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1Genusperspektiv på vård och omvårdnadHenrik Eriksson2006Det finns en genusordning som värnar om att kvinnor och mä...ISBN-13:9789144039145
2Keywords: GenderLinda Waldman2004The Alliance of Independent Publishers, a literary organizat...STANFORD:36105114175024
3WomancodeAlisa Vitti2013Alisa Vitti found herself suffering through the symptoms of ...ISBN-13:1781802009
4Social Anthropology and MedicineJoseph Buist Loudon1976ISBN-13:9780124563506
5The Politics of Women's BiologyRuth Hubbard1990Argues that male scientists have interpreted female biology ...ISBN-13:9780813514901
6Health Professions EducationInstitute of Medicine2003-07-01The Institute of Medicine study Crossing the Quality Chasm (...ISBN-13:9780309133197
7Gender, Social Inequalities, and AgingToni M. Calasanti2001-08-28The experience of men and women in later life varies enormou...ISBN-13:0759116970
8A History of European Women's WorkDeborah Simonton2002-09-11The work patterns of European women from 1700 onwards fluctu...ISBN-13:1134936788
9European Food and Nutrition Policies in ActionNancy Milio1998This publication presents a vast array of experience, insigh...ISBN-13:9789289013376
10Power/GenderH. Lorraine Radtke1994-01-01This book investigates the complex strands that inextricably...ISBN-13:9781446234488
11Yayoi Kusama - in InfinityLærke Rydal Jørgensen2015-10Within a few years, Yayoi Kusama (born 1929) has become a fa...ISBN-13:9788792877529
12Multivariate Analysis of QualityHarald Martens2001-02-08Data analysis is a vital part of science today, and in asses...ISBN-13:9780471974284
13BeliefsLorraine M. Wright1996Beliefs are the lenses through which we view the world and t...UOM:39015038138643
14Psychotherapy for Children and AdolescentsAlan E. Kazdin2000-01-27What do we wish to know about psychotherapy and its effects?...ISBN-13:9780198029168
15Transformations of the Swedish Welfare StateB. Larsson2012-01-25Using an analytical framework based on Foucault's concept of...ISBN-13:0230363954
16Mikhail BakhtinTzvetan Todorov1984ISBN-13:9780719014673
17NursingDorothea Elizabeth Orem1985-01NURSING: CONCEPTS OF PRACTICE presents a thorough descriptio...UOM:39015007092086
18Messengers of the BrainArvid Carlsson2002-01The rise of modern psychopharmacology following upon the dis...ISBN-13:9789144023465
19State and Civil Society in Northern EuropeLars Trägårdh2007-01-01In the current neo-liberal political and economic climate, i...ISBN-13:1782382003
20Reason and PassionMichael G. Peletz1996-01-01"This book mixes aspects of 'old' and 'new' ethnography to p...ISBN-13:9780520200708
21The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of NursingBetty R. Ferrell2008-01-10The essence of nursing care continually exposes nurses to su...ISBN-13:0199715580
22The Man of ReasonEmeritus Professor in Philosophy Genevieve Lloyd2002-11-01This new edition of Genevieve Lloyd's classic study of the m...ISBN-13:1134862652
23The Oxford Handbook of Compassion ScienceEmma M. Seppälä2017-09-26How do we define compassion? Is it an emotional state, a mot...ISBN-13:0190667281
24Real HeatCarol A. Chetkovich1997In the struggle over affirmative action, no employment setti...ISBN-13:9780813524108
25Encyclopedia of Gender and Information TechnologyTrauth, Eileen M.2006-06-30"This two volume set includes 213 entries with over 4,700 re...ISBN-13:1591408164
26Engendering International HealthGita Sen2002Research on gender inequity in international health in both ...ISBN-13:9780262692731
27Elementary Principles of BehaviorRichard W. Malott2000B> A solid introduction to the principles of behavior using ...ISBN-13:9780130837066
28Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of NursingJacqueline Fawcett1995Covers the development of nursing knowledge for nurses and n...UOM:39015032449582
29Qualitative Methods in Public Health ResearchUtbildningshuset/Studentlitteratur2001-01The 2nd Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Qualitative M...ISBN-13:9789144021799
30Racism and AntiracismPeter Braham1992-04-21This key text explores the nature and extent of racial discr...UOM:39015025221535
31Scandinavian Plastic SurgeryHannu Kuokkanen2008-08-01Plastic surgery was established in the Scandinavian countrie...ISBN-13:9789144020358
32The Fashioned BodyJoanne Entwistle2000-07-26The Fashioned Body provides a wide-ranging and original over...ISBN-13:9780745620077
33Budgeting for Women's RightsDiane Elson2006-06-30Peoples access to services and resources are determined by g...UCSC:32106019162517
34Putting Women in PlaceMona Domosh2001-05-30Why do women and men tend to work in different jobs, in diff...ISBN-13:9781572306684
35Sociology of ProfessionsLennart Svensson2010This book discusses Continental and Anglo-Saxon traditions i...ISBN-13:9789171733160
36Children of Parents with Mental Illness 2Vicki Cowling2004This book contains both personal narratives and chapters wri...ISBN-13:9780864314734
37Understanding reproductive changeBertil Egerö1994ISBN-13:9789179662622
38Feedback and Stress in Human Service OrganizationsAnders Pousette2001ISBN-13:9789162849856
39Coping with DiabetesPat Kelly2002Discusses the types and causes, diagnosis, treatment and imp...ISBN-13:9780823937561
40Each Day I Like It BetterAmy Lutz2014-04-15In the fall of 2009, Amy Lutz and her husband, Andy, struggl...ISBN-13:0826519776

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