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1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun : Steinar Kvale : övers...Steinar Kvale1997ISBN-13:9789144001852
2Gender Regimes, Citizen Participation and Rural Restructurin...Ildiko Asztalos Morell2008This book aims to unravel how rural gender regimes are const...ISBN-13:0762314206
3Japan's China PolicyLinus Hagström2005-03-09Japan's China Policy understands Japan's foreign policy in t...ISBN-13:1134278713
4Kids in CyberspaceChris Gaine2005-05-16Combining young people’s fascination with the Internet wit...ISBN-13:1873927452
5Regulating Chemical RisksJohan Eriksson2010-08-18This volume presents research on current trends in chemical ...ISBN-13:9789048194285
6Worlds of water--worlds apartPatrik Stålgren2006UOM:39015063172665
7The historian-filmmaker's dilemmaDavid Ludvigsson2003"This is a Ph.D. dissertation. How is history used in histor...ISBN-13:9789155457822
8Local Responses to Global ChangesLars Olof Persson2003ISBN-13:9789170456909
9Handbook for Theory, Research, and Practice in Gestalt Thera...Philip Brownell2008Discusses the philosophy of science, the need for research s...CHI:088462951
10Creating Spaces for ActionFrida Nilsson2004"This Ph.D. dissertation examines the ways in which a group ...ISBN-13:9789155458577
11Sami language at home and at schoolAnnika Jansson2005-12-31ISBN-13:9789155461355
12Place, Place Attachment and MobilityPer Gustafson2002IND:30000093775033
13Sharing the GoodJoakim Öjendal2000UOM:39015050309007
14Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Investment ...Maria Sönne1999STANFORD:36105028771116
15European perspectives on elderly peopleBengt Eriksson2005-07-31This book is written for an optional module within the scope...ISBN-13:9780820460833
16Vuxnas lekvärldAnette Sandberg2003-01ISBN-13:9789173464529
17Decisions on Participation in UN Operations: Do Media Matter...Mette Anthonsen2003UOM:39015061735398
18Touching ThingsPirjo Korkiakangas2008Material culture is something we can touch and can be touche...ISBN-13:9789522220912
19SOU 2005:066 Makt att forma samhället och sitt eget liv. Fo...2005ISBN-13:9789138223987
20Issues of Validity in Qualitative ResearchKvale1989-01-01This anthology focuses on the validation of qualitative rese...ISBN-13:9789144292113
21Proceedings of DETCAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers. Design Engineering Division1999ISBN-13:9780791835142
22En mänsklig atmosfärMaud Söderlund1998Enthält engl. Zusammenf.ISBN-13:9789155443108
23Du är NK!Karin Åmossa2004ISBN-13:9789122020912
24Religious and Theological Abstracts1998UVA:X006106804
25Elitidrott, karriär och avslutningOwe Stråhlman1997ISBN-13:9789173463201
26Stand FirmSvend Brinkmann2017-02-27The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must...ISBN-13:1509514295
27Den komplekse planleggingaMarit Alvestad2001STANFORD:36105110839458
28Doing InterviewsSvend Brinkmann2018-09-29This is a concise introduction to the richness and scope of ...ISBN-13:1526426072
29Communication in OrganizationsGoodyear Roger1976-03-01ISBN-13:9780029267103
30The Disneyization of SocietyAlan Bryman2004-06-09`Alan Bryman has expanded on his internationally well-known ...ISBN-13:9780761967651
31The Couturier of MilanIan Hamilton2017-01-16Ava attends London Fashion Week for the launch of the PÖ fa...ISBN-13:9781770899568
32Den diplomatiska punktenHenrik Eriksson2002STANFORD:36105111177072
33Research and Evaluation in Education and PsychologyDonna M. Mertens2014-03-06Focused on increasing the credibility of research and evalua...ISBN-13:1483322602
34InterViewsSteinar Kvale2009The First Edition of InterViews has provided students and pr...ISBN-13:0761925422
35A Guide to Asperger SyndromeChristopher Gillberg2002-07-25This is an accessible 2002 handbook for all those touched by...ISBN-13:9780521001830
36The InterviewAndrea Fontana2016-07-22Used by everyone from survey researchers to oral historians,...ISBN-13:1315418118
37Dom vet vad dom talar omRoland Severin2002STANFORD:36105112829432
38The Psychology of Becoming a Successful WorkerSatu Uusiautti2014-07-11What is success at work and why is it important? How do top ...ISBN-13:1317660668
39How Children Learn to WriteJohn Smith1998How Children Learn to Write tells us about the way in which ...CORNELL:31924073254587
40Learning and Behavior Problems in Asperger SyndromeMargot Prior2004-08-05This volume provides research-based, practical information o...ISBN-13:1593850778
1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-2008Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
2Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser [Elektronisk re...Groth, Dennis2007Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser [Elektronisk re...
1Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser aspekter ur ele...Groth, Dennis,2007Uppfattningar om specialpedagogiska insatser aspekter ur ele...
2Experiences of Reading and Writing with AphasiaKjellén, Emma, 1984-, Laakso, Katja, 1968-, Behrns, Ingrid, 1961-, Experiences of Reading and Writing with Aphasia

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