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1Strategic Management in Islamic FinanceAlexander von Pock2007-12-05Alexander von Pock develops a holistic conceptual framework ...ISBN-13:9783835054066
2Islamic BankingMr. Luca Errico1998-03-01This paper analyzes the implications of Islamic precepts on ...ISBN-13:1451892411
3Islamic Capital Markets and ProductsSimon Archer2017-10-16Ensure Basel III compliance with expert analysis specific to...ISBN-13:1119218810
4Islamic Finance in EuropeValentino Cattelan2013-01-01Highlighting the impact of current globalization on financia...ISBN-13:1781002517
5Islamic Financial Institutions and Products in the Global Fi...Vasudevan Sundararajan2002-11-01The provision and use of financial services and products tha...
6Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East AsiaAngelo M. Venardos2012Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East Asia by Angelo M V...ISBN-13:9814350435
7Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East AsiaISBN-13:9814477451
8Islamic Banking Regulation and Supervision: Survey Results a...Mr. Inwon Song2014-12-12The growing presence of Islamic banking needs to be accompan...ISBN-13:1498319270
9Macroprudential Regulation and Policy for the Islamic Financ...Muhamed Zulkhibri2016-05-25This volume aims to discuss the current research, theory, me...ISBN-13:3319304453
10Islamic FinanceHans Visser2013-11-29¾Islamic Finance is essential reading for students of econo...ISBN-13:178100174X
11Islamic FinanceJaseem Ahmed2011-07-12Islamic Finance is a compilation of selected writings of Dr ...ISBN-13:8132119266
12Islamic Banking and Finance in the European UnionM. Fahim Khan2010-01-01As an introduction to the complex issue of harmonization of ...ISBN-13:1849803412
13Handbook on Islam and Economic LifeM. Kabir Hassan2014-12-31øHandbook on Islam and Economic Life is a unique study, one...ISBN-13:1783479825
14The Rightful Way of BankingOmar Masood2015-02-05It has taken over five centuries for banking to evolve to it...ISBN-13:1443875244
15Risk and Regulation of Islamic BankingMervyn K Lewis2014-08-29The expert contributors examine why an ethical foundation is...ISBN-13:1783476133
16Risk Management for Islamic BanksImam Wahyudi2015-04-06Gain insight into the unique risk management challenges with...ISBN-13:1118734424
17A Collection of Surveys on Savings and Wealth AccumulationEdda Claus2016-05-02Savings and wealth accumulation are important dimensions of ...ISBN-13:1119158389
18IMF SurveyInternational Monetary Fund1998STANFORD:36105028422348
19Islamic Finance and Economic DevelopmentAmr Mohamed El Tiby Ahmed2014-04-10A comprehensive guide to mitigating risk and fostering growt...ISBN-13:1118847199
20The Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Islamic BankingAbdul Karim Aldohni2011During the last ten years the Islamic banking sector has gro...ISBN-13:0415555159
21Shari'ah Governance in Islamic BanksZulkifli Hasan2012-07-26An in-depth and insightful study of Shari'ah governance from...ISBN-13:0748668373
22Thirty Years of Islamic BankingM. Iqbal2016-01-13This text explains how Islamic banking works and what it off...ISBN-13:0230503225
23Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic FinanceBrian Kettell2010-10-28In Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance, industry e...ISBN-13:0470711892
24Islamic FinanceKabir Hassan2007-01-01'The editors, who have been involved for many years in Islam...STANFORD:36105124099271
25Success and Failure in Public GovernanceM. A. P. Bovens2002-01-01Why do some policies succeed so well while others, in the sa...ISBN-13:1843762854
26Research Activities of the IMF, January 1991-December 1998 (...International Monetary Fund1999-09-24A selective index of major research papers prepared by IMF s...ISBN-13:1455275026
27Research Activities of the International Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund. Interdepartmental Working Group on Fund Policy Advice1998ISBN-13:9781557759801
28Regulation and Supervision of Islamic BanksAledjandro Lopez Mejia2014-12-12This paper aims at developing a better understanding of Isla...ISBN-13:1498327265
29Introduction to Islamic Banking and FinanceBrian Kettell2011-08-15Guide to the key characteristics of Islamic banking highligh...ISBN-13:047097804X
30Monetary Operations and Government Debt Management Under Isl...International Monetary Fund1998-09-01This paper outlines the recent progress in developing Islami...ISBN-13:1451901569
31Foundations of Shari'ah Governance of Islamic BanksKarim Ginena2015-02-27A practical guide for robust sharī'ah governance of the Isl...ISBN-13:1118460804
32Islamic BankingMervyn Lewis2001-01-01'People are too inclined to regard their current institution...STANFORD:36105110273997
33The International Journal of Accounting2001UVA:X006097385
34The International Journal of AccountingUniversity of Illinois (Urbana, Ill.)200100207063
35Islamic Economic Studies1998STANFORD:36105113218494
36World Economic and Social Survey1998STANFORD:36105022052141
37The economic and financial imperatives of globalisationMustapha bin Hj. Nik Hasan (Nik.)2000-12-31UOM:39015051963141
38Macroeconomic issues and policies in the Middle East and Nor...Zubair Iqbal2001The Middle East and North African countries are at a crucial...STANFORD:36105111185406
39Islamic financeSyed Nazim Ali2005UOM:39015063256492
40Research Activities of the International Monetary Fund, Janu...2000ISBN-13:9781557759801
1Islamic Banking: Issues in Prudential Regulations and Superv...Mr. Luca Errico1998Islamic Banking: Issues in Prudential Regulations and Superv...
2Islamic Banking - Issues in Prudential Regulations and Super...Ms. Mitra Farahbaksh1998Islamic Banking - Issues in Prudential Regulations and Super...

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