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1NATO's Failure in LibyaHorace Campbell2013-05When the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings erupted in Africa, ...ISBN-13:0798303433
2Small Arms Survey 2015Small Arms Survey2015-07-30The Small Arms Survey 2015 examines the role of weapons and ...ISBN-13:1316442446
3Gerechte Intervention?Stephanie Fenkart2017-10Bewaffnete Eingriffe in innerstaatliche Konflikte sind in de...ISBN-13:3643508271
4The United Nations Security Council in the Age of Human Righ...Jared Genser2014-06-05This is the first comprehensive look at the human rights dim...ISBN-13:1139916653
5The Arab SpringCarlo Panara2013-01-09This edited volume explores some of the key international la...ISBN-13:9004230416
6Resisting United Nations Security Council ResolutionsSufyan Droubi2014-04-24The United Nations Security Council has primary responsibili...ISBN-13:1317964276
7The EU Common Security and Defence PolicyPanos Koutrakos2013-03-21Presenting the first analytical overview of the legal founda...ISBN-13:0191655902
8The International Criminal Court in Search of its Purpose an...Triestino Mariniello2014-11-27The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first permanen...ISBN-13:1317703081
9All Necessary MeasuresCarrie Booth Walling2013-07-01What prompts the United Nations Security Council to engage f...ISBN-13:0812208471
10Turkey and the Politics of National IdentityShane Brennan2014-09-19In the first decade of the twenty-first century Turkey exper...ISBN-13:085773685X
11Libya, the Responsibility to Protect and the Future of Human...A. Hehir2013-05-29This book critically analyses the 2011 intervention in Libya...ISBN-13:113727395X
12Selective SecurityAdam Roberts2013-10-28In contrast to the common perception that the United Nations...ISBN-13:1135871485
13Regional Organizations and PeacemakingPeter Wallensteen2014-08-21This book analyses the new and difficult roles of regional o...ISBN-13:1317696700
14Politics of International Law and International JusticeEdwin Egede2013-08-20A textbook introduction to international law and justice is ...ISBN-13:0748684522
15Ethics of Armed Conflict: A Cosmopolitan Just War TheoryJohn W. Lango2014-01-31Just war theory exists to stop armies and countries from usi...ISBN-13:0748645764
16Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in LibyaHorace Campbell2013-03-01In this incisive account, scholar Horace Campbell investigat...ISBN-13:1583674187
17Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libya): Background and Issues for Co...ISBN-13:143798374X
18Human RightsChristian Tomuschat2014-09-25This third edition of Human Rights: Between Idealism and Rea...ISBN-13:0191506699
19The United Nations Security Council and WarAdam Roberts2010This is the first major exploration of the United Nations Se...ISBN-13:0199583307
20Burma ReduxIan Holliday2012-05-15Contemporary Myanmar faces a number of political challenges,...ISBN-13:0231504241
21Protection of CiviliansHaidi Willmot2016-04-14The protection of civilians is a highly topical issue at the...ISBN-13:0191045497
22Expert Knowledge in Global TradeErin Hannah2015-08-27This book explores tensions in global trade by examining the...ISBN-13:1317659597
23Libya, the Responsibility to Protect and the Future of Human...A. Hehir2013-05-29This book critically analyses the 2011 intervention in Libya...ISBN-13:113727395X
24German Policy towards Intervention in LibyaSarah Brockmeier2016-01-11Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Politics -...ISBN-13:3668121796
25Air Power in UN OperationsProfessor A Walter Dorn2014-08-28Air power for warfighting is a story that's been told many t...ISBN-13:1472435486
26Decision-making in the UN Security CouncilDavid Malone1998This unique and intriguing study examines the UN's efforts t...ISBN-13:9780198294832
27Protecting CiviliansSiobhán Wills2009-02-26This book examines the obligations of troops to prevent seri...ISBN-13:0199533873
28Obama and the Middle EastFawaz A. Gerges2012-05-22A hard-hitting assessment of Obama's current foreign policy ...ISBN-13:1137000163
29An Institutional Approach to the Responsibility to ProtectGentian Zyberi2013-06-27An institutional perspective on realizing the responsibility...ISBN-13:1107036445
30Waging WarPatricia A. Weitsman2013-12-18Military alliances provide constraints and opportunities for...ISBN-13:0804788944
31The EU's Role in Global GovernanceBart Van Vooren2013-01-17For years the European Union has been looked on as a potenti...ISBN-13:0191634735
32The Oxford Handbook of the Use of Force in International Law...Marc Weller2015-01-15The prohibition of the use of force in international law is ...ISBN-13:0191653918
33China, the United States, and Global OrderRosemary Foot2010-12-20The United States and China are the two most important state...ISBN-13:1139495178
34An Equitable Framework for Humanitarian InterventionCiarán Burke2013-05-09This book aims to resolve the dilemma regarding whether arme...ISBN-13:178225126X
35Annual Review of United Nations AffairsSauvant2012-04-16ISBN-13:9780199856046
36Sovereignty and the Responsibility to ProtectLuke Glanville2013-12-20In 2011, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolut...ISBN-13:022607708X
37Constitutions and Conflict Management in AfricaAlan J. Kuperman2015-06-18Each of Africa's countries has a different constitutional de...ISBN-13:0812246586
38No-Fly Zones (NFZ)Jeremiah Gertler2011-06-01What constitutes internat. "authorization" for the establish...ISBN-13:1437983537
39The Terrorism ReaderDavid J. Whittaker2012The Terrorism Reader is an intriguing introduction to a noto...ISBN-13:0415687314
40The Ethics of Armed Humanitarian InterventionDon E. Scheid2014-04-24New essays on philosophical, legal, and moral aspects of arm...ISBN-13:1107036364
1Law on the use of force and armed conflict [Elektronisk resu...2017Law on the use of force and armed conflict [Elektronisk resu...
1A legal view on NATO's campaing in LibyaHolst, Fredrik A., 1967-, Fink, Martin D., 1976-, A legal view on NATO's campaing in Libya

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