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1Emotionell bearbetning vid PTSD2013ISBN-13:9789127133150
2Prolonged exposure terapeutmanual2021Prolonged exposure är en traumafokuserad form av kbt som re...ISBN-13:9789127827714
3Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention for Obsessive Comp...Edna B. Foa2012-03-22This book guides clinicians in treating individuals with OCD...ISBN-13:0195335287
4MinipsykiatriJörgen Herlofson2014-02-25Om du i ditt yrke möter personer med psykisk ohälsa behöv...ISBN-13:9127139824
5Flowers in the DarkSister Dang Nghiem2021-01-26“Profound and hopeful.… Sister Dang Nghiem integrates th...ISBN-13:1946764574
6Mastery of Obsessive-compulsive DisorderEdna B. Foa2004-11This workbook will help clients recognize symptoms of obsess...ISBN-13:0195186834
7Reclaiming Your Life from a Traumatic ExperienceBarbara Rothbaum2007-03-22Reclaiming Your Life from a Tragic Experience, Workbook teac...ISBN-13:0195308484
8Treating Your OCD with Exposure and Response (Ritual) Preven...Edna B. Foa2012-03-08In the US over 3 million adults or approximately 2.3% of the...ISBN-13:0195335295
9Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Adolescents with PTSD Emotion...Edna B. Foa2008-09-22This program is specifically intended for adolescents suffer...ISBN-13:0195331745
10Where All the Dead LieJ.T. Ellison2011-10-01In her showdown with the murderous Pretender, a bullet taken...ISBN-13:1459213823
11If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety DisorderEdna B. Foa2006Provides the clinical information and practical advice neede...ISBN-13:9780195181500
12How I Learned to Understand the WorldHans Rosling2020-11-10The moving, playful memoir of Hans Rosling, Swedish statisti...ISBN-13:1250266904
13Stress-related IllnessTim Cantopher2019-07-25Three out of four adults will feel overwhelmed by stress at ...ISBN-13:1529368200
14Saving RedSonya Sones2016-10-18Sonya Sones, award-winning author of What My Mother Doesn’...ISBN-13:0062370308
15Treating the Trauma of RapeEdna B. Foa2001-10-24After reviewing the relevant treatment literature, the autho...ISBN-13:9781572307360
16If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety DisorderEdna B. Foa2006Provides the clinical information and practical advice neede...ISBN-13:0195181514
17Unformulated ExperienceDonnel B. Stern2013-06-17In this powerful and wonderfully accessible meditation on ps...ISBN-13:1135060681
18Betrayal TraumaJennifer J. Freyd1998-02-06Laying bare the logic of forgotten abuse, psychologist Jenni...ISBN-13:9780674068063
19Shuggie BainDouglas Stuart2021-04-15A heart-wrenchingly moving first novel set in Glasgow during...ISBN-13:9781529019292
20EMDRFrancine Shapiro2016-09-13When EMDR was first published in 1997, it was hailed as the ...ISBN-13:0465096751
21LittleEdward Carey2018-10-23"An amazing achievement. . . A compulsively readable novel, ...ISBN-13:0525534342
22Post-Traumatic Stress DisordersWilliam Yule1999-05-04This volume is a collection of original chapters by a group ...ISBN-13:9780471970804
23Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5®American Psychiatric Association2014-10-03The Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5® i...ISBN-13:0890425647
24Reclaiming Your Life After RapeBarbara Olasov Rothbaum2000ISBN-13:9780127844565
25Pearls of LifeMartin Lonnebo2014-01-10The Pearls of Life are used by thousands of people today as ...ISBN-13:9781849522830
26Regine's BookRegine Stokke2019-08-01Regine’s blog about living with Leukemia gained a huge fol...ISBN-13:1541581989
27Psychodrama with Trauma SurvivorsPeter Felix Kellermann2000-01-01In a world where natural, social and political disasters are...ISBN-13:9781853028939
28Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM)American Psychoanalytic Association2006This manual is based on current neuroscience and treatment o...ISBN-13:9780976775829
29Two DeadVan Jensen2019-11-19From the acclaimed DC Comics writer and the artist of the #1...ISBN-13:1501168959
30Oxford Guide to Imagery in Cognitive TherapyAnn Hackmann2011-05-26Imagery is one of the new, exciting frontiers in cognitive t...ISBN-13:0191620750
31The Woman in the WindowA. J. Finn2018-01-02#1 New York Times Bestseller – Soon to be a Major Motion P...ISBN-13:0062678442
32Trauma and DreamsDeirdre Barrett2001In this volume, Deirdre Barrett brings together the study of...ISBN-13:9780674006904
33Hidden from ViewAllan Abbass2018-02-28Using cutting edge psychotherapeutic techniques and neurophy...ISBN-13:9780984336784
34Gender and Culture in PsychologyEva Magnusson2012-02-02Gender and Culture in Psychology introduces new approaches t...ISBN-13:110737944X
35The Faithful GardenerClarissa Pin Estes1995-10-27Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D., the internationally known po...ISBN-13:006251380X
36Traumatic Relationships and Serious Mental DisordersJon G. Allen2001UVA:X004552044
37YesterdayÁgota Kristóf2019-09-18A troubled villager flees to the city's comfortable anonymit...ISBN-13:0486844110
38Cultural FormulationJuan E. Mezzich2008This Reader is a rich collection of chapters relevant to the...ISBN-13:9780765704894
39The Nature and Functions of DreamingErnest Hartmann2011This work presents a comprehensive theory of dreaming based ...ISBN-13:0199751773
40The Asylum Floor 3Wolfgang Carstens2020-01-13The Asylum Floor is a yearly anthology dedicated to honest, ...ISBN-13:9780244233365

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