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1Perspektiv på sport managementIngela Broberg2004ISBN-13:9789188941633
2Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in SwedenTomas Peterson2018-03-14This edited collection explores the concept of social entrep...ISBN-13:3319724967
3Children's Rights: New Issues, New Themes, New PerspectivesMichael Freeman2018-03-06This collection of essays by a variety of scholars, compiled...ISBN-13:900435882X
4Nordic Elite SportSvein S. Andersen2012Very little research exists on organisation and leadership o...ISBN-13:9788763002455
5Playing as if the World MatteredGabriel Kuhn2015-03-30The world of sports is often associated with commercialism, ...ISBN-13:1629631345
6Norwegian FriluftslivAnnette R. Hofmann2018This book is aimed at an international readership. Friluftsl...ISBN-13:3830988516
7Sport and SocietyBarrie Houlihan2007-12-20Praise for the First Edition: "Barrie Houlihan's astonishing...ISBN-13:1446236994
8Phenomenology and Pedagogy in Physical EducationOyvind Standal2016-01-29Phenomenology is a philosophical approach to the study of co...ISBN-13:1317689100
9Legends Never DieRichard Ian Kimball2017-04-28With every touchdown, home run, and three-pointer, star athl...ISBN-13:0815654057
10Contemporary Tourist ExperienceRichard Sharpley2014-06-23This significant and timely volume aims to provide a focused...ISBN-13:1317605500
11Empowering Young Female AthletesEva-Carin Lindgren2002STANFORD:36105112793224
12The Business of SportsScott Rosner2011-01-07The Business of Sports, Second Edition is a comprehensive co...ISBN-13:0763780782
13Sport and Social Exclusion in Global SocietyRamón Spaaij2014-06-27Social exclusion is one of the most pressing challenges in p...ISBN-13:1135075557
14Routledge Handbook of Sports CoachingPaul Potrac2012Over the last three decades sports coaching has evolved from...ISBN-13:0415782228
15Sports Coaching CulturesKathleen M. Armour2004-07-31'The art of coaching is recognising the situation, recognisi...ISBN-13:113433401X
16Success and Failure of Countries at the Olympic GamesDanyel Reiche2016-07-01The Olympic Games is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event...ISBN-13:131763277X
17Sport Facility ManagementRobert E. Ammon2016-07-15An ideal text for students in sport facility and event manag...ISBN-13:9781935412960
18Making Sense of SportsEllis Cashmore2002-01-04Sports are more important than ever socially, economically a...ISBN-13:1134612672
19British Football & Social ExclusionStephen Wagg2004-09-30This book takes stock of British football at the beginning o...ISBN-13:1135763933
20Phenomenological Approaches to SportIrena Martínková2013-09-13The study of sport is often thought of simply in terms of th...ISBN-13:1135757240
21XBrian Solis2015-10-13Welcome to a new era of business in which your brand is defi...ISBN-13:1118526392
22On SheepAxel Lindén2019-07-09ISBN-13:9781787472709
23Women’s Sport in AfricaJohn Bale2016-04-14In recent decades Africa has emerged as a sporting giant. Th...ISBN-13:1317637658
24An Introduction to Human Resource ManagementNick Wilton2016-04-14Get 12 months FREE access to an interactive eBook* when you ...ISBN-13:1473966116
25Mediatization of Public ServicesThomas Schillemans2012Public services are increasingly delivered by organizations ...ISBN-13:9783631637302
26Understanding girls with attention deficit hyperactivity dis...Kathleen G. Nadeau1999-11-01A ground-breaking book on the needs and issues of girls with...PSU:000046173751
27European Sports LawLars Halgreen2004STANFORD:36105063832039
28Idraet og sport i den danske oplevelsesokonomi2008ISBN-13:9788770710039
29Bibliographic Guide to Education1978... lists publications cataloged by Teachers College, Columb...ISBN-13:9780816168682
30Handbook of Sports StudiesJay Coakley2002This vital new handbook marks the development of sports stud...ISBN-13:9780761949497
31Rethinking Project ManagementErling S. Andersen2008In practice, we see that projects often fail: people disagre...ISBN-13:9780273715474
32Post-Olympism?John Bale2004-07-02The Olympic Games symbolize global cooperation, internationa...ISBN-13:9781859737149
33Sport in Scandinavia and the Nordic CountriesKen Green2018-10-10The Scandinavian and Nordic countries have some of the highe...ISBN-13:1351684582
34Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary EmbolismEdwin J. R. van Beek2009-03-12Dedicated to dealing with a challenging disease, previously ...ISBN-13:9780470744994
35Studying LeadershipDoris Schedlitzki2017-11-27Now in its Second Edition, Studying Leadership continues to ...ISBN-13:1526430959
36The Sustainable City VA. Gospodini2008of the present without compromising the ability of future ge...ISBN-13:1845641280
37Learning as TransformationJack Mezirow2000-10-05"Provocative and illuminating, this book is a must read for ...UOM:39015050302515
38Willing's Press GuideJames Willing1999Coverage of publications outside the UK and in non-English l...UOM:39015046781483
39Willings Press Guide, 2006 Western Europe2006-02-24Now distributed by Thomson Gale, the Willings Press Guide ha...ISBN-13:9780955174544
40Consuming Football in Late Modern LifeKevin Dixon2016-05-23Consuming Football in Late Modern Life explores the phenomen...ISBN-13:1317161149
1Perspektiv på sport managementPerspektiv på sport management
2Perspektiv på sport management [Elektronisk resurs]Perspektiv på sport management [Elektronisk resurs]
1Perspektiv på Sport ManagementFahlström, Per Göran, Bäckström, Åsa 2004Perspektiv på Sport Management
2Dialogträning på vårdarbetsplatserEklöf, Mats, 1953-, Ahlborg, Gunnar, 1948-, Grill, Christina, Lindgren, Eva-Carin M, 2011Dialogträning på vårdarbetsplatser
3Idrottens akademisering : kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsfö...Åkesson, Joakim,2010Idrottens akademisering : kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsfö...
4Idrottens akademisering: kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsför...Åkesson, Joakim,2010Idrottens akademisering: kunskapsproduktion och kunskapsför...

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