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2OTIPM Occupational Therapy Intervention Process ModelAnne G. Fisher2017-11-17Die Sichtweise und Ziele des Klienten zu respektieren und zu...ISBN-13:3824811790
3Ergotherapie sucht TopmodelleEsther Scholz-Minkwitz2013-10-22ISBN-13:3824810131
4Bewegungsstörungen der oberen Extremität bei KindernJörg Bahm2017-07-27Dieses Buch beschreibt Krankheitsbilder und Therapien von Be...ISBN-13:366250426X
5Ergotherapie in der PädiatrieAstrid Baumgarten2016-04-29Die allgemeinen gesellschaftlichen und berufsspezifischen En...ISBN-13:3824811634
6PEAP Pädiatrisches Ergotherapeutisches Assessment & Prozess...Elke Kraus2015-04-10Behandeln Sie Kinder mit unterschiedlichsten Schwierigkeiten...ISBN-13:3824811898
7The Kawa ModelMichael K. Iwama2006"The Kawa (Japanese for river) model uses a familiar metapho...ISBN-13:0443102341
8Model of Human OccupationRenee Taylor2017-03-31Preceded by Model of human occupation: theory and applicatio...ISBN-13:9781451190342
9The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Pr...Jackie Pool2002This revised edition expands the use of the Pool Activity Le...ISBN-13:1843100800
10Occupational Therapy Intervention Process ModelAnne G. Fisher2009Med bidrag fra Lou Ann GriswoldISBN-13:9780977430154
11Occupational Therapy in Mental HealthCatana Brown2010-09-01This Client-centered, recovery-oriented text gives voice to ...ISBN-13:0803625103
12Introduction to occupation : the art and science of living ;...Charles H. Christiansen2011The second edition of Introduction to Occupation: The Art an...ISBN-13:9780132376846
13Conceptual Foundations of Occupational Therapy PracticeGary Kielhofner2009-06-19PREPARE YOUR OT STUDENTS TO BECOME OT THINKERS. Thoroughly r...ISBN-13:0803623488
14Enabling Occupation IIElizabeth A. Townsend2013ISBN-13:9781895437898
15Research in Occupational TherapyGary Kielhofner2006Provides a practical approach for Occupational Therapy stude...ISBN-13:9780803615250
16Occupation-based Activity AnalysisHeather Thomas2011-07-15Activity Analysis is an essential skill to occupational ther...ISBN-13:1556429460
17The Playboy DoctorSarah Morgan2002ISBN-13:9780263830743
18Enabling OccupationElizabeth Townsend2002ISBN-13:9781895437584
19Model of Human OccupationGary Kielhofner2008Model of Human Occupation, Fourth Edition offers a complete ...ISBN-13:9780781769969
20Occupational Therapy and ErgonomicsFranklin Stein2006-05-18This practical book describes how the principles of ergonomi...ISBN-13:9781861565044
21Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium & FaceAlain Gehin1985-01-01With more than one hundred illustrated techniques, Atlas of ...UOM:39015011064097
22Behavioral Consultation and Primary CarePatricia J. Robinson2015-10-20“In this 2nd edition, Robinson and Reiter give us an updat...ISBN-13:3319139541
23Medicare Made EasyWilliam Wells2013-12-01Medicare Made Easy describes the nuts and bolts of Medicare ...
24Perspectives on Human OccupationsJim Hinojosa2017-04-21Explore OT from multiple perspectives…from theory to pract...ISBN-13:0803659199
25Measuring Occupational PerformanceMary Law2016-10-15As the profession of occupational therapy continues to matur...ISBN-13:9781630910266
26The Housing EnablerSusanne Iwarsson2001ISBN-13:9789163111136
27Clinical and Professional Reasoning in Occupational TherapyBarbara A. Boyt Schell2008This comprehensive textbook lets readers develop the strong ...ISBN-13:9780781759144
28Hand and Upper Extremity Splinting2005This updated version includes the basic concepts and princip...ISBN-13:9780801675225
29Activity AnalysisGayle Ilene Hersch2005-01-01To respond to the renewed focus by the occupational therapy ...ISBN-13:9781556426766
30Meaningful Living Across the Lifespan: Occupation-Based Inte...Nick Pollard2015-02-09In this book, Ikiugu and Pollard explore the notion of meani...ISBN-13:9781861771377
31Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Occupat...Alison Laver Fawcett2013-03-15This textbook on assessment and outcome measurement is writt...ISBN-13:1118709691
32Introduction to ResearchElizabeth DePoy2015-03-06Bridge the gap between research and practice with Introducti...ISBN-13:0323261728
33Occupational Therapy with Borderline PatientsDiane Gibson1983-01-01This volume discusses and reviews the current knowledge in t...ISBN-13:9780866562621
34Anatomy and Human MovementNigel Palastanga2013-10-22Anatomy and Human Movement: Structure and Function, Second E...ISBN-13:1483141128
35Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants –Jean W. Solomon2015-09-14Learn to provide effective therapy for children and adolesce...ISBN-13:0323394299
36Occupational TherapyCharles H. Christiansen2014-12Occupational Therapy: Performance, Participation, and Well-B...ISBN-13:9781617110504
37The Simpsons HandbookMatt Groening2007-05-31An instructional tribute to hand-drawn animation provides co...UCSD:31822034646588
38AndalusJason Webster2010-08-03As Islam and the West prepare to clash once again, Jason Web...ISBN-13:1407094815
39Mothering OccupationsSusan A. Esdaile2003-10-17This Print on Demand title is available exclusively through ...ISBN-13:9780803611054
40Occupational TherapyLorraine Williams Pedretti2001Now authored by two outstanding occupational therapy experts...ISBN-13:9780323007658
1OTIPM [Elektronisk resurs] : en modell för ett professionel...Fisher, Anne G.2014OTIPM [Elektronisk resurs] : en modell för ett professionel...
2OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., 1946-OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
3OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., 1946-2008OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
4OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., 1946-OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
1OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., Nyman, Anneli, 2008OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
2OTIPM : En modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., Nyman, Anneli, 2007OTIPM : En modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
3OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...Fisher, Anne G., Nyman, Anneli, 2011OTIPM : en modell för ett professionellt resonemang som fr...
4Hållbart förbättringsarbete med fokus på arbetsterapi oc...Sirkka, Marianne,2016Hållbart förbättringsarbete med fokus på arbetsterapi oc...

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