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1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun : Steinar Kvale : övers...Steinar Kvale1997ISBN-13:9789144001852
2Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun2014ISBN-13:9789144101675
3Inside the New University: Prerequisites for a Contemporary ...Kristina Johansson2013-07-02This discourse on the concept of the ‘new university’ en...ISBN-13:1608057267
4Medier och barns hälsa. Från peppning och glamour till try...ISBN-13:9289324597
5Gender Regimes, Citizen Participation and Rural Restructurin...Ildiko Asztalos Morell2008This book aims to unravel how rural gender regimes are const...ISBN-13:0762314206
6Creative Writing for Critical ThinkingHélène Edberg2018-02-08This book explores narrative imagination and emotion as reso...ISBN-13:3319654918
7Shaped for beautyEleonor Bredlöv2018-09-06The aim of this thesis was to answer the question: How are v...ISBN-13:9176852482
8Japan's China PolicyLinus Hagström2005-03-09Japan's China Policy understands Japan's foreign policy in t...ISBN-13:1134278705
9Stand FirmSvend Brinkmann2017-02-27The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must...ISBN-13:1509514295
10The InterviewAndrea Fontana2016-07-22Used by everyone from survey researchers to oral historians,...ISBN-13:1315418118
11Doing InterviewsSvend Brinkmann2018-09-29This is a concise introduction to the richness and scope of ...ISBN-13:1526426072
12Place, Place Attachment and MobilityPer Gustafson2002IND:30000093775033
13The historian-filmmaker's dilemmaDavid Ludvigsson2003"This is a Ph.D. dissertation. How is history used in histor...ISBN-13:9789155457822
14Vuxnas lekvärldAnette Sandberg2003-01ISBN-13:9789173464529
15Sweden and Poland Entering the EUNiklas Eklund2005-01-01Afhandlingen er et komparativt studie af indfaldsvinklen til...IND:30000111571554
16Creating Spaces for ActionFrida Nilsson2004"This Ph.D. dissertation examines the ways in which a group ...ISBN-13:9789155458577
17Worlds of water--worlds apartPatrik Stålgren2006UOM:39015063172665
18"To the best of your knowledge and for the good of your neig...Anneka Knutsson2004ISBN-13:9789173465151
19Global Issues in 21st Century Research LibrarianshipSigrún Klara Hannesdóttir2002ISBN-13:9789525204162
20Touching ThingsPirjo Korkiakangas2008Material culture is something we can touch and can be touche...ISBN-13:9789522220912
21European perspectives on elderly peopleBengt Eriksson2005-07-31This book is written for an optional module within the scope...ISBN-13:9780820460833
22Gender and Newsroom CulturesMarjan de Bruin2004This book offers chapters on the dialectics of gender and ne...UOM:39015059580400
23Sami language at home and at schoolAnnika Jansson2005-12-31ISBN-13:9789155461355
24Empowering Young Female AthletesEva-Carin Lindgren2002STANFORD:36105112793224
25Spaces of diasporasMinoo Alinia2004ISBN-13:9789197443784
26Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Investment ...Maria Sönne1999STANFORD:36105028771116
27Gender, Equality and Difference During And After State Socia...Rebecca Kay2007-11-15Gender, Equality and Difference During and After State Socia...UVA:X030276185
28Women and Agriculture - A case study of a rural village in M...Martin Schwartz2007-04-02Bachelor Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject African St...ISBN-13:3638617734
29SOU 2005:066 Makt att forma samhället och sitt eget liv. Fo...2005ISBN-13:9789138223987
30Joint responsibility in educationGunilla Svanberg1984UOM:39015048442043
31Dom vet vad dom talar omRoland Severin2002STANFORD:36105112829432
32GeographyArild Holt-Jensen2009-10-08Now in a fourth edition, this standard student reference has...ISBN-13:1412946506
33Proceedings of DETCAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers. Design Engineering Division1999ISBN-13:9780791835142
34MoranthologyCaitlin Moran2012-11-06The follow-up to Caitlin Moran's breakout hit, How to Be a W...ISBN-13:0062258524
35Truth, Lies and Trust on the InternetMonica T. Whitty2008-08-28The Internet is often presented as an unsafe or untrustworth...ISBN-13:1135420432
36Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
37Big Java: Early Objects, 5th EditionCay S. Horstmann2012-12-15Cay Horstmann’'s fifth edition of Big Java, Early Objects p...ISBN-13:1118476638
38Theory for Midwifery PracticeRosamund Bryar2011-04-19This new edition of a highly regarded classic midwifery text...ISBN-13:0230344380
39Discourse Analysis as Theory and MethodMarianne W Jørgensen2002-12-26A systematic introduction to discourse analysis as a body of...ISBN-13:9780761971122
40Good Research GuideMartyn Denscombe2003The Good Research Guidehas been a bestselling introduction t...ISBN-13:9780335224838
1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2009Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
2Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2012Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
3Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]Kvale, Steinar2014Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]
4Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
5Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
6Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
7Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser [Elektronisk re...Groth, Dennis2007Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser [Elektronisk re...
8Musik och estetiska lärprocesser i förskolan [Elektronisk ...Assarsson, Petra 1970-2015Musik och estetiska lärprocesser i förskolan [Elektronisk ...
1Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser aspekter ur ele...Groth, Dennis,2007Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser aspekter ur ele...
2Kvalitativ forskningsintervjuDanielson, Ella, 1942-,Kvalitativ forskningsintervju
3Musik och estetiska lärprocesser i förskolanAssarsson, Petra, 1970-2015Musik och estetiska lärprocesser i förskolan
4Intresse för naturvetenskap och teknik - kvinnor berättar...Mc Ewen, Birgitta, 1955-,2011Intresse för naturvetenskap och teknik - kvinnor berättar...
5Experiences of Reading and Writing with AphasiaKjellén, Emma, 1984-, Laakso, Katja, 1968-, Behrns, Ingrid, 1961-, Experiences of Reading and Writing with Aphasia

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