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1Handbook of Energy Efficiency in BuildingsUmberto Desideri2018-11-12Handbook of Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A Life Cycle App...ISBN-13:0128128186
2Energy Performance of BuildingsSofia-Natalia Boemi2015-11-23This book analyzes the trends and technologies of green and ...ISBN-13:3319208314
3Air Distribution in BuildingsEssam E. Khalil2013-11-22Air Distribution in Buildings is a concise and practical gui...ISBN-13:1466594659
4Design Professional's Guide to Zero Net Energy BuildingsCharles Eley2016-11-15In the Design Professional's Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildi...ISBN-13:1610917634
5Materials for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Build...Matthew R Hall2010-04-21Almost half of the total energy produced in the developed wo...ISBN-13:1845699270
6Advances in Building Energy ResearchM. Santamouris2013-07-23'Several high quality scientific journals are published in t...ISBN-13:1849770379
7Low Energy Cooling for Sustainable BuildingsUrsula Eicker2009-03-23This long-awaited reference guide provides a complete overvi...ISBN-13:9780470744062
8Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)Shady Attia2018-03-26Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB): Concepts, Frameworks and R...ISBN-13:0128124628
9Solar Energy in BuildingsDorota Chwieduk2014-06-19Solar Energy in Buildings presents solar radiation fundament...ISBN-13:0124105211
10Energy Conservation in BuildingsA. A. M. Sayigh2012-12-02The NORTHSUN 90 conference provided a forum for scientists f...ISBN-13:0080984576
11Modelling Methods for Energy in BuildingsChris Underwood2008-04-15Climate change mitigation and sustainable practices are now ...ISBN-13:1405153008
12Energy-efficient Buildings in IndiaMili Majumdar2001-01-01Accelerated urbanization imposes immense pressure on the dwi...ISBN-13:9788185419824
13Energy Management in BuildingsKeith J. Moss2006Managing the consumption and conservation of energy in build...ISBN-13:9780415353922
14Optimal Design and Retrofit of Energy Efficient Buildings, C...Moncef Krarti2018-03-27Optimal Design and Retrofit of Energy Efficient Buildings, C...ISBN-13:0128118946
15A Handbook on Low-Energy Buildings and District-Energy Syste...L.D. Danny Harvey2012-08-21Winner of Choice Magazine - Outstanding Academic Titles for ...ISBN-13:113657302X
16Solar EnergyAndy Walker2013-08-07Solar Energy is an authoritative reference on the design of ...ISBN-13:1118416546
17Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildi...Andreas Athienitis2015-03-30Building energy design is currently going through a period o...ISBN-13:3433030839
18Building Energy Efficiency1992-06-01ISBN-13:9780941375764
19Buildings, Climate, and EnergyThomas Andrew Markus1980UCAL:B4328108
20Energy Performance of Residential BuildingsMat Santamouris2010-09-23Energy Rating is a crucial consideration in modern building ...ISBN-13:1136534806
21Energy Conservation in Buildings Heating, Ventilation and In...H. Ehringer1983-04-30Proceedings of the Contractors' Meetings held in Brussels, D...ISBN-13:9789027715784
22A Guide to Energy Management in BuildingsDouglas Harris2012-06-25Inefficient energy use in buildings is both increasingly exp...ISBN-13:1135174113
23Mainstreaming Building Energy Efficiency Codes in Developing...Feng Liu2010-10-12Urbanization and growing wealth in developing countries port...ISBN-13:082138564X
24Building Services Design for Energy Efficient BuildingsPaul Tymkow2013-07-18The role and influence of building services engineers is und...ISBN-13:1136893660
25Historical Buildings and EnergyGiovanna Franco2017-03-10This book provides a methodological framework to set properl...ISBN-13:3319526154
26Advances in Building Energy ResearchMatheos Santamouris2014-05-14Advances in Building Energy Research (ABER) offers state-of-...ISBN-13:1849776342
27Energy Efficient BuildingsDean Hawkes2002At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the debate on ...ISBN-13:9780393730920
28Improving Energy Efficiency in BuildingsDennis R. Landsberg1980Intended for practical application, this book provides a gui...ISBN-13:9780873954006
29Smart BuildingsMarco Casini2016-05-27Smart Buildings: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology to Im...ISBN-13:0081006403
30Building Energy SimulationVishal Garg2017-06-26This book describes various components and systems of a buil...ISBN-13:1315351897
31The Sociology of Energy, Buildings and the EnvironmentSimon Guy2014-02-04Bringing the social sciences to the heart of environmental d...ISBN-13:1317798341
32Fundamentals of Building Energy DynamicsBruce D. Hunn1996Fundamentals of Building Energy Dynamics assesses how and wh...ISBN-13:9780262082389
33Energy Audit of Building SystemsMoncef Krarti2000-12-20Increasing awareness of energy use-and waste-places addition...ISBN-13:9780849395871
34Improving the Energy Performance of BuildingsCharles P. Ries2009-09-21This study examines how policies to increase energy efficien...ISBN-13:0833048724
35Energy efficiency of buildings in citiesISBN-13:1428924159
36Building Energy Management SystemsGeoff Levermore2013-07-04Energy management systems are used to monitor building tempe...ISBN-13:113581208X
37Encyclopedia of Energy-efficient Building DesignKaiman Lee1977-03-01ISBN-13:9780915250189
38Energy efficiency in buildingsEric Hirst1986-07-01This book documents improvements in energy efficiency in U.S...ISBN-13:9780918249043
39Investments to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Existing Res...Eric Martinot1997-01-01In the 1990s, the issue of human resource development in Mal...ISBN-13:9780821340578
40Sustainability in Energy and BuildingsRobert J. Howlett2010-11-29This volume represents the proceedings of the Second Interna...ISBN-13:9783642173875

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