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1The Routledge Companion to Arts MarketingDaragh O'Reilly2013-12-17The relationship between the arts and marketing has been gro...ISBN-13:1135012210
2Memorable Customer ExperiencesJoëlle Vanhamme2016-04-22Experiential marketing - or memorable customer experiences -...ISBN-13:1317097874
3Music, Movies, Meanings, and MarketsMorris Holbrook2012-01-25Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets: Cinemajazzamatazz focu...ISBN-13:1136715762
4Consumer ResearchMorris B. Holbrook1995-06-09This collection of essays provides a personal, thought-provo...ISBN-13:1452247439
5Review of Marketing ResearchNaresh K. Malhotra2008-11-01Contains articles by marketing field's researchers and acade...ISBN-13:0857247271
6Legends in Consumer BehaviorJagdish N. Sheth2015-04-08The Legends in Consumer Behavior series captures the essence...ISBN-13:9788132118602
7Qualitative Research in Marketing and ManagementChris Hackley2019-12-19This is a practical and accessible, yet sophisticated introd...ISBN-13:0429822790
8Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2020Julia Neidhardt2019-12-16Gathering the outcomes of the 27th annual international eTou...ISBN-13:3030367371
9Encyclopedia of Consumer CultureDale Southerton2011-09-15The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture covers con...ISBN-13:0872896013
10Autoethnography as MethodHeewon Chang2016-07-01This methods book will guide the reader through the process ...ISBN-13:1315433354
11Celebrity Fans and Their Consumer BehaviourMarkus Wohlfeil2018-01-29Ever since the dawn of the Hollywood star system in the earl...ISBN-13:1351173464
12Inclusion, Equity and Access for Individuals with Disabiliti...Santoshi Halder2019-03-02The book provides multiple perspectives and insights on the ...ISBN-13:9811359628
13Compassion and Empathy in Educational ContextsGeorgina Barton2019-07-17This book explores the importance of compassion and empathy ...ISBN-13:3030189252
14Consumer ValueMorris Holbrook2002-03-11As shoppers, what factors influence our decision to purchase...ISBN-13:1134652852
15I Shop, Therefore I AmApril Lane Benson2000This volume examines a rapidly emerging public health proble...ISBN-13:9780765702425
16Asia Pacific Management Review2007UCSD:31822036706661
17Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in MarketingRussell W. Belk2007A rare and much needed compilation of some thought-provoking...ISBN-13:1847204120
18Consumer ResearchStephen Brown2005-06-23Consumer Research: Postcards from the Edge is a collection o...ISBN-13:1134690029
19The Tourist GazeJohn Urry2002-03-29This is a fully revised edition of the groundbreaking study ...ISBN-13:9780761973478
20SAGE Qualitative Research MethodsPaul Atkinson2010-11-17SAGE has been a major force shaping the field of qualitative...ISBN-13:1446275701
21Cycling FuturesJennifer Bonham2015-12-04The focus of the first half of the book is largely on the cu...ISBN-13:1925261174
22Composing EthnographyCarolyn Ellis1996-08-27What is it like to have lived with bulimia for most of your ...ISBN-13:0759117640
23I, AvatarMark Stephen Meadows2007-12-27What is an avatar? Why are there nearly a billion of them, a...ISBN-13:9780132704861
24NetnographyRobert V Kozinets2015-06-18Social media and Internet data offer rich opportunities and ...ISBN-13:147392703X
25Qualitative Marketing ResearchJohanna Moisander2006-05-11Aimed at both graduate and undergraduate students majoring i...ISBN-13:1446233057
26Traversing the DoctorateTanya M. Machin2019-10-02This book explores the multiple ways in which doctoral progr...ISBN-13:9783030237301
27The Ethnographic ICarolyn Ellis2004Carolyn Ellis, the leading proponent of autoethnography, wea...ISBN-13:0759100519
28Time, Space, and the MarketStephen Brown2014-12-18A study of retroscapes, commercial environments that evoke p...ISBN-13:1317453581
29Posthumanism and Higher EducationCarol A. Taylor2019-04-17This book explores ways in which posthumanist and new materi...ISBN-13:3030146723
30The Semiotics of ConsumptionMorris B. Holbrook1993-01-01ISBN-13:3110854732
31Queer Methods and MethodologiesCatherine J. Nash2016-04-15Queer Methods and Methodologies provides the first systemati...ISBN-13:1317072677
32The New Luxury ExperienceWided Batat2019-04-29This professional book introduces marketing and luxury brand...ISBN-13:3030016714
33Reconnecting Marketing to MarketsLuis Araujo2010-12-09The historical link between marketing and markets, prevalent...ISBN-13:0191501441
34The SAGE Handbook of Interview ResearchJaber F. Gubrium2012-02-14The new edition of this landmark volume emphasizes the dynam...ISBN-13:1483305694
35Business Innovation and Development in Emerging EconomiesIrwan Trinugroho2019-05-22Business Innovation driven by the advancement of technology ...ISBN-13:0429781822
36The Tourist as a Metaphor of the Social WorldGraham Dann2002This book contains a selection of papers from the prestigiou...ISBN-13:9780851997612
37New Directions in Music and Human-Computer InteractionSimon Holland2019-02-06Computing is transforming how we interact with music. New th...ISBN-13:3319920693
38The theory of buyer behaviorJohn A. Howard1969STANFORD:36105033799292
39Great FlicksDean Keith Simonton2011-02-23The following chapters focus on specific contributions to a ...ISBN-13:0199752036
40Arts MarketingFinola Kerrigan2007-03-30Arts Marketing focuses on a variety of sectors within the ar...ISBN-13:1136428259

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