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1SOU 2007:028 Tydliga mål och kunskapskrav i grundskolan. F...Utredningen om mål och uppföljning i grundskolan2007ISBN-13:9789138227381
2Policing Schools: School Violence and the Juridification of ...Johannes Lunneblad2019-09-03This book examines the global phenomenon of school violence ...ISBN-13:3030186059
3Performativity in EducationAnnette Rasmussen2014-09-01A powerful policy of performativity now exists, in which the...ISBN-13:095690078X
4Flickor, pojkar, individer (SOU 2010:99)2010ISBN-13:9174371126
5Transnational Curriculum Standards and Classroom PracticesNinni Wahlström2017-10-31Focusing on the meaning of teaching, Transnational Curriculu...ISBN-13:1351616013
6Riksdagens årsbokSweden. Riksdagen2008MINN:31951D031383640
7Riksdagens protokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4536464
8Integration som text, diskursiv och social praktikJan Gustafsson2003STANFORD:36105112436154
9Many Visions, Many AimsW.H. Schmidt1997-02-28PREFACE The Third International Mathematics and Science Stud...ISBN-13:9780792344360
10Inside the Black BoxPaul Black2005-05-28Offers practical advice on using and improving assessment fo...ISBN-13:9780708713815
11Digital LiteraciesColin Lankshear2008This book brings together a group of internationally-reputed...ISBN-13:9781433101694
12Curriculum, Syllabus Design, and EquityAllan Luke2013Curriculum scholars and teachers working for social justice ...ISBN-13:0415803195
13Vårda - vägleda - läraMarita Lindahl2002STANFORD:36105112340190
14The History and Narrative ReaderGeoffrey Roberts2001Are historians story-tellers? Is it possible to tell true st...ISBN-13:9780415232494
15The Education of the ChildEllen Key1912OSU:32435009465436
16How Teachers TaughtLarry Cuban1993In the first edition of this seminal study, Larry Cuban pres...ISBN-13:0807776394
17Beyond Testing (Classic Edition)Caroline Gipps2011-10-27It is an exceptionally thoughtful assessment of assessment, ...ISBN-13:1136592954
18Public Policy in IsraelDavid Nachmias2002An examination of the current Israeli government, covering p...ISBN-13:9780714650906
19From the Laboratory to the ClassroomJared Cooney Horvath2016-07-22Over recent years the field of Science of Learning has incre...ISBN-13:1317271912
20Schools for Health and SustainabilityVenka Simovska2014-10-03Schools are unique places. They pay a central role in the fo...ISBN-13:9401791716
21VerksamhetsberättelseArbetarnas bildningsförbund1962MINN:31951002209674L
22Tinkering Toward UtopiaDavid B. TYACK1995This book documents the tension between Americans' faith in ...ISBN-13:9780674892835
23The Dialectic of FreedomMaxine Greene1988Special 2018 Edition From the new Introduction by Michelle F...ISBN-13:0807776386
24Writing TechnologyChristina Haas2013-11-05Academic and practitioner journals in fields from electronic...ISBN-13:1136687548
25Teaching Secondary ScienceKeith Ross2015-06-19The fourth edition of Teaching Secondary Science has been fu...ISBN-13:1317564081
26Good Education in an Age of MeasurementGert J. J. Biesta2015-11-17The widespread use of the measurement of educational outcome...ISBN-13:1317258665
27Didaktik And/or CurriculumBjørg Brandtzæg Gundem1998With the increasing interdependence and harmonization of edu...UOM:39015046870757
28Raising Boys' Achievement in SchoolsKevan Bleach1998-01-01Based on case studies and observations in the school setting...UOM:39015041788350
29Handbook of Research on Science EducationNorman G. Lederman2014-07-11Building on the foundation set in Volume I—a landmark synt...ISBN-13:1136221972
30Assessment in Physical EducationPeter Hay2013Assessment has widely been acknowledged as a central element...ISBN-13:0415602726
31CleverlandsLucy Crehan2016-12-01As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exaspe...ISBN-13:1783522755
32Liberal PurposesWilliam A. Galston1991-08-30A major contribution to the current theory of liberalism by ...ISBN-13:9780521422505
33Rektorers praktiker i möte med utvecklingsarbete2015ISBN-13:9789173468497
34Formative Assessment Improving Learning in Secondary Classro...OECD2005-01-25This study features a collection of eight case studies of ex...ISBN-13:9264007415
35Europeanizing EducationMartin Lawn2012-05-14The study of common and diverse effects in the field of educ...ISBN-13:1873927614
36Teachers' Pedagogical ThinkingPertti Kansanen2000Teachers' Pedagogical Thinking challenges teachers and teach...UVA:X004421774
37Embedded Formative AssessmentDylan Wiliam2011-11-01Formative assessment plays an important role in increasing t...ISBN-13:1936765012
38Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and TeachingAlison Cook-Sather2014-03-10A guide to developing productive student-faculty partnership...ISBN-13:1118836065
39Consulting PupilsJulia Flutter2004-03-04Consulting Pupils considers the potential benefits and impli...ISBN-13:113457522X
40Reform as RoutineNils Brunsson2009Large contemporary organizations seem to be in an almost con...ISBN-13:0198296703

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