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1The Meaning of MeaningCharles Kay Ogden1923UCSC:32106013112179
2Norms, Logics and Information SystemsPaul McNamara1999This book presents research in an interdisciplinary field, r...ISBN-13:9789051994278
3A Real MindPatricia Mindus2009-09-18This comprehensive presentation of Axel Hägerström (1868-1...ISBN-13:9789048128952
4PublicationsStatsvetenskapliga föreningen i Uppsala1971UOM:39015039287332
5Language, Cohesion and FormMargaret Masterman2005-01-16Margaret Masterman was a pioneer in the field of computation...ISBN-13:9781139447058
6Encyclopedia of Communication TheoryStephen W. Littlejohn2009-08-18With more than 300 entries, these two volumes provide a one-...ISBN-13:1506319149
7Analysis of Dis/agreement - with particular reference to Law...S. Eng2013-03-09In order to determine whether two participants in a discussi...ISBN-13:9401703817
8HandlingarKungl. Vetenskaps- och vitterhets-samhället i Göteborg1943STANFORD:36105015351310
9The System of Basic EnglishCharles Kay Ogden1934STANFORD:36105010251838
10Principia MathematicaAlfred North Whitehead1912UOM:39015002922899
11Symbolization and fictional referenceHans Regnéll1949UCAL:B3929521
12Is That a Fish in Your Ear?David Bellos2011-10-11A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 One of The Economist'...ISBN-13:0865478724
13Cognitive TechnologyJ.L. Mey1995-12-01In this book the editors have gathered a number of contribut...ISBN-13:9780080529318
14Cultural TechniquesBernhard Siegert2015"This volume designates a shift within posthumanistic media ...ISBN-13:0823263754
15Through the Language GlassGuy Deutscher2010-08-31A masterpiece of linguistics scholarship, at once erudite an...ISBN-13:9781429970112
16Language and Meaning in the Age of ModernismJames McElvenny2017-11-22This book explores the influential currents in the philosoph...ISBN-13:1474425046
17Comfort Theory and PracticeKatharine Kolcaba, PhD, RN, C2003I am most excited and impressed with the scope and focus of ...ISBN-13:9780826116338
18How to Lie with StatisticsDarrell Huff2010-12-07Over Half a Million Copies Sold--an Honest-to-Goodness Bests...ISBN-13:9780393070873
19The Symbol TheoryNorbert Elias1991-09-06In The Symbol Theory, Norbert Elias draws together three cen...ISBN-13:9780803984196
20Truth and ToleranceJoseph Cardinal Ratzinger2016-12-19Is truth knowable? If we know the truth, must we hide it in ...ISBN-13:1681496062
21An Historical Syntax of the English LanguageF. Th Visser1963
22Emotiv betydelse och evaluering i textPer Holmberg2002UOM:39015042956709
23When the Earth Was FlatDirk L. Couprie2018-11-01This book is a sequel to Heaven and Earth in Ancient Greek C...ISBN-13:3319970526
24Ludwig WittgensteinRay Monk2012-03-31'Monk's energetic enterprise is remarkable for the interweav...ISBN-13:1448112672
25Classics of SemioticsMartin Krampen2013-06-29This book is designed to usher the reader into the realm of ...ISBN-13:1475797001
26An Essay on ManErnst Cassirer1972Drawing upon a wealth of scientific, anthropological and his...ISBN-13:9780300000344
27Natursymboler i svenska lyrik från Nyromantiken till Karlfe...Peter Hallberg1951WISC:89009562059
28National Union CatalogLibrary of Congress (Washington, D.C.)197800280348
29SkrifterStatsvetenskapliga föreningen i Uppsala1971STANFORD:36105027865091
30Filosofiska studier utgivna av Filosofiska föreningen och F...Bo Petersson1973UCAL:$B5982
31National Union Catalog1970Includes entries for maps and atlases.UOM:39015082927073
32View of the HebrewsEthan Smith1823An attempt to identify the lost tribes of Israel with the No...HARVARD:AH3M5I
33Skrifter utgivna av Statsvetenskaplige foriningen i Uppsala1971UCAL:$B625659
34Moderna språk1985UOM:39015019055691
35Metaphors and Norms - Understanding Copyright Law in a Digit...2011ISBN-13:9172673354
36New Dictionary of the History of IdeasMaryanne Cline Horowitz2005ISBN-13:9780684313771
37History of the Swedes of IllinoisErnst W. Olson1908ISBN-13:5879573214
38Natursymboler i svensk lyrik från nyromantiken till Karlfel...Peter Hallberg1951UOM:39015030000965
39Making Healthy PlacesAndrew L. Dannenberg2012-09-18The environment that we construct affects both humans and ou...ISBN-13:1610910362
40Problems of RationalityDonald Davidson2004-03-25Donald Davidson's unified theory of the interpretation of th...ISBN-13:0198237545

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