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1The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media StrategyMike Barlow2010-12-07Social media has already transformed society. Now it is pois...ISBN-13:9781118005231
2Comparative Public AdministrationEric Edwin Otenyo2006Volume 15 of Comparative Public Administration, titled Resea...ISBN-13:0762313595
3Handbook Of Industrial AutomationRichard Shell2000-08-29Supplies the most essential concepts and methods necessary t...ISBN-13:9780203908587
4Metal Cutting Theories and ModelsStahl Jan Eric2012ISBN-13:9789163713361
5The Radiance of FranceGabrielle Hecht2009-07-31In the aftermath of World War II, as France sought a distinc...ISBN-13:0262266172
6Organizing IdentityPaul du Gay2007-03-08This book makes a significant contribution to cultural econo...ISBN-13:9781412900126
7Studies in the History of French Political EconomyGilbert Faccarello2002-09-11Studies in the History of French Political Economy considers...ISBN-13:1134857675
8Regulating Power: The Economics of Electrictiy in the Inform...Carl Pechman2012-12-06Modem industrial society functions with the expectation that...ISBN-13:1461532582
9Joint Cognitive SystemsDavid D. Woods2006-03-27Our fascination with new technologies is based on the assump...ISBN-13:9781420005684
10Concepts of CleanlinessGeorges Vigarello1988-10-27This lucid and imaginative study uses the French experience ...ISBN-13:9780521342483
11Language Awareness and Learning to ReadJ. Downing2012-12-06During the 1970s there was a rapid increase in interest in m...ISBN-13:1461382483
12Sex, Botany & EmpirePatricia Fara2003Sex, Botany, and Empire explores the entwined destinies of t...ISBN-13:9780231134262
13Activities Using ResourcesHeather Westrup2005-03-17Ideas for introducing and practising both grammatical and le...ISBN-13:9780194421874
14Human DynamicsSandra Seagal1997-01-01ISBN-13:9781883823078
15Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Cons...David MacCollum2007The author is one of the world's foremost experts, with near...ISBN-13:007148244X
16Construction Research Congress 2014Baabak Ashuri2014ISBN-13:9780784413517
17Old Swedish QuiltsÅsa Wettre1995More than 100 old quilts are pictured in full color, accompa...IND:30000055910446
18Managing the Global Supply ChainTage Skjott-Larsen2007The world today faces global competition. The supply chain i...ISBN-13:9788763001717
19Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate SecurityRobert E. Looney2016-11-25An original contribution to our understanding of a phenomeno...ISBN-13:1317528484
20Do Economists Make Markets?Donald MacKenzie2008-07-21Around the globe, economists affect markets by saying what m...ISBN-13:0691138494
21Production DevelopmentMonica Bellgran2009-11-03Production development is about improving existing productio...ISBN-13:9781848824959
22Packaging LogisticsHenrik Pålsson2018-06-03Organizations now consider packaging as a critical issue. Ef...ISBN-13:0749481714
23Markets, Hierarchies and NetworksGrahame Thompson1991-12-30This interdisciplinary reader provides a distinctive introdu...ISBN-13:9780803985902
24My Life as a Night Elf PriestBonnie Nardi2010-06-02"Ever since the creators of the animated television show Sou...ISBN-13:0472026712
25Learning Process SkillsStanley R. Riley1992Written specifically for classroom teachers, Dr. Riley's out...ISBN-13:9780878799466
26Human Resources at WorkChristopher Molander1996ISBN-13:9788763000536
27Communication in the Modern Languages ClassroomJoe Sheils1988ISBN-13:9789287115522
28Psychology: The Science of Mind and BehaviorISBN-13:0077425332
29The Social Media Management HandbookRobert Wollan2010-12-15How do organizations manage social media effectively? Every ...ISBN-13:9781118003527
30Before you can disciplineRobert L. DeBruyn1983STANFORD:36105032816170
31Machine DreamsPhilip Mirowski2002This was the first cross-over book into the history of scien...ISBN-13:9780521775267
32Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to WastePhilip Mirowski2014At the onset of the Great Recession, as house prices sank an...ISBN-13:1781683026
33Acting in an Uncertain WorldISBN-13:9780262260480
34New Forms of Labour AdministrationNormand Lécuyer2002In the rapidly changing world of work, those involved in dev...ISBN-13:9789221064800
35A Biological Brain in a Cultural ClassroomRobert Sylwester2003-02-06Updated Edition of Best Seller! Expanding on his immensely p...ISBN-13:9780761938118
36Beyond the FreezeDaniel F. Ford1982UOM:39015004157064
37Manufacturing Systems: Theory and PracticeGeorge Chryssolouris2006-02-28Overviews manufacturing systems from the ground up, followin...ISBN-13:0387284311
38Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management-VIP. Vink1998-08-28This book contains a series of papers that were presented du...ISBN-13:9780080434391
39Flora CapensisCarl Peter Thunberg2014-07-24This influential Latin reference work on South African plant...ISBN-13:1108067794
40Automation and Human PerformanceMustapha Mouloua2018-01-29There is perhaps no facet of modern society where the influe...ISBN-13:135146504X
1Forskningsmetodikens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] att planer...Patel, RunaForskningsmetodikens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] att planer...
2Forskningsmetodikens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] att planer...Patel, RunaForskningsmetodikens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] att planer...
3Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...Patel, Runa, 1945-1991Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...
4Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...Patel, Runa, 1945-Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...
5Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...Patel, Runa, 1945-Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...
6Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...Patel, Runa, 1945-Forskningsmetodikens grunder : att planera, genomföra och r...
7Forskningsmetodikkens grunnlag : å planlegge, gjennomføre ...Patel, Runa, 1945-cop. 1995Forskningsmetodikkens grunnlag : å planlegge, gjennomføre ...
1Forskningsmetodikens grunder. Att planera, genomföra och ra...Patel, Runa Davidson, Bo, 1956-, 2003Forskningsmetodikens grunder. Att planera, genomföra och ra...

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