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1SOU 2007:028 Tydliga mål och kunskapskrav i grundskolan. F...2007ISBN-13:9789138227381
2Flickor, pojkar, individer (SOU 2010:99)2010ISBN-13:9174371126
3Riksdagens årsbokSweden. Riksdagen2008MINN:31951D031383640
4ProtokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4536464
5Riksdagens protokoll2001MINN:31951D02305735I
6Vårda - vägleda - läraMarita Lindahl2002ISBN-13:9789173464338
7Testing Regimes, Accountabilities and Education PolicyBob Lingard2017-10-02Around the globe, various kinds of testing, including high s...ISBN-13:1317354044
8Beyond Testing (Classic Edition)Caroline Gipps2011-10-27‘It is an exceptionally thoughtful assessment of assessmen...ISBN-13:1136592954
9Rethinking Social InquiryHenry E. Brady2010-09-16With innovative new chapters on process tracing, regression ...ISBN-13:1442203455
10Writing TechnologyChristina Haas2013-11-05Academic and practitioner journals in fields from electronic...ISBN-13:1136687548
11Schools for Health and SustainabilityVenka Simovska2014-10-03Schools are unique places. They pay a central role in the fo...ISBN-13:9401791716
12Naming the MindKurt Danziger1997-05-06Intelligence, motivation, personality, learning, stimulation...ISBN-13:9780803977631
13From the Laboratory to the ClassroomJared Cooney Horvath2016-07-22Over recent years the field of Science of Learning has incre...ISBN-13:1317271912
14Handbook of Formative AssessmentHeidi Andrade2010-04-02Formative assessment has recently become a focus of renewed ...ISBN-13:1135283931
15Reform as RoutineNils Brunsson2009Large contemporary organizations seem to be in an almost con...ISBN-13:0198296703
16Frame factors and the teaching processUlf P. Lundgren1972-06UCAL:B4322400
17Constructing the SubjectKurt Danziger1994-01-28The book traces the history of psychological research method...ISBN-13:9780521467858
18Data and Metadata Reporting and Presentation HandbookOECD2007-06-11The OECD Data and Metadata Reporting and Presentation Handbo...ISBN-13:9264030336
19Shifting InvolvementsAlbert O. Hirschman2002-01-07Why does society oscillate between intense interest in publi...ISBN-13:1400828260
20Media and Digital Literacies in Secondary SchoolReijo Kupiainen2013<I>Media and Digital Literacies in Secondary School examin...ISBN-13:9781433118418
21The Expansion of Management KnowledgeKerstin Sahlin-Andersson2002The past few decades have witnessed a dramatic expansion of ...ISBN-13:9780804741996
22A philosophy of music educationBennett Reimer2003This book advances the philosophy of its previous editions i...ISBN-13:9780130993380
23Adolescents' perceptions of school and reasons for learningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
24Computer Based Creative Music MakingGöran Folkestad1996ISBN-13:9789173462891
25Mechanisms of hopeNils Brunsson2006Nils Brunsson is Professor at the Stockholm School of Econom...IND:30000111035345
26Making Mathematics with Needleworksarah-marie belcastro2007-12-12Mathematical craftwork has become extremely popular, and mat...ISBN-13:1439865132
27Nature FirstBob Henderson2007Friluftsliv is an approach to creating a relationship betwee...ISBN-13:1897045212
28Standard Setting in EducationSigrid Blömeke2017-02-27This book summarizes the international evidence on methodolo...ISBN-13:3319508563
29Freedom and FulfillmentJoel Feinberg1994Dealing with a diverse set of problems in practical and theo...ISBN-13:9780691019246
30Diversity and DistrustStephen MACEDO2009-06-30ISBN-13:9780674040403
31HistoryJörn Rüsen2005Without denying the importance of the postmodernist approach...ISBN-13:9781571816245
32Learning and Teaching MathematicsPeter Bryant2016-01-28The authors of this volume, which is newly available in pape...ISBN-13:1317716000
33The Use and Abuse of HistoryFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche2006-01[A]s long as the past is principally used as a model for imi...ISBN-13:1596054662
34Musical ImaginationsDavid Hargreaves2012Creativity (like Consciousness ) was once considered too dif...ISBN-13:0199568081
35Curriculum as a Political ProblemTomas Englund1986ISBN-13:9780862380335
36Tough Choices Or Tough Times2008-03-28"Tough Choices or Tough Times" calls for the first redesign ...ISBN-13:0470267569
37What Is Curriculum Theory?William F. Pinar2012-03-22This primer for teachers (prospective and practicing) asks r...ISBN-13:1136860703
38The Battle Over HomeworkHarris Cooper2015-02-03Homework is the cause of more friction between schools and h...ISBN-13:1631440128
39A Pedagogy of PlaceBrian Wattchow2011-02-01A Pedagogy of Place offers an alternative vision for outdoor...ISBN-13:0980651247
40Changing Teacher ProfessionalismSharon Gewirtz2009-01-08Significant changes in the policy and social context of teac...ISBN-13:1134034121

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