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1American Pit Bull Terrier HandbookJoe Stahlkuppe2000-04Owners of this assertive breed are advised on the importance...ISBN-13:9781438081410
2American Pit Bull TerriersJoanne Mattern2011-08-01With a wag and a "woof," this book invites readers to meet t...ISBN-13:161787728X
3Staffordshire Bull TerriersJames Beaufoy2016-02-29Books in the Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders series ...ISBN-13:1785000977
4The Great Book of Bulldogs, Bull Terrier and MolosserMarlene Zwettler2013-02-07This book deals with Bulldogs, Bull Terriers and other Bull ...ISBN-13:3844239227
5Bull Terriers (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic - Bull Terr...V. C. Hollender2013-04-16Bull Terriers (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic - Bull Terr...ISBN-13:1446545091
6Bull TerriersCarolyn Alexander2006-11(back cover) Information and advice to help you take good ca...ISBN-13:9780764135286
7The Complete Guide to Staffordshire Bull TerriersKevin Winslet2006-06-01Get The Definitive Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ownership Guid...ISBN-13:1628842954
8Pet Owner's Guide to the Staffordshire Bull TerrierClare Lee1997-11-30The Pet Owner's Guide series, including new titles, now comp...ISBN-13:9781860540820
9Bull TerrierBethany Gibson2012-01-10Fiercely loyal with the heart of a gladiator, the “White C...ISBN-13:1593789696
10The Bull TerrierWilliams Haynes1912CHI:087303099
11Medical, Genetic & Behavioral Risk Factors of Bull TerriersROSS D. CLARK, DVM2014-09-17This book (Bull Terriers) provides you with a through descri...ISBN-13:1499054750
12The Sporting Bull Terrier (Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic -...Eugene Glass2013-04-16THE SPORTING BULL TERRIER A BOOK OF GENERAL INFORMATION VALU...ISBN-13:144654902X
13The Bull Terrier in Sport And Show - History & AnecdoteTony Read2013-04-16This fascinating book contains a collection of out of print ...ISBN-13:1446546543
14The Staffordshire TerriersAnna Katherine Nicholas1991Over 250 color photos as well as a gallery of historical bla...ISBN-13:9780866226370
15The Ultimate American Pit Bull TerrierJacqueline O'Neil1995-12-15Congratulations! You own or are about to own one of the most...ISBN-13:9780876052488
16A New Owner's Guide to American Pit Bull TerriersTodd Fenstermacher1996The books in this series contain the latest and best informa...ISBN-13:9780793827626
17The Bull Terrier - A Complete Anthology of the Dog -Various Authors2013-04-16The Bull Terrier - A Complete Anthology of the Dog gathers t...ISBN-13:1447491823
18Dog Fighting BreedsSource Wikipedia2013-09Please note that the content of this book primarily consists...ISBN-13:9781230502274
19American Staffordshire TerrierJoseph Janish2012-01-24This Comprehensive Owner’s Guide to the American Staffords...ISBN-13:1593789831
20Miniature Bull TerrierMuriel P. Lee2005The compact version of the Bull Terrier, this Miniature offe...ISBN-13:9781593783280
21The Angel on My ShoulderJolene Mercadante2011-11-21“Jolene writes with great heart and passion about a dog br...ISBN-13:9781462027637
22American Pit Bull TerriersDawn Capp2004The author moves beyond stereotypical images of pit bulls to...ISBN-13:9780974540719
23When Pigs Fly!Jane Killion2007Do you have an impossible dog? Does your dog come when calle...ISBN-13:1929242441
24Jack Russell Terrier Type Dogs
25The Bully BreedsDavid Harris2012-07-24Discover the real bully dogs and the truth about these often...ISBN-13:1621870324
26Pit Bulls Are the Best!Elaine Landau2011-01-01What s that dog with the broad head, stocky frame, and tough...ISBN-13:0761372520
27The American Pit Bull TerrierJacqueline O'Neil1995-09-19For book sales on individual dog breeds, this one tops all o...ISBN-13:9780876053836
28The Manual to Owning a Pet Bull TerrierShannon Nolan2013-01-23The Owner's Manual to Owning a Pet Bull Terrier. Covering to...ISBN-13:1105939006
29BanditVicki Hearne2007-08-17Tells the story of how Vicki Hearne rescued Bandit, a pit bu...ISBN-13:1602390703
30Planet DogSandra Choron2005The first "doglopedia" ever written includes a wide array of...ISBN-13:9780618517527
31A Dog Named JimmyRafael Mantesso2015-09-29100 new and classic images of popular Instagram celebrity Ji...ISBN-13:0698407059
32Staffordshire Bull TerriersTracy Libby2008-01Staffordshire bull terriers are smart and energetic, and the...ISBN-13:9781842861547
33The Working Pit BullDiane Jessup1995Presents a balanced view in an attempt to counter the bad pu...ISBN-13:9780793801909
34A New Owner's Guide to Staffordshire Bull TerriersDayna Lemke2000-01-01Breeder and fancier Dayna Lemke's love for the Staffordshire...ISBN-13:9780793827923
35Pit Bull GardenDouglas G. Link2010This book focuses on game dogs including such breeds as the ...ISBN-13:9781450526555
36Stafford Bull TerriersH. N. Beilby2011-07-01Written by a leading pioneer of the Stafford bull terrier, t...ISBN-13:9781857366211
37A Bull-Terrier NotebookThomas W. Hogarth2013-04-16Originally published in 1936. An important and detailed book...ISBN-13:1473385105
38Staffordshire Bull TerrierAlison Smith2009-01-01A comprehensive guide to all aspects of owning a Staffordshi...ISBN-13:0007274289
39Staffordshire Bull TerrierJane Hogg Frome2012-03-13The experts at Kennel Club Books present the world's largest...ISBN-13:1593789874
40Staffordshire Bull TerriersColleen T. Mitchell2005ISBN-13:9780975794333
1The bull terrier : a comprehensive treatise on the history, ...Montgomery, E. S.1946The bull terrier : a comprehensive treatise on the history, ...
2The Staffordshire bull terrierFleig, Dieter1990The Staffordshire bull terrier
3Staffordshire bull terriersPounds, V. H.1991Staffordshire bull terriers
4A dog owner's guide to bull terriers : everything you need t...Fleig, Dietercop. 1996A dog owner's guide to bull terriers : everything you need t...
5Glow : a novelBeauman, Ned.2014Glow : a novel
1Breed Variations in the Incidence of Pyometra and Mammary Tu...Jitpean, Supranee, Hagman, Ragnvi, Ström Holst, Bodil, Höglund, Odd, Breed Variations in the Incidence of Pyometra and Mammary Tu...
2Bioinformatic screening for candidate mutations underlying p...Sayyab, Shumaila,2014Bioinformatic screening for candidate mutations underlying p...
3The Effect of Early Diet on Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD) i...Sallander, Marie, Bergvall, Kerstin, Hedhammar, Åke, Nödtvedt, Ane, The Effect of Early Diet on Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD) i...
4Theileria annae in a young Swedish dogFalkenö, Ulrika, Tasker, Séverine Osterman Lind, Eva, Tvedten, Harold, Theileria annae in a young Swedish dog

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