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1Harper's New Monthly Magazine1868BSB:BSB10613814
2A Coyote Columbus StoryThomas King2007Reinterprets the Christopher Columbus conquest story as a tr...ISBN-13:9780888998309
3Reading ShenbaoW. Tsai2009-11-30Through a study of the readership of the most popular commer...ISBN-13:0230246710
4F. Petri Mariae Passerini ... Tractatus de electione summi p...Pietro Maria Passerini1670IBNR:CR000960685
5Rock EngineeringArild Palmström2015ISBN-13:9780727759955
6TunnellingAlan Muir Wood2000-03-09Tunnelling has become a fragmented process, excessively infl...ISBN-13:0203477669
7Revista illustrada1891STANFORD:36105014845320
8Fractals in the Earth SciencesC.C. Barton1995-02-28This well-illustrated volume reviews the many applications o...ISBN-13:9780306448652
9Art Deco, 1903-1940Jean Paul Bouillon1989ISBN-13:9780847809882
10Geometric Theorems and Arithmetic FunctionsJózsef Sándor2002ISBN-13:1931233470
11What Would Jefferson Do?Thom Hartmann2004Presents the thesis that democracy is one of the world's old...ISBN-13:1400052084
12My Name Is Not IsabellaJennifer Fosberry2010-09-01New York Times Bestseller! Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dr...ISBN-13:1402245513
13TitoScott Hildreth2019-06-18The only man in my life I felt I could trust was my father. ...ISBN-13:9781074715076
14Engineering Rock MechanicsJohn P Harrison2001-01-26Engineering Rock Mechanics Part II: Illustrative Worked Exam...ISBN-13:9780080530932
15Make Yourself UnforgettableDale Carnegie Training2011-03-15Make Yourself Unforgettable tells readers how to become some...ISBN-13:143918822X
16American Art DecoEva Weber2003-12-01Filled with color examples of art, architecture, and decorat...ISBN-13:9781572153691
17Hos RådjurAase Berg2008Poetry. Translated from the Swedish by Johannes Goransson. I...ISBN-13:9780977770977
18You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Soc...Dalton Conley2013-02-01The “untextbook” that teaches students to think like a s...ISBN-13:9780393919455
19Devil's DisciplesScott Hildreth2019-01-03A book journal for Scott Hildreth book lovers! Keep track of...ISBN-13:9781793120564
20Atypical Parkinsonian DisordersIrene Litvan2007-10-27A comprehensive review of what is known not only about the c...ISBN-13:159259834X
21How to Instantly Connect with Anyone (ENHANCED EBOOK)Leil Lowndes2011-01-20Let bestselling author Leil Lowndes show you how to be a mas...ISBN-13:0071770747
22The Red PeriStanley G. Weinbaum2018-03-16This is a classic science fiction novella by Stanley G. Wein...ISBN-13:1528781848
23Bob Greene the Best Life DietBob Greene2009ISBN-13:9781439152652
24Body LanguageDavid Cohen2015-04-30What people say is not always what they think or feel. But, ...ISBN-13:8184957122
25Becoming Fluent in GermanPhilipp Eich2020-04Learning German may seem like a difficult task. Especially w...9798628948767
26I, SpyDaniel Ribacoff2016-02-09Have you ever wanted to be your own private eye? Have you ev...ISBN-13:1466892536
27Head and Horn in Indo-EuropeanAlan J. Nussbaum1985-01-01ISBN-13:3110850133
28Linguistic Change and Reconstruction MethodologyPhilip Baldi1990-01-01TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new per...ISBN-13:311088609X
29A Historical Phonology of BretonKenneth Hurlstone Jackson1967Project report for Graduate Diploma of Business (Shipping)UOM:39015012212679
30Indo-European NumeralsJadranka Gvozdanovic1992-01-01TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new per...ISBN-13:3110858460
31Celtic Linguistics / Ieithyddiaeth GeltaiddMartin J. Ball1990-01-01This collection of papers on the Brythonic languages of the ...ISBN-13:902727830X
32Les Mots Latins Dans Les Langues BrittoniquesJoseph Loth1892HARVARD:32044021148267
33Directional ThinkingBenjamin Allen Chapin2014-03-26Directional Thinking is not just another self-help book that...ISBN-13:9781499576399
34Sub-grammatical SurvivalMark R. V. Southern1999IntroductionThe QuestionPhonological DistributionRoot Struct...UOM:39015050174104
35The Day That Turns Your Life AroundJim Rohn2003-01-01ISBN-13:9781905953066
36Celtic Language, Celtic CultureEric P. Hamp1990UCSC:32106009454460
37The Origins of the Indo-European Nominal InflectionRobert Stephen Paul Beekes1985UOM:39015009022479
38Mír CuradLisi Oliver1998UOM:39015042147069
39Corpus Inscriptionum Insularum CelticarumRobert Alexander Stewart Macalister1996UOM:39015040652011
40Relaxin and Related PeptidesOrrin David Sherwood2005The identification of the receptors for both relaxin and rel...UVA:X004925328

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