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1Rewriting AcademiaRenate Haas2015-10From a historical perspective, the full academic establishme...ISBN-13:9783631669853
2Crime VictimsMagnus Lindgren2011ISBN-13:9788685207754
3Gyn/ecologyMary Daly1990"In this deeply original, provocative book, outrage, hilarit...ISBN-13:9780807014134
4The Second StageBetty Friedan1998First published in 1981, this book is eerily prescient and t...ISBN-13:9780674796553
5The New Feminist MovementMarion Lockwood Carden1974-02-01The feminist movement has become an established force on the...ISBN-13:1610441060
6Men who Believe in FeminismAmanda Goldrick-Jones2002Recounts and examines the goals, challenges, and accomplishm...ISBN-13:9780275968229
7Feminist Politics and Human Nature (Philosophy and Society)Alison M. Jaggar1988-10-24To find more information about Rowman and Littlefield titles...ISBN-13:0742579948
8Manifestly HarawayDonna J. Haraway2016-04-01Electrifying, provocative, and controversial when first publ...ISBN-13:145295013X
9In the MeantimeSarah Sharma2014-01-07The world is getting faster. This sentiment is proclaimed so...ISBN-13:0822378337
10Sex, Gender, and the BodyToril Moi2005-01Extracted from Toril Moi's 'What Is a Woman?', this interven...ISBN-13:9780199276226
11Feminist Theorybell hooks2014-10-03When Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center was first publis...ISBN-13:1317588347
12Domination of NatureWilliam Leiss1994-03-14In Part One Leiss traces the idea of the domination of natur...ISBN-13:9780773511989
13The Haraway ReaderDonna Jeanne Haraway2004For readers in cultural studies, feminist theory, science st...ISBN-13:9780415966894
14Gender and NationNira Yuval-Davis1997-03-25Nira Yuval-Davis provides an authoritative overview and crit...ISBN-13:1446240770
15Woman and NatureSusan Griffin2015-07-28A seminal work of the eco-feminist movement, connecting patr...ISBN-13:1504012186
16Simians, Cyborgs, and WomenDonna Haraway2013-05-13Simians, Cyborgs and Women is a powerful collection of ten e...ISBN-13:1135964769
17Young People, Sex and the MediaD. Buckingham2003-12-05Are children today growing up too soon? How do they - and th...ISBN-13:0230508634
18Myth of Male DominanceEleanor Burke Leacock1981-01-010ISBN-13:9780853455387
19Gender, War, and ConflictLaura Sjoberg2014-07-17From Pakistan to Chechnya, Sri Lanka to Canada, pioneering w...ISBN-13:074568467X
20Skeptical SociologyDennis Hume Wrong1977ISBN-13:9780435829681
21Feminism and MaterialismAnnette Kuhn2012-10-11These original essays are planned to provide a coherent basi...ISBN-13:0415635055
22A Passion for FriendsJanice G. Raymond2002-03-01Janice Raymond offers a vision of female friendship that is ...ISBN-13:9781876756086
23A Faraway IslandAnnika Thor2011-09In 1939 Sweden, two Jewish sisters wait for their parents to...ISBN-13:0375844953
24Europes PopulationRay Hall2005-08-17First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1135369488
25Law, Crime and SexualityCarol Smart1995-01-18Law, crime, and sexuality transcends the traditional fragmen...ISBN-13:9781446231029
26From Reverence to RapeMolly Haskell2016-10-05A revolutionary classic of feminist cinema criticism, Molly ...ISBN-13:022641292X
27Science and LiberationRita Arditti1980ISBN-13:9780919618961
28Beyond MethodologyMary Margaret Fonow1991"A stellar cast of authors discuss and describe feminist res...ISBN-13:9780253206299
29Excitable SpeechJudith Butler2013-10-18With the same intellectual courage with which she addressed ...ISBN-13:1135239800
30Is There A Nordic Feminism?Drude von der Fehr2005-08-18The Nordic countries share a special cultural and political ...ISBN-13:1135358494
31Analysing Community WorkPopple, Keith1995-09-01Beskrivelse af hvad community work er, såvel teori som prak...ISBN-13:0335194087
32Women Making MeaningLana F. Rakow2015-10-23Originally published in 1992. This book captures the dynamic...ISBN-13:131736712X
33Working with Affect in Feminist ReadingsMarianne Liljeström2010-03-08Affect has become something of a buzzword in cultural and fe...ISBN-13:113401788X
34What Do Artists Know?James Elkins2012"Brings together historians, philosophers, critics, curators...ISBN-13:0271054247
35Stories of ArtJames Elkins2013-10-18Stories of Art is James Elkins's intimate history of art. Co...ISBN-13:1135206597
36Sexual DecoysZillah Eisenstein2013-07-18In this book, Zillah Eisenstein continues her unforgiving in...ISBN-13:1848137796
37Volatile BodiesElizabeth A. Grosz1994"Volatile Bodies demonstrates that the sexually specific bod...ISBN-13:9780253208620
38Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?Sandra Harding2016-12-01Sandra Harding here develops further the themes first addres...ISBN-13:1501712950
39Men Doing FeminismTom Digby2013-10-28First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1135772150
40MarriedAugust Strindberg1917HARVARD:32044011327467

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