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1The MacArthur Study BibleJohn MacArthur2010-0402ISBN-13:9781418542238
2King DavidJonathan Kirsch2009-07-22David, King of the Jews, possessed every flaw and failing a ...ISBN-13:9780307567819
3Handbook of British ChronologyE. B. Fryde1961LCCN:62003070
4Keep a Quiet HeartElisabeth Elliot2004-09-01When life gets too busy, too impersonal, and too much to han...ISBN-13:9780800759902
5David IRichard Oram2008-08-11Few kings deserve more than David I the reputation as ‘mak...ISBN-13:9780752446721
6Life Application Study Bible-KJV-Large PrintTyndale2014-10-16The Life Application Study Bible is today’s #1–selling s...ISBN-13:9781414391977
7Spiritual FriendshipAelred of Rievaulx2008-10-28This surprisingly modern, twelfth-century classic has long b...ISBN-13:0870612646
8The Life of Saint Edward, King and ConfessorSaint Aelred (of Rievaulx)1997When Henry II came to the throne of England, he was hailed a...STANFORD:36105028552037
92 Samuel CommentaryDavid Guzik2004-03-01ISBN-13:9781565990388
10The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study BibleSpiros Zodhiates1991"Key words in the text coded to Strong's Greek and Hebrew di...ISBN-13:9780899576572
11The Mirror of CharitySaint Aelred (of Rievaulx)2010-04-30ISBN-13:9781607242000
12Kingship of the Scots, 842-1292A A M Duncan2016-08-30First published in 2002, and here introduced by Dauvit Broun...ISBN-13:1474415466
13Various SermonsBernard of Clairvaux2020-04-15This last small group of Bernard's sermons to be published i...ISBN-13:0879075848
14The Lordship of GallowayRichard D. Oram2000In viewing Galloway from the wider context of the northern B...STANFORD:36105110821076
15The Oxford Companion to Scottish HistoryISBN-13:0199234825
16The Reign of StephenKeith J. Stringer2008-02-20In this study of Stephen's reign, Keith Stringer looks at th...ISBN-13:1134980949
17Anglo-Norman Durham, 1093-1193David Rollason1998Impressive... for many readers of these papers their cumulat...ISBN-13:9780851156545
18ScotlandMichael Lynch1991UOM:39015022068913
19The First English EmpireR. R. Davies2000-10-05The future of the United Kingdom is an increasingly vexed qu...ISBN-13:0191543268
20Scotland and Its Neighbours in the Middle AgesG. W. S. Barrow1992-01-01A detailed study of Scottish diplomacy and foreign affairs d...ISBN-13:9781852850524
21Giving It Both BarrelsAl Murray2007-02-01ISBN-13:9781860513459
22The Normans in ScotlandRobert Lindsay Græme Ritchie1954UOM:39015005505907
23The Anglo-Norman era in Scottish historyG. W. S. Barrow1980-08-14UOM:39015005505899
24Kingship and UnityG W S Barrow2015-04-13A stunning overview of the medieval landscape of ScotlandThi...ISBN-13:147440183X
25The Kingdom of the ScotsG. W. S. Barrow2003This book explores the formative period when Scotland acquir...UCSC:32106016115575
26David I of Scotland (1124-1153)G. W. S. Barrow1985UOM:39015049813119
27England and her Neighbours, 1066-1453Michael Jones1989-07-01England and her Neighbours is a collection of essays discuss...ISBN-13:082643374X
28The Image of AristocracyDavid Crouch2005-11-29David Crouch provides a broad definition of aristorcracy by ...ISBN-13:113497793X
29England under the Norman and Angevin KingsRobert Bartlett2002-08-08This lively and far-reaching account of the politics, religi...ISBN-13:0192547372
30The IslesNorman Davies2001-09-15This radical new history of the "British Isles, " written by...ISBN-13:9780195148312
31Government, Religion and Society in Northern England, 1000-1...John C. Appleby1997A series of seventeen essays which provide insights into the...UOM:39015041046338
32John of Fordun's Chronicle of the Scottish NationJohn of Fordun1872UOM:39015029527309
33Atlas of Scottish History to 1707Anona May Lyons1996UOM:39015047707339
34Progress and Problems in Medieval EnglandRichard Britnell2002-05-16A series of essays on the society and economy of England bet...ISBN-13:9780521522731
35The Reformed Church in Medieval Galloway and CumbriaKeith John Stringer2003ISBN-13:9780954423209
36William RufusFrank Barlow2008-10-01William II, better known as William Rufus, was the third son...ISBN-13:0300147716
37The Making of EuropeRobert Bartlett1994This provocative book shows that Europe in the Middle Ages w...ISBN-13:0691037809
38Medieval MonasticismC.H. Lawrence2015-04-10Medieval Monasticism traces the Western Monastic tradition f...ISBN-13:1317504682
39The Reign of King StephenDavid Crouch2014-06-06At last: an authoritative, up to date account of the trouble...ISBN-13:1317892976
40The Subject Medieval/modernPeter Haidu2004This work presents a thorough historicist account of the dev...ISBN-13:080474744X

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