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1Reframing OrganizationsLee G. Bolman2017-06-16Set aside trends to focus on the fundamentals of great leade...ISBN-13:1119281849
2Leading with SoulLee G. Bolman2011-08-09A new edition of the bestselling book on finding one's perso...ISBN-13:0470619007
3How Great Leaders ThinkLee G. Bolman2014-07-08The proven model that offers powerful and elegant strategies...ISBN-13:111828223X
4Reframing Academic LeadershipLee G. Bolman2010-12-03"Colleges and universities constitute a special type of orga...ISBN-13:0470929332
5Knowledge Management in OrganizationsDonald Hislop2018-03-29Knowledge Management in Organizations is the most comprehens...ISBN-13:0198724012
6The Wizard and the WarriorLee G. Bolman2006-03-10The Wizard and the Warrior gives leaders the insight and cou...ISBN-13:0787985570
7Writers on OrganizationsDerek S Pugh2007-01-18Long a best-seller, this eagerly awaited Sixth Edition offer...ISBN-13:145224541X
8Shaping School CultureTerrence E. Deal2016-07-22The most trusted guide to school culture, updated with curre...ISBN-13:1119210208
9Governance as LeadershipRichard P. Chait2011-01-11A new framework for helping nonprofit organizations maximize...ISBN-13:9781118045916
10Images of OrganizationGareth Morgan1986-06-01Gareth Morgan's book is designed to develop the art of readi...ISBN-13:9780803928305
11Reframing ResolutionRichard Saundry2016-05-27Reframing Resolution provides an original, accessible and cr...ISBN-13:1137515600
12Leading OrganizationsGill Robinson Hickman2009-12-09Organisations are shifting from hierarchical structures to m...ISBN-13:1412939089
13Reframing the Path to School LeadershipLee G. Bolman2010-03-09Powerful mental tools for navigating the complicated issues ...ISBN-13:1452271399
14Leadership in Public OrganizationsMontgomery Van Wart2017-02-17Now in a completely revised and updated Third Edition, Leade...ISBN-13:135197680X
15Trust and Betrayal in the WorkplaceDennis Reina PhD2015-02-02Trust is a non-negotiable for high performing relationships ...ISBN-13:1626562598
16Organization ChangeW. Warner Burke2010-11-29The Third Edition of this bestselling text continues to make...ISBN-13:1412978866
17Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-MakingSam Kaner2014-04-15Unleash the transformative power of face to face groups The ...ISBN-13:1118421957
18Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit OrganizationsJohn M. Bryson2018-01-04Revised edition of the author's Strategic planning for publi...ISBN-13:1119071607
19Boards That Make a DifferenceJohn Carver2011-03-10In this revised and updated third edition, Carver continues ...ISBN-13:1118046706
20Strategic ThinkingSimon Wootton2010-07-03Strategic Thinking: A Step-by-Step Approach to Strategy and ...ISBN-13:0749461101
21Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative InquiryHallie Preskill2006-06-21Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative Inquiry is the fir...ISBN-13:9781412909518
22Organizational Culture and LeadershipEdgar H. Schein2010-07-16Regarded as one of the most influential management books of ...ISBN-13:047064057X
23Strategic ReframingAngela Wilkinson2016-03-24Traditional strategy assumes stability and predictability. T...ISBN-13:0198745699
24Organizational Theory in Higher EducationKathleen Manning2017-09-14The second edition of Organizational Theory in Higher Educat...ISBN-13:1317210697
25Diagnosing and Changing Organizational CultureKim S. Cameron2011-01-07Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture provides a fr...ISBN-13:1118047052
26Shared LeadershipCraig L Pearce2002-12-20Shared Leadership: Reframing the Hows and Whys of Leadership...ISBN-13:1452276765
27The Complete Guide to Fundraising ManagementStanley Weinstein2017-02-28The real-world guide to successfully funding your nonprofit ...ISBN-13:111928936X
28College DrinkingGeorge W. Dowdall2013-04-30Drinking is recognized as one of the most important problems...ISBN-13:1579228151
29The Practice of System and Network AdministrationThomas A. Limoncelli2016-10-25With 28 new chapters, the third edition of The Practice of S...ISBN-13:0133415104
30The Presenter's FieldbookRobert J. Garmston2018-02-01Proper presentations have the power to persuade and transfor...ISBN-13:1442223685
31Communication and NegotiationLinda L. Putnam1992-04-10Consolidating alternative perspectives on communication and ...ISBN-13:1452246017
32Leadership and the New ScienceMargaret J. Wheatley2010-06-21A bestseller--more than 300,000 copies sold, translated into...ISBN-13:145877760X
33Leadership in Organizations1981ISBN-13:9788131761083
34Organizational BehaviorJoseph E. Champoux2016-07-22Organizational Behavior concisely covers the essential theor...ISBN-13:1317363701
35Handbook of Research on Effective Communication, Leadership,...Normore, Anthony H.2016-02-26In order for an organization to thrive, it is essential to d...ISBN-13:146669971X
36Business Organization (RLE: Organizations)John O'Shaughnessy2013-06-26This book presents an integrated view of the three main appr...ISBN-13:1135960380
37Managing OrganizationsStewart R Clegg1999-04-29In Managing Organizations Stewart Clegg, Cynthia Hardy and W...ISBN-13:1446205304
38Privilege, Power, and DifferenceAllan Johnson2017-02-06Privilege, Power, and Difference is a groundbreaking tool fo...ISBN-13:9780073404226
39International Encyclopedia of EducationDominic J. Brewer2010ISBN-13:9780080448930
40Ethical Issues and Citizen Rights in the Era of Digital Gove...Cropf, Robert A.2016-02-02Questions surrounding the concept of freedom versus security...ISBN-13:146669906X

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