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1AllmändidaktikSven-Erik Hansén2010ISBN-13:9789144057835
2Transitions and Transformations in Learning and EducationPäivi Tynjälä2012-03-28The breakneck speed of change in today’s societies creates...ISBN-13:9400723121
3Student teachers’ and beginning teachers’ coping with em...Henrik Lindqvist2019-04-29Avhandlingen behandlar lärarstudenternas och nyblivna lära...ISBN-13:9176850781
4Trust and School LifeDimitri Van Maele2014-01-31This book samples recent and emerging trust research in educ...ISBN-13:9401780145
5Möten med meningKarin L. Eriksson2016-09-30I Möten med mening belyser en grupp forskare ämnesdidaktis...ISBN-13:9188168336
6Cynical TheoriesHelen Pluckrose2020-08-25Have you heard that language is violence and that science is...ISBN-13:1634312031
7Musician-Teacher CollaborationsCatharina Christophersen2018-01-09Musician-Teacher Collaborations: Altering the Chord explores...ISBN-13:1351804596
8The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius - Scholar's Choice ...Johann Amos Comenius2015-02-11This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781295969593
9Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
10Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
11Globalisation and Europeanisation in EducationRoger Dale2009-05-11This book grew out of the experience of a European Union The...ISBN-13:1873927908
12Activist Science and Technology EducationLarry Bencze2014-06-05This collection examines issues of agency, power, politics a...ISBN-13:9400743602
13Extramural English in Teaching and LearningPia Sundqvist2016-11-09This book is unique in bringing together theory, research, a...ISBN-13:1137460482
14Educational Research, Policymaking and PracticeMartyn Hammersley2002-03-22Educational Research maps the demands now being made on educ...ISBN-13:9780761974208
15Transnational Curriculum Standards and Classroom PracticesNinni Wahlström2017-10-31Focusing on the meaning of teaching, Transnational Curriculu...ISBN-13:1351616013
16The Study of TeachingMichael J. Dunkin1982UVA:X000560903
17Handbook of Arts-Based ResearchPatricia Leavy2019-02-27Bringing together interdisciplinary leaders in methodology a...ISBN-13:1462540384
18A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationHeather Fry2003-12-16First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1135724938
19Transformative Teacher Research2015-01-01The aim of this book is to bring teacher research to the cen...ISBN-13:9463002235
20CleverlandsLucy Crehan2016-12-01As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exaspe...ISBN-13:1783522755
21Pedagogy of the CityPaulo Freire1993An important look at education and the urban poor, and a con...UTEXAS:059172130213627
22How People LearnNational Research Council2000-08-11First released in the Spring of 1999, How People Learn has b...ISBN-13:0309131979
23How Students LearnNational Research Council2005-01-28How Students Learn: Mathematics in the Classroom builds on t...ISBN-13:0309089492
24Future Prospects for Music EducationSidsel Karlsen2012-01-17Informal learning pedagogy has become a major topic within t...ISBN-13:1443836893
25Discussions on Some Educational Issues IXPertti Kansanen2000STANFORD:36105029493074
26English in the WorldPhilip Seargeant2013-03-01English in the World: History, Diversity, Change examines th...ISBN-13:1136445676
27Changing Practices, Changing EducationStephen Kemmis2013-11-08This book aims to help teachers and those who support them t...ISBN-13:9814560472
28Science | Environment | HealthAlbert Zeyer2012-05-24Health and the environment are important learning areas in s...ISBN-13:904813949X
29Mathematics in Western CultureMorris Kline1964-12-31This book gives a remarkably fine account of the influences ...ISBN-13:9780195345452
30Defining an IdentityP.J. Fensham2004-04-30Research in science education is now an international activi...ISBN-13:9781402014673
31The Tourist GazeJohn Urry2002-03-29This is a fully revised edition of the groundbreaking study ...ISBN-13:9780761973478
32School Didactics And LearningMichael Uljens2004-08-02In this book a new theory on instruction is presented - a re...ISBN-13:1135481199
33Researching Second Language ClassroomsSandra Lee Mckay2006-08-15This text introduces teachers to research methods they can u...ISBN-13:1135604401
34Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation th...Felicia, Patrick2011-04-30"This book provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the ...ISBN-13:1609604962
35Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural ActsSamuel S. Wineburg2001Whether he is comparing how students and historians interpre...ISBN-13:9781566398565
36Lost in Practice: Transforming Nordic Educational Action Res...Karin Rönnerman2014-11-04Lost in Practice offers a further development of the notion ...ISBN-13:9462097224
37The Decoding the Disciplines ParadigmDavid Pace2017-02-27Teaching and learning in a college setting has never been mo...ISBN-13:025302465X
38Pedagogikens vägar till dess första svenska professurTomas Kroksmark1991UCAL:B4281179
39The Common European Framework of ReferenceProf. Michael Byram2012-06-06The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages was...ISBN-13:1847697321
40Practice Theory Perspectives on Pedagogy and EducationPeter Grootenboer2017-01-16This book examines the way in which the “practice turn” ...ISBN-13:9811031304
1Allmändidaktik : vetenskap för lärareArrayAllmändidaktik : vetenskap för lärare
2Allmändidaktik : vetenskap för lärare2011Allmändidaktik : vetenskap för lärare
3Allmändidaktik [Elektronisk resurs] vetenskap för lärare2012Allmändidaktik [Elektronisk resurs] vetenskap för lärare
4Allmändidaktik [Elektronisk resurs] vetenskap för lärare2017Allmändidaktik [Elektronisk resurs] vetenskap för lärare

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