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1Empowerment and Participation in Youth WorkMax Hope2011-09-20This book will help students make sense of empowerment and p...ISBN-13:1844453472
2Optimizing the SelfOle Jacob Madsen2015-06-19This book provides an analysis of the social representations...ISBN-13:1317437764
3The Service User as a Partner in Social Work Projects and Ed...Emanuela Chiapparini2016-06-13To become a competent social worker it is essential to know ...ISBN-13:3847405071
4Empowerment i helse- og sosialfaglig arbeidOle Petter Askheim2012ISBN-13:9788205428508
5Fra normalisering til empowerment : ideologier og praksis i ...Ole Petter Askheim2003ISBN-13:9788205302426
6Interdisciplinary Working in Mental HealthDi Bailey2012-05-18Presenting a model for interdisciplinary working, this book ...ISBN-13:0230362761
8Handbook of social work in health and agingBarbara Berkman2006-02-09This handbook presents the latest research on social work wi...UOM:39015062823714
9Health and ModernityDavid McQueen2007-02-05Demonstrates how the theoretical underpinnings of health pro...ISBN-13:0387377573
10Perspectives on Empowerment, Social Cohesion and DemocracyCecilia Henning2009ISBN-13:9789163359989
11Selbstbestimmte Lebensgestaltung für Menschen mit Behinderu...Anja Pölzl2011Diplomarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Padagogik - He...ISBN-13:3640861558
12Changing WelfareRachel A. Gordon2003-05-31This book is concerned with the sweeping changes that took p...ISBN-13:9780306477324
13A Quarter-century of Normalization and Social Role Valorizat...Robert John Flynn1999During the late 1960s, Normalization and Social Role Valoriz...ISBN-13:0776604856
14Disability Politics and CareChristine Kelly2016-01-15“We do not need care!” is a rallying cry for disability ...ISBN-13:0774830123
15Service User Involvement in Social Work EducationHugh McLaughlin2019-10-31In 2006, Social Work Education produced the first special ed...ISBN-13:1351232614
16Marginalizacja w problematyce pedagogiki społecznej i prakt...Anna Rutkowska2005ISBN-13:9788370965402
17Health Promotion Practice: Building Empowered CommunitiesLaverack, Glenn2007-04-01"The book provides an excellent combination of broad theoret...ISBN-13:0335220576
18Empowerment Practice in Social WorkLilian M. Wells1999-01-01Empowerment is a term used by everyone from politicians to a...ISBN-13:9781551301464
19The Philosophical Foundations of Social WorkFrederic G. Reamer1993Organized around five basic areas of inquiry -- political ph...ISBN-13:9780231071277
20Disability Human Rights LawAnna Arstein-Kerslake2018-07-02This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Disabil...ISBN-13:3038423890
21Migrant Care WorkersDr Ingrid Guldvik2014-10-28In this beautifully-argued book, Karen Cristensen and Ingrid...ISBN-13:1472415485
22Perspectives on Philosophy of Science in NursingE. Carol Polifroni1999This book helps you provide a well-rounded doctoral curricul...ISBN-13:9780781712019
23Solidarity and Prosocial BehaviorDetlev Fetchenhauer2006-08-29This book is the product of an intensive cooperation between...ISBN-13:0387280324
24The Recontextualisation of Social PedagogyPelle Hallstedt2005ISBN-13:9789185042173
25World Report on DisabilityWorld Health Organization2011The World Report on Disability suggests more than a billion ...ISBN-13:9789241564182
26Questioning EmpowermentJo Rowlands1997-01-01Focusing on the term empowerment this book examines the vari...ISBN-13:9780855983628
27Relationship-Based Social WorkGillian Ruch2010-06-15Relationship-based practice is founded on the idea that huma...ISBN-13:9780857003836
28Modern Social Work TheoryMalcolm Payne2014-01-23This masterly text is a classic in its field and will be a r...ISBN-13:113740602X
29The McDonaldization of Social WorkDonna Dustin2016-02-17Based upon George Ritzer's McDonaldization of Society thesis...ISBN-13:1317024346
30The Sociology of the Health ServiceMichael Bury2002-09-11The Sociology of the Health Service responds directly to the...ISBN-13:1134969406
31Power, Rights and PovertyRuth Alsop2005-01-01This publication contains a number of essays and supplementa...ISBN-13:9780821363102
32Rethinking EmpowermentJane L. Parpart2003-08-29Rethinking Empowerment looks at the changing role of women i...ISBN-13:1134472110
33Sexual Citizenship and DisabilityJulia Bahner2019-12-20What does ‘sexual citizenship’ mean in practice for peop...ISBN-13:042995056X
34Disability Rights and WrongsTom Shakespeare2006-12-05Over the last thirty years, the field of disability studies ...ISBN-13:1134277733
35Empowering Practice in Social CareSuzy Braye1995-04-01This book provides a simple exposition of the concepts and v...ISBN-13:0335230881
36Social Work and Social ExclusionMichael Sheppard2012-12-28Social exclusion is a subject of major importance in contemp...ISBN-13:1409490696
37Citizenship, Identity and the Politics of MulticulturalismN. Meer2010-01-20This book provides a fresh perspective on the emergence of p...ISBN-13:0230281206
38The Therapeutic TurnOle Jacob Madsen2014-06-05In what ways has psychology become more influential in Weste...ISBN-13:1317699912
39Social WorkJan Fook2002In this text, Jan Fook takes a reflective approach to social...ISBN-13:9780761972518
40Understanding the Lived Experiences of Persons with Disabili...Rune Halvorsen2017-12-01Over the last three decades, a number of reforms have taken ...ISBN-13:1317227468
1Empowerment i teori och praktikEmpowerment i teori och praktik
2Fra normalisering til empowerment : ideologier og praksis i ...Askheim, Ole Petter2003Fra normalisering til empowerment : ideologier og praksis i ...
3Empowerment - olika infallsvinklarAskheim, Ole PetterEmpowerment - olika infallsvinklar
4Empowerment på allvar? : personlig assistans för funktions...Askheim, Ole PetterEmpowerment på allvar? : personlig assistans för funktions...
5Empowerment - ett modeord?Askheim, Ole PetterEmpowerment - ett modeord?
6Fra normalisering til empowerment [Ljudupptagning] ideologie...Askheim, Ole PetterFra normalisering til empowerment [Ljudupptagning] ideologie...
7Empowerment i teori och praktik [Elektronisk resurs]Empowerment i teori och praktik [Elektronisk resurs]
8Empowerment i teori och praktik [Elektronisk resurs]Empowerment i teori och praktik [Elektronisk resurs]
1Empowerment : et moteordAskheim, Ole-Petter Starrin, Bengt, Empowerment : et moteord
2Empowerment - ett modeordAskheim, Ole-Petter Starrin, Bengt, Empowerment - ett modeord
3Empowerment i teori och praktikAskheim, Ole-Petter Starrin, Bengt, 2007Empowerment i teori och praktik
4Empowerment i toeri og praksisAskheim, Ole-Petter Starrin, Bengt, 2007Empowerment i toeri og praksis
5Collaboration between Professionals and Parents of Children ...Lorinser, Pia, 1992- Barow, Thomas, 1969-, Collaboration between Professionals and Parents of Children ...

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