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1Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter2012ISBN-13:9789186210656
2Delaktig (även) på äldre darIda Kåhlin2015-01-16Participation of people in all ages is one of the main goals...ISBN-13:9175191520
3Yrkesetik i arbetsterapi1993OCLC:923835317
4Conceptual Foundations of Occupational Therapy PracticeGary Kielhofner2009-06-19PREPARE YOUR OT STUDENTS TO BECOME OT THINKERS. Thoroughly r...ISBN-13:0803623488
5Nursing Informatics 2016W. Sermeus2016-07-21As the importance of electronic and digital devices in the p...ISBN-13:161499658X
6Everyday activities as meeting-places in dementia.Staffan Josephson1994ISBN-13:9789162813383
7An Occupational Perspective of HealthAnn Allart Wilcock2006Examines the relationship between occupation, health, and il...ISBN-13:9781556427541
8Occupational Therapy and Older PeopleAnne McIntyre2013-05-30This timely book locates older people as major clients of oc...ISBN-13:1118709829
9Optimal ExperienceMihaly Csikszentmihalyi1992-07-31What constitutes enjoyment of life? Optimal Experience: Psyc...ISBN-13:9780521438094
10Measuring Occupational PerformanceMary Law2016-10-15As the profession of occupational therapy continues to matur...ISBN-13:9781630910266
11The Little MonsterRobert Jergen2004-01-01Here is an autobiographical look at the effects that ADHD ha...ISBN-13:9781578861040
12Model of Human OccupationGary Kielhofner2008Model of Human Occupation, Fourth Edition offers a complete ...ISBN-13:9780781769969
13Medicine & PhilosophyIngvar Johansson2008-01-01This textbook introduces the reader to basic problems in the...ISBN-13:311032136X
14Nursing PracticeAndrew Jameton1984UOM:39015007146288
15Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
16The Adolescent and Adult Neuro-diversity HandbookSarah Hendrickx2009-12-15Increasing numbers of adults are realising that they have be...ISBN-13:9780857002204
17Field ResearchLeonard Schatzman1973UOM:39015007218871
18Higher Cortical Functions in ManAlexandr Romanovich Luria2012-12-06This full-length translation of Professor Luria's book intro...ISBN-13:1461585791
19The Family and Individual DevelopmentD. W. Winnicott2012-12-06Winnicott chronicles the complex inner lives of human beings...ISBN-13:1135070776
20English for Scientific ResearchRowena Jansson2013-03-11This is a practical guide and reference book for those who n...ISBN-13:9789144084992
21Handbook of Clinical Family TherapyJay L. Lebow2012-07-05The latest theory, research, and practice information for fa...ISBN-13:1118428862
22Research EthicsRobin Levin Penslar1995-01The ethical conduct of research has become an area of great ...ISBN-13:9780253209061
23Introduction to OccupationCharles Christiansen2004There is an old story about people describing an elephant, o...ISBN-13:9780130133038
24A Burnt Out CaseGraham Greene2010-10-02WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GILES FODEN Querry, a world famous a...ISBN-13:1409020312
25Occupational Therapy and ErgonomicsFranklin Stein2006-05-18This practical book describes how the principles of ergonomi...ISBN-13:9781861565044
26Stylish Academic WritingHelen Sword2012-04-16Elegant ideas deserve elegant expression. Sword dispels the ...ISBN-13:0674069137
27The Meaning of Everyday OccupationBetty Risteen Hasselkus2011-01-01The Meaning of Everyday Occupation, Second Edition is a text...ISBN-13:1556429347
28Situated Ethics in Educational ResearchHelen Simons2012-11-12Ethics has traditionally been seen as a set of general princ...ISBN-13:1135121249
29Researchers and Their 'subjects'Smyth, Marie2004-10-13Offering an insight into research participants' perspectives...ISBN-13:1861345143
30Animal and Human Health and WelfareLennart Nordenfelt2006-08-14For many years scientists within human and animal science ha...ISBN-13:1845930606
31DisabilityMark Priestley2003-04-29Disability: a Life Course Approach provides students and tea...ISBN-13:9780745625133
32Enabling Occupation IIElizabeth A. Townsend2013ISBN-13:9781895437898
33The Diversity MachineFrederick R. Lynch2017-07-05"Diversity" has become the turn-of-the-century buzzword. Rep...ISBN-13:1351483528
34Finding FlowMihaly Csikszentmihalyi1997The author of Flow explains how to improve the quality of re...UOM:39015041100366
35Occupation by DesignDoris E. Pierce2003"This is a good (very good!) text. It will help us introduce...ISBN-13:9780803610484
36Case Study Designs in Music TherapyDavid Aldridge2005This book shows, for the first time, how research and clinic...ISBN-13:1843101408
37The ProfessionsSir Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders1964UCAL:B4186240
38Occupation & Practice in ContextGail Whiteford2004Occupation and Practice in Context is a new book written for...ISBN-13:9780729537537
39Language in Mental RetardationJean A. Rondal1997-01-01ISBN-13:9781565938120
40Occupation for Occupational TherapistsMatthew Molineux2004-06-18This textbook is aimed at the student community and interest...ISBN-13:9781405105330
1Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...cop. 2005Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...
2Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...cop. 2012Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...
3Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...2005Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...
4Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...1993Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...
5Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...1998Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter : antagen av Förbundet Sver...
6Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter [Ljudupptagning] : antagen a...2003Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter [Ljudupptagning] : antagen a...
7Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter samt exempelsamling på etis...1990Etisk kod för arbetsterapeuter samt exempelsamling på etis...

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