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1Vital Directions for Mathematics Education ResearchKeith R. Leatham2014-07-08This book provides a collection of chapters from prominent m...ISBN-13:1461469775
2The Elephant in the ClassroomJo Boaler2009-04-01"Help children to learn to love the subject... Make mathemat...ISBN-13:0285639587
3Mindset Mathematics: Visualizing and Investigating Big Ideas...Jo Boaler2018-02-28Engage students in mathematics using growth mindset techniqu...ISBN-13:1119358760
4Educational PsychologyWoolfolk2003-09-01ISBN-13:9788131701966
5Mysteriet med den försvunna MathildaRose Lagercrantz2015-12-23Humlan har fått ett nytt fall att lösa! I den andra frist...ISBN-13:9163890178
6Pastor Viveka och hundraårsjubileetAnnette Haaland2016-11-03Charmigt, lekfullt och samtidigt mänskligt djupsinnigt Det ...ISBN-13:9100167479
7A Mathematician's LamentPaul Lockhart2009A manifesto for freeing math from the drudgery of traditiona...ISBN-13:9781934137178
8Pedagogisk orientering och debatt1970UCAL:B3107278
9Youth, Otherness and the Plural CityMette Andersson2005The book covers different situations among ethnic minority y...ISBN-13:9789171732347
10Reading Power2006ISBN-13:1551388057
11100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding LessonsRoss Morrison McGill2013-10-26Conflicting government diktat and changeable Ofsted framewor...ISBN-13:1472906306
12Hur jag blev författareMarianne Ahrne1996WISC:89073996506
13Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
14Elmer and WilburDavid McKee2012-03-06Elmer loves practical jokes, but so does his cousin Wilbur. ...ISBN-13:1849399387
15The Lean Strategy: Using Lean to Create Competitive Advantag...Michael Balle2017-03-23A groundbreaking and revolutionary book that will transform ...ISBN-13:1259860434
16Winnie and Wilbur and the Naughty KnightValerie Thomas2017-10-05ISBN-13:0192759485
17The New TotalitariansRoland Huntford1980ISBN-13:9780812860481
18Elmer and RoseDavid McKee2013-09-30Grandpa Eldo asks Elmer and Wilbur to help a young elephant ...ISBN-13:1849399468
19The Diamond MysteryISBN-13:9789790150072
20Molly Moon, Micky Minus and the Mind MachineGeorgia Byng2009-09-30Molly Moon is on a mission – to bring her long-lost twin b...ISBN-13:0330476653
21Instructional Explanations in the DisciplinesMary Kay Stein2009-11-27In today’s climate of accountability and standards, increa...ISBN-13:9781441905949
22Mathematics Education and CultureAlan Bishop1988-07-31ISBN-13:9789027728029
23StrategyBob de Wit2010Conventional strategic management education is dominated by ...ISBN-13:1408019027
24A Political Sociology of Educational KnowledgeThomas A. Popkewitz2017-01-20Bringing together the sociology of knowledge, cultural studi...ISBN-13:1315528517
25Research and Practice in EducationCynthia E. Coburn2010-04-16This book presents findings from a series of interlocking ca...ISBN-13:1442203641
26Trajectories in the Development of Modern School SystemsDaniel Tröhler2015-05-15As contemporary education becomes increasingly tied to globa...ISBN-13:1317448170
27Higher Education PedagogiesWalker, Melanie2005-11-01This book sets out to generate new ways of reflecting ethica...ISBN-13:0335228208
28Elmer's Special DayDavid McKee2013-11-30It's almost Elmer's Day again and the elephants have begun t...ISBN-13:1849399514
29Implementing Standards-based Mathematics InstructionMary Kay Stein2000Presents prevalent cases of maths instruction drawn from res...ISBN-13:9780807739075
30Readings on the Development of ChildrenMary Gauvain2008-11-21This collection of readings can be used as a superb suppleme...ISBN-13:9781429216494
31Elmer and the Lost TeddyDavid McKee1999-04-28Elmer to the Rescue! Baby Elephant has lost his teddy, and E...ISBN-13:9780688169121
32Tweak TweakEve Bunting2011-05-23Little Elephant and Mama Elephant are going for a walk. “H...ISBN-13:0547573634
33English-Swedish Bilingual Children's Picture Dictionary Book...Richard Carlson2017-01-01About the Book: Learn colors with this bilingual children's ...ISBN-13:9781542311212
34Bio-ObjectsSakari Tamminen2013-01-28Increasing knowledge of the biological is fundamentally tran...ISBN-13:1409494977
35Sport, Media, CultureALINA BERNSTEIN2012-12-06An examination of the central features of the sport-media ph...ISBN-13:1136344918
36Elmer AgainDavid McKee2014-10-31It's coming up to Elmer's Day, the day when all grey elephan...ISBN-13:1448187656
37International Handbook of Research and Development of Gifted...Kurt Heller1993-01-01Hardbound. Containing 53 chapters, this handbook draws on so...UOM:39076001301295
38Elmer and ButterflyDavid McKee2012-05-03One day, as Elmer is strolling through the jungle, he hears ...ISBN-13:184939945X
39The Story of the Red AppleJan Loof1974ISBN-13:9780713614756
40Elmer's ColoursDavid McKee2018-06-07Green, blue, yellow, pink? Choose your favourite colour with...ISBN-13:9781783446094
1Elefanten i klassrummet [Ljudupptagning] : att hjälpa eleve...Boaler, Jo2012Elefanten i klassrummet [Ljudupptagning] : att hjälpa eleve...
2Elefanten i klassrummet : att hjälpa elever till ett lustfy...Boaler, Jo, 1964-Elefanten i klassrummet : att hjälpa elever till ett lustfy...
1Elefanten i klassrummet : FörordPettersson, Astrid,Elefanten i klassrummet : Förord

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