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1Etik i professionellt lärarskapSara Irisdotter2016ISBN-13:9789140694751
2Entering Higher EducationCaroline Berggren2006STANFORD:36105122452399
3Mathematics Teachers and Their TeachingPer-Olof Bentley2003STANFORD:36105112669127
4Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood E...Hillevi Lenz Taguchi2009-09-10Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood E...ISBN-13:1135217858
5Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's LearningLiselott Mariett Olsson2009-02-27In contemporary educational contexts young children and lear...ISBN-13:1134032447
6Bullying and Young ChildrenChristine MacIntyre2009What is it that makes some children bully and some become vi...ISBN-13:0415484960
7Lost Subjects, Contested ObjectsDeborah P. Britzman1998-01-01A study of love and hate in learning and an argument for why...ISBN-13:0791497585
8Blackwell Handbook of Language DevelopmentErika Hoff2009-05-11The Blackwell Handbook of Language Development provides a co...ISBN-13:1405194596
9Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
10The Education GospelW. Norton GRUBB2009-06-30ISBN-13:9780674037984
11The Hollywood CurriculumMary M. Dalton2010The second revised edition of The Hollywood Curriculum analy...ISBN-13:9781433108730
12Doing Your Literature ReviewJill Jesson2011-02-11Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Th...ISBN-13:9781446242391
13Pedagogical TactMax van Manen2016-07-11Pedagogical Tact describes how teacher-student relations pos...ISBN-13:1315422832
14In defence of the school. A public issueISBN-13:9082069601
15The University of LearningJohn Bowden2003-12-18Universities are rarely structured to facilitate learning an...ISBN-13:1134312032
16Here and Now Story BookLucy Sprague Mitchell2015-09-16Written by a famous educator, these thought-provoking, illus...ISBN-13:0486791963
17University Dynamics and European IntegrationPeter Maassen2007-07-23This book explores the visions underlying the attempts to re...ISBN-13:140205971X
18The Decoding the Disciplines ParadigmDavid Pace2017-02-27Teaching and learning in a college setting has never been mo...ISBN-13:025302465X
19Teaching Students to be PeacemakersDavid W. Johnson1995Discusses how students may be taught the procedures and skil...ISBN-13:9780939603220
20Kant and EducationKlas Roth2012-04-23Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy, political philosophy, an...ISBN-13:1136597220
21Practicing Narrative MediationJohn Winslade2008-09-22PRACTICING NARRATIVE MEDIATION WHEN IT WAS published in 2000...ISBN-13:078799474X
22Minding MetaphorsNiklas Pramling2006STANFORD:36105122452217
23Blended LearningAnthony G. Picciano2013Blended learning, which combines the strength of face-to-fac...ISBN-13:9780415632515
24Education and ConflictLynn Davies2003-12-16First-place winner of the Society for Education Studies' 200...ISBN-13:1134408978
25Differently LiterateDr Elaine Millard2002-09-26Presents research into the differences in boy's and girl's e...ISBN-13:1135713871
26Intimations of PostmodernityZygmunt Bauman2003-04-29This thoughtful and illuminating book provides a major state...ISBN-13:1134917597
27Hannah Arendt And EducationMordechai Gordon2018-03-05Hannah Arendt And Education: Renewing Our Common World is th...ISBN-13:042997969X
28Learning and DiscourseRoger Säljö1997ISBN-13:9781854332592
29Educating ReasonHarvey Siegel2013-09-27First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1136085165
30Ways of LearningAlan Pritchard2013-12-04Whilst most teachers are skilled in providing opportunities ...ISBN-13:1317917626
31Unlocking the WorldClaudia W. Ruitenberg2015-12-03"Unlocking the World "proposes hospitality as a guiding ethi...ISBN-13:1317249747
32The Moral Base for Teacher ProfessionalismHugh Sockett1993Hugh Sockett aims to fill a gap in the body of literature co...ISBN-13:9780807732380
33Tales Out of SchoolJo Keroes1999Jo Keroes's scope is wide: she examines the teacher as repre...ISBN-13:9780809322381
34How Popular Musicians LearnProfessor Lucy Green2013-01-28Popular musicians acquire some or all of their skills and kn...ISBN-13:1409493563
35The Child's Conception of LearningIngrid Pramling1983The main purpose of this study was to trace the development ...UOM:39015010770843
36International Handbook of Educational ChangeAndy Hargreaves2014-11-14The International Handbook of Educational Change is a state ...ISBN-13:9401149445
37The Education of the ChildEllen Key1912OSU:32435009465436
38Exploring the Moral Heart of TeachingDavid T. Hansen2001This book presents a vision of why teaching is important in ...ISBN-13:9780807740934
39Inside SchoolsPeter Woods2005-06-29Ethnography has much to offer teachers, especially at a time...ISBN-13:1134929919
40Life in FragmentsZygmunt Bauman1995-06-12Life in Fragments is a continuation of the themes and motifs...ISBN-13:9780631192671
1Etik i professionellt lärarskap [Elektronisk resurs]Irisdotter Aldenmyr, Sara2009Etik i professionellt lärarskap [Elektronisk resurs]
2Etik i professionellt lärarskap [Elektronisk resurs]Irisdotter Aldenmyr, Sara2019Etik i professionellt lärarskap [Elektronisk resurs]
3Etik i professionellt lärarskapIrisdotter, Sara, 1976-2009Etik i professionellt lärarskap
4Juridik i professionellt lärarskap : lagar och värdegrund ...Nilsson, Marco, 1971-2016Juridik i professionellt lärarskap : lagar och värdegrund ...
5Etik i professionellt lärarskapIrisdotter, Sara, 1976-2016Etik i professionellt lärarskap
6Etik i professionellt lärarskapIrisdotter, Sara, 1976-2009Etik i professionellt lärarskap
1Etik i professionellt lärarskapIrisdotter Aldenmyr, Sara Grönlien Zetterqvist, Kirsten Paulin, Ann Irisdotter, Sara, 1976- Etik i professionellt lärarskap

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