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1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun : Steinar Kvale : övers...Steinar Kvale1997ISBN-13:9789144001852
2Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun2014ISBN-13:9789144101675
3Stand FirmSvend Brinkmann2017-02-27The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must...ISBN-13:1509514295
4Hip-Hop within and without the AcademyKaren Snell2014-07-29As a platform for communicating the issues of marginalized p...ISBN-13:0739176501
5Research and Evaluation in Education and PsychologyDonna M. Mertens2014-03-06Focused on increasing the credibility of research and evalua...ISBN-13:1483322602
6Research for DesignersGjoko Muratovski2015-11-23Instructors - Electronic inspection copies are available or ...ISBN-13:1473947731
7The InterviewAndrea Fontana2016-07-22Used by everyone from survey researchers to oral historians,...ISBN-13:1315418118
8Creative Writing for Critical ThinkingHélène Edberg2018-02-08This book explores narrative imagination and emotion as reso...ISBN-13:3319654918
9What is Strategy - and Does it Matter?Richard Whittington2001In this revision of his classic book Richard Whittington cha...ISBN-13:9781861523778
10Lutheran Tradition as Heritage and ToolNiclas Blåder2015-09-23All of the member churches of the Lutheran World Federation ...ISBN-13:1498220819
11The Sustainable City Becomes Climate-SmartDarcy Parks2018-05-08The idea of smart cities has become enormously popular durin...ISBN-13:9176852997
12Japan's China PolicyLinus Hagström2005-03-09Japan's China Policy understands Japan's foreign policy in t...ISBN-13:1134278705
13The Couturier of MilanIan Hamilton2017-01-16Ava attends London Fashion Week for the launch of the PÖ fa...ISBN-13:177089957X
14Practical Research and EvaluationLena Dahlberg2010-04-22This book is a starter 'DIY' text for practitioners who are ...ISBN-13:9781446248164
15Swedes as Others See ThemJean Phillips-Martinsson1991-01-01ISBN-13:9789144201122
16Qualitative Inquiry in Everyday LifeSvend Brinkmann2012-07-23This book is a 'survival guide' for students and researchers...ISBN-13:1446290867
17Theory for Midwifery PracticeRosamund Bryar2011-04-19This new edition of a highly regarded classic midwifery text...ISBN-13:0230344380
18Sweden and Poland Entering the EUNiklas Eklund2005-01-01Afhandlingen er et komparativt studie af indfaldsvinklen til...IND:30000111571554
19The Disneyization of SocietyAlan Bryman2004-06-09`Alan Bryman has expanded on his internationally well-known ...ISBN-13:9780761967651
20Doing InterviewsSvend Brinkmann2018-09-29This is a concise introduction to the richness and scope of ...ISBN-13:1526426072
21InterViewsSteinar Kvale2009The First Edition of InterViews has provided students and pr...ISBN-13:0761925422
22Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Investment ...Maria Sönne1999STANFORD:36105028771116
23Case Study Research and ApplicationsRobert K. Yin2017-09-27Recognized as one of the most cited methodology books in the...ISBN-13:1506336175
24Religious and Theological Abstracts1998UVA:X006106804
25Communication in OrganizationsGoodyear Roger1976-03-01ISBN-13:9780029267103
26Young People ReadingCharles Sarland1991-01-01ISBN-13:9780335098798
27Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of ModernitySerena Parekh2008-03-06Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of Modernity explores the th...ISBN-13:1135899878
28Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document AnalysisTim Rapley2008-03-05Introducing the theory and practice of conversation, discour...ISBN-13:1446205231
29Psychology and PostmodernismDr Steinar Kvale1992-10-16This groundbreaking book is the first to explore the implica...ISBN-13:9781446234808
30Stop OrdersTony Loton2010-02-23A stop order is an essential tool used for money management ...ISBN-13:085719013X
31Using Visual Data in Qualitative ResearchMarcus Banks2008-03-05Examining the wide range of uses of visual images in qualita...ISBN-13:1446239888
32Place, Place Attachment and MobilityPer Gustafson2002IND:30000093775033
33The historian-filmmaker's dilemmaDavid Ludvigsson2003"This is a Ph.D. dissertation. How is history used in histor...ISBN-13:9789155457822
34Local Responses to Global ChangesLars Olof Persson2003ISBN-13:9789170456909
35Sharing the GoodJoakim Öjendal2000UOM:39015050309007
36Creating Spaces for ActionFrida Nilsson2004"This Ph.D. dissertation examines the ways in which a group ...ISBN-13:9789155458577
37Global Issues in 21st Century Research LibrarianshipSigrún Klara Hannesdóttir2002ISBN-13:9789525204162
38Sami language at home and at schoolAnnika Jansson2005-12-31ISBN-13:9789155461355
39Truth, Lies and Trust on the InternetMonica T. Whitty2008-08-28The Internet is often presented as an unsafe or untrustworth...ISBN-13:1135420432
40Social Work Theories in ContextKaren Healy2014-04-04This innovative text explores current social work theories a...ISBN-13:1137024267
1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
2Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
3Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
4Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2009Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
5Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2012Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
6Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]Kvale, Steinar2014Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]

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