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1Human Rights and Citizenship EducationNektaria Palaiologou2018-11-21This volume examines different conceptualizations of ‘huma...ISBN-13:1527522113
2Peace Education in a Conflict-Affected SocietyMichalinos Zembylas2016-04-03Multilayered analysis of how the dynamics of local politics,...ISBN-13:1107057450
3Country Reports on Human Rights Practices1995PURD:32754082333901
4For the record 1997--the UN human rights system, volume 1United Nations1998ISBN-13:9781894253017
5For the Record 1997 : the UN Human Rights System: Asia1998ISBN-13:9781894253031
6Research Methods for International Human Rights LawDamian Gonzalez-Salzberg2019-06-13The study and teaching of international human rights law is ...ISBN-13:0429889364
7Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human RightsRajini Srikanth2018-10-30Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights: History, Polit...ISBN-13:135105841X
8Minority RightsNikolas Kyriakou2011-01-04ISBN-13:9781900791908
9Emotion and Traumatic ConflictMichalinos Zembylas2015Do the emotional responses of students and to traumatic conf...ISBN-13:0199982767
10Research Methods in Human Skeletal BiologyElizabeth A. DiGangi2012-11-27Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology serves as the one...ISBN-13:0123851904
11Methodological Advances in Research on Emotion and Education...Michalinos Zembylas2016-03-10This volume presents different conceptual and theoretical fr...ISBN-13:3319290495
12Global human rights law collectionWillem-Jan van der Wolf1999STANFORD:36105134522668
13Human Rights Internet Newsletter1979STANFORD:36105061423278
14War, Conflict and Human RightsChandra Lekha Sriram2014-01-16War, Conflict and Human Rights is an innovative, interdiscip...ISBN-13:1135019460
15Education in a Multicultural CyprusIacovos Psaltis2017-08-21Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Latins, and Arm...ISBN-13:1527500527
16Cyprus To-day1988UCAL:B3885821
17Applying an International Human Rights Framework to State Bu...Rory O'Connell2014-01-10Human rights based budget analysis projects have emerged at ...ISBN-13:1136026320
18Problem Solving for Teaching and LearningHelen Askell-Williams2019-06-26Problem Solving for Teaching and Learning explores the impor...ISBN-13:0429684088
19Cyprus, the United Nations and the Quest for UnityMargaret W. Bartlett2007Bartlett presents a comparative analysis of UN forces in Cyp...STANFORD:36105124081501
20CyprusPanepistēmio Athēnōn1954STANFORD:36105119391741
21Parliamentary Assembly - Working Papers - 2008 Ordinary Sess...Council of Europe2009ISBN-13:9789287165527
22Human Rights and the Digital DivideAnne Peacock2019-06-03The Internet’s importance for freedom of expression and ot...ISBN-13:1351046772
23Brutality in an Age of Human RightsBrian Drohan2018-01-15Introduction : counterinsurgency and human rights in the pos...ISBN-13:1501714678
24UN Chronicle1983-02MINN:31951D02462933M
25Understanding Human RightsElisabeth Reichert2006-05-16Understanding Human Rights: An Exercise Book provides a conc...ISBN-13:9781412914116
26Corporate Human Rights ViolationsStefanie Khoury2016-12-08This book develops an analysis of the historical, political ...ISBN-13:1317216067
27Towards the Ethics of a Green Future (Open Access)Marcus Düwell2018-05-15What are our obligations towards future generations who stan...ISBN-13:1351631640
28Socially Just PedagogiesRosi Braidotti2018-06-14This book addresses contemporary philosophical issues in hig...ISBN-13:1350032905
29Health and Human Rights in a Changing WorldMichael Grodin2013-07-04Health and Human Rights in a Changing World is a comprehensi...ISBN-13:1136688633
30History Education and Conflict TransformationCharis Psaltis2017-08-29This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This vol...ISBN-13:3319546813
31Intersectional PedagogyGal Harmat2019-10-17Intersectional Pedagogy: Creative Education Practices for Ge...ISBN-13:1000731901
32Advanced Introduction to International Human Rights LawDinah L Shelton2014-09-26In this landmark text, Dinah L. Shelton offers an insightful...ISBN-13:1782545220
33Women's International Network News1989UCSC:32106019741724
34Congressional RecordUnited States. Congress1978-04UIUC:30112099135862
35Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information ServicePublic Affairs Information Service1956STANFORD:36105024590098
36Human Rights Law Journal1993STANFORD:36105061142100
37Dignity, Mental Health and Human RightsBrendan D. Kelly2016-03-09This book explores the human rights consequences of recent a...ISBN-13:1317150570
38Human Rights of Roma and Travellers in EuropeCouncil of Europe2012"This report was commissioned and published by the Commissio...ISBN-13:9789287172006
39Towards Human Rights in Residential Care for Older PersonsHelen Meenan2015-07-30People are leading significantly longer lives than previous ...ISBN-13:1317910737
40Environmental Human RightsMarkku Oksanen2017-09-05The nature of environmental human rights and their relation ...ISBN-13:1351742515
1Cultural Contestation Heritage, Identity and the Role of Gov...Cultural Contestation Heritage, Identity and the Role of Gov...
2The Palgrave International Handbook of Education for Citizen...The Palgrave International Handbook of Education for Citizen...
3Peace education in conflict and post-conflict societies [Ele...Peace education in conflict and post-conflict societies [Ele...

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