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1Perspektiv på sport managementIngela Broberg2004ISBN-13:9789188941633
2Handbook of Research on Sport and BusinessS. Söderman2013-01-01ÔSšderman and Dolles have assembled an impressive array of...ISBN-13:1781005869
3Social Capital and Sport Governance in EuropeMargaret Groeneveld2010-09-13Although there is significant interest in the social role of...ISBN-13:1136937471
4The Economics of Staging the OlympicsHolger Preuss2004-01-01"This book arises from the need to analyse, in detail, the v...ISBN-13:9781781008690
5Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in SwedenTomas Peterson2018-03-14This edited collection explores the concept of social entrep...ISBN-13:3319724967
6Children's Rights: New Issues, New Themes, New PerspectivesMichael Freeman2018-03-06This collection of essays by a variety of scholars, compiled...ISBN-13:900435882X
7Handbook on the Experience EconomyJon Sundbo2013-09-30This illuminating Handbook presents the state of the art in ...ISBN-13:1781004226
8Ethnicity and Race in Association FootballDavid Hassan2017-07-05The relationship between association football, race and ethn...ISBN-13:1351567705
9European Sports LawLars Halgreen2004STANFORD:36105063832039
10Work Rules!Laszlo Bock2015-04-07A New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Daily Te...ISBN-13:1444792377
11EU Sports Law and Breakaway Leagues in FootballKatarina Pijetlovic2015-02-02Katarina Pijetlovic is the first author to address the issue...ISBN-13:9462650489
12ScrumJeff Sutherland2014-08-28The definitive account of the Scrum methodology from its co-...ISBN-13:1448166608
13The Global Fourth WayAndy Hargreaves2012-09-14Learn from global lessons of successful educational change! ...ISBN-13:1452283516
14Excellence through Mind-Brain DevelopmentHarald S. Harung2016-03-03Everyone seeks to attain excellence and happiness in their l...ISBN-13:1317138163
15Staging MobilitiesOle B. Jensen2013-02-21In recent years, the social sciences have taken a 'mobilitie...ISBN-13:041569373X
16Organization TheoryMary Jo Hatch2018-03-15Organization Theory offers a clear and comprehensive introdu...ISBN-13:0198723989
17Empowering Young Female AthletesEva-Carin Lindgren2002STANFORD:36105112793224
18Idraet og sport i den danske oplevelsesokonomi2008ISBN-13:9788770710039
19Leisure, Sports & SocietyKarl Spracklen2013-05-10The way we organise our free time can reveal a great deal ab...ISBN-13:1137329092
20Rethinking Project ManagementErling S. Andersen2008In practice, we see that projects often fail: people disagre...ISBN-13:9780273715474
21Sport Fishery Abstracts1962OSU:32435030554133
22Becoming CentaurMonica Mattfeld2017-04-20In this study of the relationship between men and their hors...ISBN-13:027107972X
23Defining Sustainable Development for Our Common FutureIris Borowy2013-12-04The UN World Commission on Environment and Development, chai...ISBN-13:1135961298
24Willing's Press GuideJames Willing2006UOM:39015062074607
25Willings Press Guide, 2006 Western Europe2006-02-24Now distributed by Thomson Gale, the Willings Press Guide ha...ISBN-13:9780955174544
26User Story MappingJeff Patton2014-09-05User story mapping is a valuable tool for software developme...ISBN-13:1491904887
27Making Sense of SportsEllis Cashmore2010This book looks at sport not just as recreation, but as an i...ISBN-13:0415552206
28The Business of SportsGeorge Foster2006Get the business casebook that scores on all levels! THE BUS...ISBN-13:9780324233841
29Managing Sport DevelopmentEmma Sherry2016-02-12Sport development has become a significant part of the inter...ISBN-13:1317622960
30The Business of SportDarlene Kluka2001-01-01Perspectives offers: the thorough dissemination of sport sci...ISBN-13:9781841260563
31LeadingAlex Ferguson2015-10-06From the winningest soccer coach ever, best known for 27 tri...ISBN-13:0316268097
32Organization TheoryDerek Salman Pugh1997This book spans 70 years of theory from Max Weber's seminal ...ISBN-13:9780140250244
33The Essential AdvantagePaul Leinwand2011Conventional wisdom on strategy is no longer a reliable guid...ISBN-13:1422136515
34Richer Than GodDavid Conn2012-06-07Richer Than God is an authoritative, provocative, investigat...ISBN-13:0857386808
35The Theatre of WarBryan Doerries2015-10-08Classical tragedy is timelessly powerful – not only does i...ISBN-13:1925307190
36Land ManagementErwin Hepperle2012-12-05The European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD) orga...ISBN-13:3728134791
37New Sport Management ReaderJohn Nauright2009This book provides students and scholars with a selection of...NWU:35556039678149
38The Organisation and Governance of Top Football Across Europ...Hallgeir Gammels Ter2011-07-07This book aims to provide an extensive overview of how footb...ISBN-13:1136705333
39Framework for Marketing ManagementKotler2007-09-01ISBN-13:9788131716717
40Sport and Social Exclusion in Global SocietyRamón Spaaij2014-06-27Social exclusion is one of the most pressing challenges in p...ISBN-13:1135075549
1Perspektiv på sport management2004Perspektiv på sport management
2Perspektiv på sport management [Elektronisk resurs]2007Perspektiv på sport management [Elektronisk resurs]
1Perspektiv på Sport ManagementFahlström, Per Göran, Bäckström, Åsa 2004Perspektiv på Sport Management
2Dialogträning på vårdarbetsplatserEklöf, Mats, 1953-, Ahlborg, Gunnar, 1948-, Grill, Christina, Lindgren, Eva-Carin M, 2011Dialogträning på vårdarbetsplatser
3Idrottens akademisering : Kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsfö...Åkesson, Joakim,2010Idrottens akademisering : Kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsfö...
4Idrottens akademisering: kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsför...Åkesson, Joakim,2010Idrottens akademisering: kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsför...

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