Educational Design ResearchJan Van den Akker2006-11-22The field of design research has been gaining momentum over ...ISBN-13:1134155646
39Sport, Coaching and Intellectual DisabilityDavid Hassan2014-07-17There are more opportunities than ever before for young peop...ISBN-13:1317817729
40MultiPluriTrans in Educational EthnographySabine Bollig2015-08-31Ethnography has established itself as a key strategy of qual...ISBN-13:383942772X
1God forskningssed2011God forskningssed
2God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2017God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
3God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2011God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
4God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2016God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
5God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2013God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
6God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]2021God forskningssed [Elektronisk resurs]
7Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] : synpunkter...
8Vad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? : synpunkter, riktlinjer och exem...
9Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] synpunkter, rikt...Gustafsson, Bengt2006Vad är god forskningssed? [Ljudupptagning] synpunkter, rikt...
10Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] Synpunkter, ...Gustafsson, Bengt2005Vad är god forskningssed? [Elektronisk resurs] Synpunkter, ...
11Vägval för framtidens forskningssystem [Elektronisk resurs...ArrayVägval för framtidens forskningssystem [Elektronisk resurs...

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