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1Motivational WorkPer Revstedt2015-02-06In part four of Motivational Work the theory is deepened. It...ISBN-13:9781500949235
2Ingen er håbløsPer Revstedt1994OCLC:769294228
3MotivationsarbetePer Revstedt1995ISBN-13:9789147054367
4Strategies for Work with Involuntary ClientsRonald H. Rooney2018-05-01Often in their careers, social workers will encounter client...ISBN-13:0231544286
5No Fighting, No Biting, No ScreamingBo Hejlskov Elvén2010-09-15Fighting, biting, screaming and other behaviours that challe...ISBN-13:0857003224
6Lærebog i kultur- og aktivitetsfag2010ISBN-13:9788762809239
7Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama1974UOM:39015035483372
8Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry1976UOM:39015029505214
9Sagsbehandler på rette kursKatja Balslev Nielsen2016-09-30Når sagsbehandleren arbejder empowerment-orienteret med sig...ISBN-13:8750044583
11The Hidden Gifts of CancerAnna Lind2019-01-31ISBN-13:9781793407467
13Sozialhilfe in Schweden und DeutschlandUwe Schwarze2012-07-10Der Band beinhaltet eine vergleichende empirische Studie zur...ISBN-13:3531188275
14Strategies for Work With Involuntary ClientsRonald H. Rooney2009-01-28Involuntary clients are required to see a professional, such...ISBN-13:9780231519519
15Microsystems for PharmatechnologyAndreas Dietzel2016-01-22This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review ...ISBN-13:3319269208
16Bioprocess Engineering PrinciplesPauline M. Doran1995-04-03The emergence and refinement of techniques in molecular biol...ISBN-13:9780080528120
17Bioreactors for Tissue EngineeringJulian Chaudhuri2006-01-16For the first time in a single volume, the design, character...ISBN-13:1402037414
18Svensk psykologisk bibliografi1989MINN:31951P00061105O
19Algal Biorefinery: An Integrated ApproachDebabrata Das2015-11-30This book critically discusses different aspects of algal pr...ISBN-13:3319228137
20Impingement Jet Cooling in Gas TurbinesR.S. Amano2014-05-28Due to the requirement for enhanced cooling technologies on ...ISBN-13:1845649060
21Numerical SimulationRicardo Lopez-Ruiz2016-08-24Nowadays mathematical modeling and numerical simulations pla...ISBN-13:9535125648
22International Aerospace Abstracts1998STANFORD:36105021106708
24Handbook of Industrial MixingEdward L. Paul2004-02-17Handbook of Industrial Mixing will explain the difference an...ISBN-13:0471451444
25Fluid-Structure InteractionHans-Joachim Bungartz2007-06-24This volume in the series Lecture Notes in Computational Sci...ISBN-13:3540345965
26NanoemulsionsSeid Mahdi Jafari2018-02-24Nanoemulsions: Formulation, Applications, and Characterizati...ISBN-13:0128118393
27Food Process Engineering and TechnologyZeki Berk2013-06-08The past 30 years have seen the establishment of food engine...ISBN-13:0124159869
28Food MixingP. J. Cullen2009-07-21The mixing of liquids, solids and gases is one of the most c...ISBN-13:9781444309881
29VipIMAGE 2017João Manuel R.S. Tavares2017-10-12This book gathers papers presented at the VipIMAGE 2017-VI E...ISBN-13:3319681958
30Multiphase reacting flows: modelling and simulationDaniele L. Marchisio2007-10-16This book describes the most widely applicable modeling appr...ISBN-13:3211724648
31Food EmulsionsDavid Julian McClements2015-08-21Continuing the mission of the first two editions, Food Emuls...ISBN-13:1498726690
32Chemical Reactor ModelingHugo A. Jakobsen2014-04-02Chemical Reactor Modeling closes the gap between Chemical Re...ISBN-13:3319050923
33Nanoencapsulation Technologies for the Food and Nutraceutica...Seid Mahdi Jafari2017-04-11Nanoencapsulation Technologies for the Food and Nutraceutica...ISBN-13:0128113642
34The Mechanics of the CirculationC. G. Caro2012This classic book outlines the anatomy and physiology of the...ISBN-13:0521151775
35Modern Aspects of Emulsion ScienceBernard P Binks2007-10-31Emulsions occur either as end products or during the process...ISBN-13:1847551475
36Handbook of Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyShayne Cox Gad2007-05-25A practical overview of a full rangeof approaches to discove...ISBN-13:9780470117101
37Materials in Marine TechnologyRobert L. Reuben2012-12-06Materials in Marine Technology covers the important aspects ...ISBN-13:1447120116
38Solid-State Fermentation BioreactorsDavid A. Mitchell2006-08-02This concise professional reference provides a fundamental f...ISBN-13:3540312862
39Fluid Mixing and Gas Dispersion in Agitated TanksGary B. Tatterson1991This book covers the essentials of fluid mechanics and expla...UOM:39015021847374
40Vortex Formation in the Cardiovascular SystemArash Kheradvar2012-02-01Vortex Formation in the Cardiovascular System will recapitul...ISBN-13:1447122879
1Motivationsarbete : [teori och värderingar, relation med kl...Revstedt, Per, 1946-2014Motivationsarbete : [teori och värderingar, relation med kl...
2MotivationsarbeteRevstedt, Per, 1946-2002Motivationsarbete
3Motivationsarbete [Ljudupptagning]Revstedt, Per2004Motivationsarbete [Ljudupptagning]
4Motivationsarbete [Elektronisk resurs]Revstedt, Per1998Motivationsarbete [Elektronisk resurs]
5Motivationsarbete [Elektronisk resurs] [teori och värdering...Revstedt, Per2014Motivationsarbete [Elektronisk resurs] [teori och värdering...
6MotivationsarbeteRevstedt, Per, 1946-1995Motivationsarbete
7MotivationsarbeteRevstedt, Per, 1946-1986Motivationsarbete
8MotivationsarbeteRevstedt, Per, 1946-2000Motivationsarbete
9Ingen er håbløs : motivationsarbejde i teori og praksisRevstedt, Per, 1946-1994Ingen er håbløs : motivationsarbejde i teori og praksis
10MotivationsarbejdeRevstedt, Per, 1946-cop. 2001Motivationsarbejde
11MotivationsarbejdeRevstedt, Per, 1946-2004Motivationsarbejde
12Varför kommer de inte och vad händer sedan? : en efterunde...Nordström, Tommy1975Varför kommer de inte och vad händer sedan? : en efterunde...
1A Reduced Model for Glass Structures Subjected to Dynamic Im...Fröling, Maria Persson, Kent Austrell, Per Erik Persson, K. A Reduced Model for Glass Structures Subjected to Dynamic Im...
2A numerical study of vortex-induced vibrations (viv) in an e...Lorentzon, Johan Austrell, Per Erik Szász, Robert-Zoltán Revstedt, Johan A numerical study of vortex-induced vibrations (viv) in an e...
3Vortex-ring mixing as a measure of diastolic function of the...Töger, Johannes Kanski, Mikael Arvidsson, Per Carlsson, Marcus Vortex-ring mixing as a measure of diastolic function of the...

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