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1Young Researchers 2004Piet Lens2004-04-30The selection of papers in this special issue of WEMS illust...ISBN-13:9781843395058
2Capturing Campaign Dynamics, 2000 and 2004Daniel Romer2006-10-25Capturing Campaign Dynamics, 2000 and 2004 is ideal for cour...ISBN-13:0812219449
3The 2004 Presidential CampaignRobert E. Denton (Jr.)2005-01-01Political communication specialists break down the 2004 pres...ISBN-13:9780742535718
4Electing the President, 2004Kathleen Hall Jamieson2011-09-29The 2004 presidential election was closely watched from all ...ISBN-13:0812204816
5The Constitution on the Campaign TrailAndrew Busch2007The Constitution is the fundamental governing document of th...ISBN-13:9780742559011
6Platform Or Personality?Amanda Bittner2011-05-12Incorporates data from 35 election studies from 7 countries ...ISBN-13:0199595364
7Dreams From My FatherBarack Obama2007-06-03An international bestseller which has sold over a million co...ISBN-13:184767352X
8Reducing Underage Drinking:Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education2004-02-26Alcohol use by young people is extremely dangerous - both to...ISBN-13:0309089352
9Grants For Higher Education 2005-2006Foundation Center2005-12-01ISBN-13:9781595420718
10The Big Book of Library Grant Money, 2004-2005The Taft Group2004-02With libraries under the gun to provide more and better serv...ISBN-13:9780838908747
11MiljömanagementJonas Ammenberg2004ISBN-13:9789144028132
12Don't Just Relate - Advocate!Glen Urban2005-05-11Traditional "push/pull" marketing no longer works. Even high...ISBN-13:013271616X
13Campaign Finance Reform2010Campaign Finance Reform: The Political Shell Game provides a...STANFORD:36105215505269
14Mediating the VoteMichael Pfau2007A sea change is taking place in how people use media, and it...ISBN-13:9780742541443
15The Foundation 1000, 2003-2004Foundation Center2003-10-01ISBN-13:9781931923606
16American Indian Quarterly2005WISC:89082519430
17Unions in AmericaGary Chaison2005-11-09Unions in America provides a concise and current introductio...ISBN-13:1452239479
18Reporting WarStuart Allan2004-06-01Reporting War explores the social responsibilities of the jo...ISBN-13:113429865X
19Directory of Grants in the Humanities, 2003/2004Grants Program2003-01-01Helping you from your earliest brainstorms to fully funded p...ISBN-13:9781573565929
20Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers, [200...Matthew Miskelly2004ISBN-13:9780787668655
21FactCheck.org2004Nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that ...LCCN:2004617356
22The Polling Report2004IND:30000107695896
23Niche NewsNatalie Jomini Stroud2011-05-09Fox News, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal...ISBN-13:0199755507
24Fight Like a GirlMegan Seely2007-01-15View the Author's website! Seely, the youngest elected presi...ISBN-13:9780814741214
25CAA News2004UOM:39015058905855
26The MakeoverKatherine Sender2012-10-29Watch this show, buy this product, you can be a whole new yo...ISBN-13:0814771335
27Small Arms Survey 20052005The Small Arms Survey is now recognized as the principal int...STANFORD:36105122287076
28London EyesGail Cunningham2007"London Eyes provides paths through the city, chancing upon ...ISBN-13:9781845454074
29Typing PoliticsRichard Davis2009-05-26The power of political blogs in American politics is now evi...ISBN-13:0199888337
30The Swing Voter in American PoliticsWilliam G. Mayer2008-11-01The "swing voter" occupies a cherished place in American pol...ISBN-13:9780815755326
31Hollywood Left and RightSteven J. Ross2011-09-06In Hollywood Left and Right, Steven J. Ross tells a story th...ISBN-13:0199911436
32The New Blue MediaTheodore Hamm2011-05-10Is a new progressive era in American life in the offing? Onl...ISBN-13:1595587381
33Unconventional WisdomKaren M. Kaufmann2008-06-05Late deciders go for the challenger; turnout helps the Democ...ISBN-13:0199887861
34The Obama VictoryKate Kenski2010-07-14Barack Obama's stunning victory in the 2008 presidential ele...ISBN-13:9780199779857
35The Press EffectKathleen Hall Jamieson2004A wide-ranging critique of the press and its role in America...ISBN-13:9780195173291
36Content AnalysisKlaus Krippendorff2018-05-09What matters in people’s social lives? What motivates and ...ISBN-13:1506395643
37The Success of Open SourceSteve WEBER2009-06-30Much of the innovative programming that powers the Internet,...ISBN-13:0674044991
38Rural LiteraciesKim Donehower2007Rural Literacies identifies the problems inherent in trying ...ISBN-13:080932749X
39Engaging the Community in Decision MakingRoz Diane Lasker2008-12-19In recent years, the rapidly growing field of community part...ISBN-13:078645279X
40Campaigning to the New American ElectorateMarisa Abrajano2010-04-24Presuming that a strong relationship exists between one's id...ISBN-13:0804774706
1MiljömanagementAmmenberg, Jonas, 1973-2004Miljömanagement
2Do standardised environmental management systems lead to red...Ammenberg, Jonas, 1973-2003Do standardised environmental management systems lead to red...
3Miljömanagement [Ljudupptagning]Ammenberg, Jonas2005Miljömanagement [Ljudupptagning]
1MiljömanagementAmmenberg, Jonas, 1973-,2004Miljömanagement
2Hantering av produkters miljöaspekter i miljöledningssyste...Almgren, Richard, 1943-, Ammenberg, Jonas, 1973-, Hjelm, Olof, 1967-, 2004Hantering av produkters miljöaspekter i miljöledningssyste...

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