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1Professional MarketingHenrik Agndal2012-04-01In this basic marketing textbook, consumer and business mark...ISBN-13:9789144077123
2Innovation Management in Robot SocietyKristian Wasén2015-03-12This book introduces cutting-edge issues and thought-provoki...ISBN-13:1317654420
3Organizing Marketing and SalesPer Andersson2018-05-29Organizing Marketing and Sales offers case studies to demons...ISBN-13:1787549704
4Developing Sourcing CapabilitiesBjörn Axelsson2005-08-26Companies are becoming more and more aware of the competitiv...PSU:000057215372
5American Book Publishing Record2005UOM:39015066043251
6Professionell marknadsföringBjörn Axelsson1996ISBN-13:9789144476414
7Anxieties and Management Responses in International Business...R. Sinkovics2007-02-28This volume deals with anxieties in international business a...ISBN-13:9780230515567
8Strategic Responses to Media Market ChangesRobert G. Picard2004IND:30000092830813
9Beratungszufriedenheit bei B2B-LösungenUlrich Kleipaß2012-07-02Technologische Entwicklungen, Triebkräfte des Wettbewerbs z...ISBN-13:3834941174
10Diasporas and Transnational Entrepreneurship in Global Conte...Ojo, Sanya2016-12-28The advancement and progression of migrant businesses has in...ISBN-13:1522519920
11ALLMANNA CIRKULAR.Sweden. Kungl. Generalpoststyrelsen1945UIUC:30112111905060
12Supply Chain Development for the Lean EnterpriseRobin Cooper2017-12-06Four questions determine whether a company is using interorg...ISBN-13:1351412728
13Buying Business ServicesBjörn Axelsson2002-04-12Purchasing is a function of growing interest and importance ...ISBN-13:9780470843024
14Supply Chain Cost ManagementJimmy Anklesaria2008'Supply Chain' takes readers step-by-step through the proces...ISBN-13:9780814474754
15The spirit of GnosjöCaroline Wigren2003ISBN-13:9789189164413
16Accounting in NetworksHåkan Håkansson2010-12-22Accounting in Networks is the first book that in a comprehen...ISBN-13:1136989706
17Knowledge, Networks and PowerU. Holm2015-05-12This book presents more than four decades of research in int...ISBN-13:1137508825
18Network EmbeddednessMilena Ratajczak-Mrozek2017-08-04This book systematizes the concepts of business relationship...ISBN-13:3319565117
19SMEs in an Era of GlobalizationIlan Bijaoui2016-11-24This book identifies the driving forces behind globalization...ISBN-13:1137564733
20Purchasing and Supply Chain ManagementRobert M. Monczka2015-03-17Providing a solid managerial perspective, PURCHASING AND SUP...ISBN-13:1305809785
21The Organization of HypocrisyNils Brunsson1992-03-26Based on a series of empirical studies spanning several year...UOM:39076001256960
22Negotiating RationallyMax H. Bazerman1994-01-01In Negotiating Rationally, Max Bazerman and Margaret Neale e...ISBN-13:1439106835
23Strategizing Management AccountingChandana Alawattage2018-08-30The theory and practice of management accounting should be s...ISBN-13:1317667026
24Strategic Retail ManagementJoachim Zentes2016-10-07This book is devoted to the dynamic development of retailing...ISBN-13:3658101830
25The Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives of ManagementYaakov Weber2019-11-29This book provides cross-disciplinary management research th...ISBN-13:1838672494
26No Business Is an IslandIvan Snehota2017-08-24Interactivity - A Key Dimension in All Economic DevelopmentISBN-13:1787145506
27Challenges of Purchasing CentralizationKatri Karjalainen2009ISBN-13:9789524883221
28Cost Management in Supply ChainsStefan Seuring2013-03-09Supply Chain Management and Cost Management are important de...ISBN-13:3662113775
29Managing Technological DevelopmentHakan Hakansson2003-09-02In this book, the story of how IKEA and its paper producers ...ISBN-13:1134450346
30Market IntelligenceMartin Callingham2004The aim of this title is to examine the client-side perspect...ISBN-13:9780749442019
31International Business NegotiationsPervez N. Ghauri2003-09-30Provides an understanding about the impact of culture and co...ISBN-13:9780080442938
32The Summer of Kim NovakHaakan Nesser2020-06-02"Nesser is one of the foremost Swedish crime authors." THE T...ISBN-13:9781642860191
33Strategic MarketingDouglas West2015-04The third edition of Strategic Marketing examines the ways i...ISBN-13:019968409X
34Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2007An adaptation of 'Social Research Methods' by Alan Bryman, t...ISBN-13:9780199284986
35Management and Cost AccountingCharles T. Horngren2005The third edition of Management and Cost Accounting continue...ISBN-13:9780273687511
36DVD for the Art and Science of LeadershipAfsaneh Nahavandi2011-02ISBN-13:9780132544627
37Relationship MarketingThorsten Hennig-Thurau2013-06-29Relationship Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of ...ISBN-13:3662097451
38EntrepreneurshipBruce R. Barringer2010'Entrepreneurship' takes students on the entire journey of l...PSU:000068139506
39Planning and Control SystemsRobert N. Anthony1993OCLC:493307649
40Measure Costs RightRobin Cooper1988OCLC:756999313
1Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-ArrayProfessionell marknadsföring
2Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-2012Professionell marknadsföring
3Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-2005Professionell marknadsföring
4Professional marketingAgndal, Henrik, 1972-2012Professional marketing
5Professional marketing [Elektronisk resurs]Agndal, Henrik2012Professional marketing [Elektronisk resurs]
6Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]Axelsson, Björn, 1948-2012Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]
7Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]Axelsson, Björn, 1948- .2019Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]
8Strategisk marknadsföring : med fokus på tjänster och int...2008Strategisk marknadsföring : med fokus på tjänster och int...
9Networks and business renewal2002Networks and business renewal
10Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-2012Professionell marknadsföring
1Professional MarketingAgndal, Henrik Axelsson, Björn Professional Marketing
2Understanding Strategic ChangeAgndal, H Axelsson, B Melin, Leif Understanding Strategic Change
3Business Services ‘in the Making’: (De)Stabilisation of ...Selviaridis, Kostas Agndal, Henrik Axelsson, Björn Business Services ‘in the Making’: (De)Stabilisation of ...
4Business services "in the making": (De)stabilisation of serv...Selviaridis, Kostas Agndal, Henrik Axelsson, Björn Business services "in the making": (De)stabilisation of serv...

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