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1Professional MarketingHenrik Agndal2012-04-01In this basic marketing textbook, consumer and business mark...ISBN-13:9789144077123
2Innovation Management in Robot SocietyKristian Wasén2015-03-12This book introduces cutting-edge issues and thought-provoki...ISBN-13:1317654420
3Organizing Marketing and SalesPer Andersson2018-05-29Organizing Marketing and Sales offers case studies to demons...ISBN-13:1787549704
4Developing sourcing capabilitiesBjörn Axelsson2005-09-12Companies are becoming more and more aware of the competitiv...ISBN-13:9780470850121
5American Book Publishing Record2005UOM:39015066043251
6Professionell marknadsföringBjörn Axelsson1996ISBN-13:9789144476414
7Strategic Responses to Media Market ChangesRobert G. Picard2004ISBN-13:9789189164468
8Beratungszufriedenheit bei B2B-LösungenUlrich Kleipaß2012-07-02Technologische Entwicklungen, Triebkräfte des Wettbewerbs z...ISBN-13:3834941174
9Accounting in NetworksHåkan Håkansson2010-12-22Accounting in Networks is the first book that in a comprehen...ISBN-13:1136989706
10Supply Chain Development for the Lean EnterpriseRobin Cooper2017-12-06Four questions determine whether a company is using interorg...ISBN-13:1351412728
11Cost Management in Supply ChainsStefan Seuring2013-03-09Supply Chain Management and Cost Management are important de...ISBN-13:3662113775
12ALLMANNA CIRKULAR.Sweden. Kungl. Generalpoststyrelsen1945UIUC:30112111905060
13The Oxford Handbook of Pricing ManagementÖzalp Özer2012-06-07The Oxford Handbook of Pricing Management is a comprehensive...ISBN-13:0191634271
14Critical Perspectives on InternationalisationV. Havila2002-02-26The internationalization of business has accelerated during ...UCSD:31822031384803
15Accounting, Innovation and Inter-Organisational Relationship...Martin Carlsson-Wall2018-05-11Successful innovation is a true challenge and especially whe...ISBN-13:1351617710
16The spirit of GnosjöCaroline Wigren2003ISBN-13:9789189164413
17Diasporas and Transnational Entrepreneurship in Global Conte...Ojo, Sanya2016-12-28The advancement and progression of migrant businesses has in...ISBN-13:1522519920
18Marketing Shares, Sharing MarketsJ. Blomberg2011-12-15This book introduces the reader to the 'world of finance', m...ISBN-13:0230361625
19Marketing, Technology and Customer Commitment in the New Eco...Harlan E. Spotts2014-11-03​This volume includes the full proceedings from the 2005 A...ISBN-13:3319117793
20Buying Business ServicesBjörn Axelsson2002-04-12Purchasing is a function of growing interest and importance ...ISBN-13:9780470843024
21Handbook of Research on International EntrepreneurshipLeo Paul Dana2004Dana s Handbook is an essential read for international entre...ISBN-13:1845420519
22Public RelationsShirley Harrison2000This text is the ideal introduction for anyone who wants to ...ISBN-13:9781861525475
23Marketing theoryShelby D. Hunt1976MINN:31951001847543O
24Managing Networks in International BusinessM. Forsgren2014-02-04The book introduces a unique and innovative perspective for ...ISBN-13:1317762460
25Concerned MarketsSusi Geiger2014-11-28øWhen political, social, technological and economic interes...ISBN-13:1782549757
26Managing Strategic Airline AlliancesBirgit Kleymann2017-03-02Strategic airline alliances are an important topic in airlin...ISBN-13:1351920294
27Marketing PerformativityKaty Mason2018-10-11Marketing Performativity: Theories, practices and devices ad...ISBN-13:1315300214
28Reconnecting Marketing to MarketsLuis Araujo2010-12-09The historical link between marketing and markets, prevalent...ISBN-13:0191501441
29Reality TVAnnette Hill2014-11-13Reality TV is popular entertainment. And yet a common way to...ISBN-13:1136177876
30Networks in MarketingDawn Iacobucci1996-08-07An overview of what networks are and how they are used in ma...ISBN-13:1452248737
31SMEs in an Era of GlobalizationIlan Bijaoui2016-11-24This book identifies the driving forces behind globalization...ISBN-13:1137564733
32Facebook MarketingChris Treadaway2010-04-27ISBN-13:0470872284
33Exploring Service ScienceGerhard Satzger2018-09-13This book constitutes the proceedings of the 9th Internation...ISBN-13:9783030007126
34Statistics for PsychologyArthur Aron2009This author team is committed to making statistics a highlig...ISBN-13:9780136010579
35Handbook on International Alliance and Network ResearchJorma Larimo2015-06-29Over the past few decades, alliance and networks have been g...ISBN-13:178347548X
36Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
37Survey Research by TelephoneJames H. Frey1989-07-01The telephone survey is now the dominant survey technique. W...ISBN-13:9780803929852
38Knowledge, Networks and PowerU. Holm2015-05-12This book presents more than four decades of research in int...ISBN-13:1137508825
39The Internationalization of Small to Medium EnterprisesRik Donckels2002-09-26The Internationalization of Small to Medium Enterprizes uses...ISBN-13:113478578X
40Sourcing of ServicesLydia Bals2008Services play an increasing economic role in developed count...ISBN-13:9781604569339
1Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-Professionell marknadsföring
2Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-Professionell marknadsföring
3Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-Professionell marknadsföring
4Professional marketingAgndal, Henrik, 1972-Professional marketing
5Professional marketing [Elektronisk resurs]Agndal, HenrikProfessional marketing [Elektronisk resurs]
6Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]Axelsson, Björn, 1948-Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]
7Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]Axelsson, Björn, 1948- .Professionell marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs]
8Strategisk marknadsföring : med fokus på tjänster och int...Strategisk marknadsföring : med fokus på tjänster och int...
9Networks and business renewal2002Networks and business renewal
10Professionell marknadsföringAxelsson, Björn, 1948-Professionell marknadsföring
1Professional MarketingAgndal, Henrik, Axelsson, Björn 2012Professional Marketing
2Understanding Strategic ChangeAgndal, H Axelsson, B Melin, Leif, Understanding Strategic Change
3Business services "in the making": (De)stabilisation of serv...Selviaridis, Kostas, Agndal, Henrik Axelsson, Björn Business services "in the making": (De)stabilisation of serv...

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