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1ForskningshandbokenMartyn Denscombe2009OCLC:489006933
2New international studies on religions and dialogue in educa...Martin Ubani2018What are the key questions highlighted in religious and spir...ISBN-13:383098846X
3Sex Integration in Sport and Physical CultureAlex Channon2018-10-11Scholars working in the academic field of sport studies have...ISBN-13:1351856790
4Law and Spatial PlanningStefan Larsson2014-08-20This PhD thesis in Spatial Planning argues for the importanc...ISBN-13:9172952865
5Recent Trends in Social and Behaviour SciencesFord Lumban Gaol2014-02-27The human aspect plays an important role in the social scien...ISBN-13:1315775530
6Nigerian Journal of Accounting Research2009STANFORD:36105214176559
7Ground Rules For Social ResearchDenscombe, Martyn2009-08-01This text identifies key ideas and practices that underlie g...ISBN-13:0335233813
8The Good Research GuideMartyn Denscombe2017ISBN-13:9780335226863
9Research ProposalsMartyn Denscombe2012-09-01This helpful step-by-step handbook will guide the reader thr...ISBN-13:0335244076
10Ground Rules for Good ResearchMartyn Denscombe2002-07-01Amongst the bewildering array of approaches and beliefs abou...ISBN-13:9780335206513
11This is LeanNiklas Modig2012This book is relevant to any kind of business and is current...ISBN-13:9789198039306
12Classroom Control (RLE Edu L)Martyn Denscombe2012-05-04Survival as a school teacher depends on an ability to achiev...ISBN-13:1136470557
13Mergers and Acquisitions BasicsDonald DePamphilis2010-10-29Mergers and Acquisitions Basics: All You Need to Know provid...ISBN-13:9780080959092
14Transfrontier Conservation AreasJens Andersson2017-07-04The introduction of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs)...ISBN-13:1351376748
15Cultural TraumaRon Eyerman2001-12-13Ron Eyerman explores the formation of African American ident...ISBN-13:9780521004374
16Education at a Glance 2011 OECD IndicatorsOECD2011-09-13The 2011 edition of Education at a Glance enables countries ...ISBN-13:9264117059
17Encyclopedia of Science EducationRichard Gunstone2015-01-15The Encyclopedia of Science Education provides a comprehensi...ISBN-13:9789400721494
18Nursing Law and EthicsAmnon Carmi2012-12-06The papers in this section on the legal aspects of nursing c...ISBN-13:3642824684
19Cross-cultural ManagementNigel Holden2002Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and researc...ISBN-13:9780273646808
20Policy WorldsCris Shore2011-04-01There are few areas of society today that remain outside the...ISBN-13:9780857451170
21Participating in the Knowledge SocietyR. Finnegan2005-09-27In current debates about the 'knowledge society' and the org...ISBN-13:0230523048
22Offshore Outsourcing of IT WorkM. Lacity2008-02-01This book considers offshore client/supplier relationships' ...ISBN-13:0230582966
23Generations at WorkRon Zemke2013-03-13This all-new edition of the seminal book on navigating the m...ISBN-13:0814432352
24Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded EditionW. Chan Kim2015-01-20Argues against common competitive practices while outlining ...ISBN-13:1625274491
25Individual Learner Differences in SLAProf. Janusz Arabski2011-09-02Beginning from the conflict between individual learner diffe...ISBN-13:1847694365
26Upsetting the OffsetSteffen Böhm2009Upsetting the Offset engages critically with the political e...ISBN-13:9781906948061
27Better Thinking, Better ResultsBob Emiliani2007BETTER THINKING, BETTER RESULTS answers the question: "How d...ISBN-13:9780972259125
28Justice on EarthManish Mirshra-Marzetti2018-03-14This highly anticipated anthology presents a powerful and pe...ISBN-13:155896813X
29Learning Democracy in School and Society: Education, Lifelon...Gert J.J. Biesta2011-10-21This book explores the relationships between education, life...ISBN-13:9460915124
30Globalizing CitizensRajesh Tandon2013-07-04Globalization has given rise to new meanings of citizenship....ISBN-13:1848139055
31Miracle of EducationHannele Niemi2016-11-25"Finnish pupils’ success in international student assessme...ISBN-13:9463007768
32The Brain At School: Educational Neuroscience In The Classro...Geake, John2009-08-01Om pædagogisk neurovidenskab. Hvad kan undervisere lære af...ISBN-13:0335234216
33Connected MarketingJustin Kirby2007-06-07Connected Marketing is a business book about the state of th...ISBN-13:1136415645
34Introducing Second Language AcquisitionMuriel Saville-Troike2012-04-05A clear and practical introduction to second language acquis...ISBN-13:1107010896
35Stakeholder Theory and Organizational EthicsRobert Phillips2003Stakeholder theory is a popular framework for discussing bus...ISBN-13:9781576752685
36Marketing Management and StrategyPhilip Kotler1988-01This collection of 39 articles provides a broad overview of ...ISBN-13:9780135584538
37Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policies and PlansWorld Health Organization2005-01-01Also available as part of pack, see (ISBN 0119894173)ISBN-13:9789241546577
38Teacher as Reflective Practitioner and Action ResearcherRichard D. Parsons2002A textbook which explains both how teachers can develop less...ISBN-13:9780534557119
39Creating Customer LoyaltyManchester Open Learning1993Aims to help managers develop their expertise in managing pr...ISBN-13:9780749411398
40Computer Based Creative Music MakingGöran Folkestad1996ISBN-13:9789173462891
1Forskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...Denscombe, MartynForskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...
1Att tillvarata och utveckla tillgängliga språkliga resurse...Torpsten, Ann-Christin, 1952-,2017Att tillvarata och utveckla tillgängliga språkliga resurse...

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