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1Pit BullMartin Schwartz2009-10-13Welcome to the world of Martin "Buzzy" Schwartz, Champion Tr...ISBN-13:0061844632
2Pit BullBronwen Dickey2016-05-10The hugely illuminating story of how a popular breed of dog ...ISBN-13:030796177X
3The Pitbull GuideChad Zetrouer2012-06-29The Pitbull Guide was made just for Pit bull lovers that wan...ISBN-13:9781477686348
4PitbullSaddleback Educational Publishing2013-01-01Themes: Hi-Lo, urban nonfiction, music, entrepreneur, Hip-Ho...ISBN-13:1622500156
5PitbullBrian Russell2016-08-25Pitbull The Ultimate Training Techniques For Your Pitbull Te...ISBN-13:9781537270333
6Pitbull - Mr. WorldwideC. DuthelISBN-13:1471090353
7PitbullSaddleback Educational Publishing2013-01-01There's no doubt about it, today's students listen to an ave...ISBN-13:1612476961
8PitbullBrown Risa2014-11-01Biography of star hip-hop singer and entertainer Pitbull. Bl...ISBN-13:1612286682
9PitbullCharles Hernandez2016-10-08Pitbull How To Train A Pitbull - Learn Amazing Tips, Tricks ...ISBN-13:9781539398714
10We Are PitbullsAnnaLisa Allegretti2014-01-10"While some of these dogs are purebred American Pit Bull Ter...ISBN-13:9780692212882
11Pitbulls In A Skirt (The Cartel Publications Presents)Mikal Malone2008Inside Emerald City (one of D.C.'s deadliest projects), ther...ISBN-13:0979493129
12The Whole Business with Kiffo and the PitbullBarry Jonsberg2004Part quirky journal, part detective fiction, this wild and w...ISBN-13:9781741141122
13My Son Wants A PitbullD. Watkins2013-02-08My Son Wants A Pitbull is the story of how a boy finds an ex...ISBN-13:3730910574
14The Pitbull Dog BreedEdward Stenson2015-02-02Pitbulls have a bad reputation. They rank as the most aggres...ISBN-13:9781530182428
15Precious Pretty Pitbull Puppies Vol. I: "Waggin' Tails."J.E. AlmenarISBN-13:0557996228
16Detective Sarah "The Pitbull"Edward N. Magi, Jr.2012-06-29A respected female detective, Sarah Peterson of the Fairfiel...ISBN-13:1434973700
17American PitbullMarc Joseph2005American Pitbull offers an alternative view of a controversi...ISBN-13:9783865210944
18PitbullA. madoo2018-05-25This notebook journal with 110 Dot Graph Line Sketch pages (...ISBN-13:9781720309772
19Songs Written by PitbullSource Wikipedia2013-09Please note that the content of this book primarily consists...ISBN-13:9781230788401
20PitbullSummer Bookout2018Pitbull is an international superstar famous for not only hi...ISBN-13:9781422241844
21Art of Pitbull Coloring Book CollectionEd Delacruz2016-09-10Art of Pitbull Coloring Book Collection - A Coloring Book fo...ISBN-13:9781537598598
22Pit Bulls For DummiesD. Caroline Coile2011-04-18Pit Bulls have an image problem. If you’ve never been arou...ISBN-13:1118069374
23Petie the PitbullErika Wiseman2014-07-25Story about a rescued pitbull names Petie!! Awesome Picture ...ISBN-13:1491899263
24The Pitbull ReturnsJames Russell2017"Months have passed since evil boss The Pitbull stole a drag...ISBN-13:9780473406332
25A Pitbull Named JoeyPam Maxey2018-04A positive fully illustrated children's book from a pitbull'...ISBN-13:9781732052604
26WallaceJim Gorant2012-08-30The author of the New York Times bestseller The Lost Dogs sh...ISBN-13:110159084X
27Pitbull JournalM. M. Graham2017-08-08This is a large 7x10" journal for those special dogs in your...ISBN-13:9781974362707
28Colby's Book of the American Pit Bull TerrierLouis B. Colby1997This book documents one hundred years of the Colby family's ...ISBN-13:9780793820917
29I'm a Good DogKen Foster2012-10-25Filled with inspiring stories and photographs, this heartfel...ISBN-13:0399576630
30Peanut the Pitbull's Summer Beach VacationThomas Andrew Athanasiou2016-05-08A NEW Peanut adventure and the PERFECT SUMMER read for the y...ISBN-13:9781533122742
31AfterglowEileen Myles2018-02-01In 1990, Myles chose Rosie from a litter on the street, and ...ISBN-13:1611859433
32Dogs of Velvet and SteelBob Stevens2012-07-24Manual for raising dogsISBN-13:9780985719425
33Little Darling's Pinups for PitbullsDeirdre Franklin2014-10-16Accompanied by essays and testimonials from former pinups an...ISBN-13:9781468308631
34The Working Pit BullDiane Jessup1995Presents a balanced view in an attempt to counter the bad pu...ISBN-13:9780793801909
35PitbullLuc Deflo2009-10-31.ISBN-13:9460410596
36Pitbull Lives Matter Composition Notebook, College Rule 11 X...Pitbull Lives Matter2017-09-11101 Sheets (202 Pages), college ruled notebook. The size of ...ISBN-13:9781976251276
37The Pit Bull Life: A Dog Lover's CompanionDeirdre Franklin2016-11-22Everything you need to know about adopting, owning, and lovi...ISBN-13:1581575041
38The Book of the American Pit Bull TerrierRichard F. Stratton1981Reveals the positive realities about the Pit Bull Terrier an...CORNELL:31924051111270
39Pitbull Inspired Coloring BookMonica Grey2018-05-02This is work of creative art and satire (17 U.S. Code § 107...ISBN-13:9781718709584
40The Lost DogsJim Gorant2011-09-06An inspiring story of survival and our powerful bond with ma...ISBN-13:1101543809
1Pitbull [Elektronisk resurs]Saddleback Educational Publishing2012Pitbull [Elektronisk resurs]
2PitbullHalling, Thomas, 1962-2011Pitbull
3Pitbull-BalladeArnhold, Cornelia2001Pitbull-Ballade
4Varning för Pitbull-Terje! [Ljudupptagning] : Endre Lund Er...Eriksen, Endre Lund2005Varning för Pitbull-Terje! [Ljudupptagning] : Endre Lund Er...
5Varning för Pitbull-Terje!Eriksen, Endre LundVarning för Pitbull-Terje!
6Pitbul-Terie v bedaEriksen, Endre Lund.2014Pitbul-Terie v beda
7Kunsten å gå amok : Endre Lund Eriksens 'Pitbull-terje gå...Bakken, JonasKunsten å gå amok : Endre Lund Eriksens 'Pitbull-terje gå...
8Den polske rörmokaren : fyra pjäser om det nya Europa och ...2007Den polske rörmokaren : fyra pjäser om det nya Europa och ...
9Love? [Ljudupptagning]Lopez, Jenniferp 2011Love? [Ljudupptagning]
10Absolute summer hits 2011 [Ljudupptagning]p 2011Absolute summer hits 2011 [Ljudupptagning]
11Kiss & tell more!Gebert, Gordon G. G.1998Kiss & tell more!
12The sun comes out [Ljudupptagning]Shakirap 2010The sun comes out [Ljudupptagning]
132015 rock charts : rock & pop hits for guitar: 19 current hi...20152015 rock charts : rock & pop hits for guitar: 19 current hi...
14Zumba fitness world party [Elektronisk resurs] : [Xbox 360, ...cop 2013Zumba fitness world party [Elektronisk resurs] : [Xbox 360, ...
15Absolute kidz [Ljudupptagning]p 2011Absolute kidz [Ljudupptagning]
16Absolute music [Ljudupptagning]p 2013Absolute music [Ljudupptagning]
17NRJ hits [Ljudupptagning]p 2013NRJ hits [Ljudupptagning]
18Absolute hits 2011 [Ljudupptagning]p 2011Absolute hits 2011 [Ljudupptagning]
19Absolute semester [Ljudupptagning] : 38 sommarklassiker!p 2014Absolute semester [Ljudupptagning] : 38 sommarklassiker!
20Absolute hits 2014 [Ljudupptagning]p 2014Absolute hits 2014 [Ljudupptagning]
21¿Qué pasa? [Elektronisk resurs] : 2015-01-242015¿Qué pasa? [Elektronisk resurs] : 2015-01-24
22Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Playstation 3]cop. 2013Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Playstation 3]
23Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Nintendo Wii U]cop. 2013Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Nintendo Wii U]
24Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Xbox 360]cop. 2013Just dance 2014 [Elektronisk resurs] : [Xbox 360]
25¿Qué pasa? fácil [Elektronisk resurs] : 2015-01-242015¿Qué pasa? fácil [Elektronisk resurs] : 2015-01-24
26Absolute hits 2013 [Ljudupptagning]p 2013Absolute hits 2013 [Ljudupptagning]
27Absolute music [Ljudupptagning]p 2014Absolute music [Ljudupptagning]
28Absolute dance autumn 2014 [Ljudupptagning]p 2014Absolute dance autumn 2014 [Ljudupptagning]
29Absolute dance spring 2014 [Ljudupptagning]p 2014Absolute dance spring 2014 [Ljudupptagning]
30Dennis kamp [Elektronisk resurs]Halling, Thomas2015Dennis kamp [Elektronisk resurs]
31Donker mag [Ljudupptagning]Antwoord2015Donker mag [Ljudupptagning]
32The hip hop dance experience [Elektronisk resurs] : TV-spel ...cop. 2012The hip hop dance experience [Elektronisk resurs] : TV-spel ...
33Hits for kids [Ljudupptagning] : winter party 2015p 2014Hits for kids [Ljudupptagning] : winter party 2015
34Reggae gold 2005 [Ljudupptagning]p 2005Reggae gold 2005 [Ljudupptagning]
35Global perspectives on youth gang behavior, violence, and we...Global perspectives on youth gang behavior, violence, and we...
36Just dance 2016 [Elektronisk resurs]2015Just dance 2016 [Elektronisk resurs]

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