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1Napoleon's MarshalsDavid G. Chandler2000Few military careers have rivalled the drama of those 26 off...ISBN-13:9780304352548
2Napoleon's MarshalsR. F. Delderfield2002-03-04The masterful saga of Bonaparte's twenty-six military Marsha...ISBN-13:1461661196
3U.S. MarshalsMike Earp2014-05-13Blending history and memoir, retired U.S. Marshal Mike Earp...ISBN-13:0062227262
4Forging the StarDavid S. Turk2016-08-15What do diverse events such as the integration of the Univer...ISBN-13:1574416545
5Alexander's MarshalsWaldemar Heckel2016-08-05This substantially revised and updated second edition of The...ISBN-13:1317389220
6U.S. Marshals ServiceUnited States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice1985LOC:00183854914
7The Marshals of Alexander's EmpireWaldemar Heckel2005-10-26This book presents for the first time in English a detailed ...ISBN-13:1134942656
8United States Marshals Service then ... and nowUnited States. Marshals Service. Office of the Director1978PURD:32754075291918
9Napoleon and His MarshalsJoel Tyler Headley1846NYPL:33433071377885
10The British Field MarshalsT A Heathcote2012-10-24Whether any advantage or benefit will be drawn from the susp...ISBN-13:1783461411
11Napoleon's MarshalsRichard P. Dunn-Pattinson2010This study of the former Brititish soldier and historian Ric...ISBN-13:3867414297
12The United States Marshals of New Mexico and Arizona Territo...Larry D. Ball1982-02-01This classic history of frontier violence and law enforcemen...ISBN-13:9780826306173
13Deadly ForceCarsten Stroud2012-02-22A riveting and disturbing true account of Federal Marshal Lu...ISBN-13:0307815293
14U.S. MarshalsMax Allan Collins1998United States Marshal Sam Gerard and the CIA try to track do...ISBN-13:9780425164389
15One Marshal's BadgeLouie McKinney2009-09-30While many people are familiar with the U.S. Marshals Servic...ISBN-13:159797367X
16Lady Marshals1991-06-15History of the Marshall County High School basketball team.ISBN-13:9781563110160
17Even Marshals Hang!Sam Clancy2017-07-01'They'll send him next,' Perry croaked again. 'He'll come an...ISBN-13:0719824044
18Retired United States Marshals Association Millennium Histor...2001ISBN-13:1563116332
19Napoleon and His Marshals (Two Volumes in One)Joel T. Headley2011-12-01Within the reign of Napoleon still in the living memory of s...ISBN-13:1616405627
20Hitler's Field Marshals and Their BattlesSamuel W. Mitcham1990World War II historian Mitcham provides extensive summaries ...ISBN-13:9780815411307
21Forget Me NotGloria Marshall2004-03-17In March of 2001, my husband of 55 years died after sufferin...ISBN-13:0974970166
22MarshalsD. P. Filippi2016-04-06The city planet of Iriu is run by various consortiums and cl...ISBN-13:9781594651403
23U. S. MarshalsStephen Lord2010-11U.S. Marshals should possess certain minimum characteristics...ISBN-13:1437925529
24Western LawmenJim Fulbright2015-06-01The documented years/dates of service for U. S. Marshals and...ISBN-13:9780966403985
25Napoleon's Peninsular MarshalsRichard Humble1974IND:32000007514237
26The MarshalsB. Matthew Aitken2013-05-07In 1869, LL Jacobs was a young man and second generation New...ISBN-13:9781622954834
27Constables, Marshals, and MoreLorie Rubenser2011Most students of criminal justice, and the general public, t...ISBN-13:1574413279
28United States Marshals Service Asset Forfeiture Contacts1998IND:30000057003307
29Federal MarshalsC.M. Johnson2017-12-16Each Origins: Whodunnit: Law Enforcement eShort is a single ...ISBN-13:1684442141
30Index of U.S. Marshals, 1789-1960Virgil D. White1988ISBN-13:9780945099079
31Napoleon's marshalsRichard Phillipson Dunn-PattisonISBN-13:5518450745
32United States Marshals Service's Oversight of Its Judicial F...Glenn A. Fine2011-04ISBN-13:1437943225
33The U.S. Marshals ServiceConnie Colwell Miller2008-01-01"Describes the U.S. Marshals and their role in finding and a...ISBN-13:1429612770
34Napoleon and his marshalsJ.T.HeadleyISBN-13:1171673272
35Public defender's handbookUnited States. Marshals Service. Business Services Division1997PURD:32754067976849
36Napoleon and the marshalsEdward MeeksNapoleon and the marshals of the empire.ISBN-13:551853020X
37Twisted and TiedMary Calmes2018-03-13Can Deputy US marshal Miro Jones and his partner Ian Doyle g...ISBN-13:1640801723
38Failure In Independent Tactical Command: Napoleon’s Marsha...Major John M. Keefe2015-11-06This monograph offers a new perspective on an old subject. T...ISBN-13:1782899979
39140 Jewish Marshals, Generals & AdmiralsEli Rubin1952MINN:31951001498219Q
40Managers & supervisors handbookUnited States. Marshals Service. Personnel Management Division1985PURD:32754067718084
1MarshalsVelasco, Francisco RuisMarshals
2Napoleon's marshalsYoung, Peter, 1915-19881973Napoleon's marshals
3Napoleon's Marshals [Elektronisk resurs]Delderfield, R.F.(2002Napoleon's Marshals [Elektronisk resurs]
4Napoleon's marshals1987Napoleon's marshals
5Moltke and his generals : a study in leadershipBarry, Quintin,Moltke and his generals : a study in leadership
6Napoleon's marshals1986Napoleon's marshals
7Napoleon's marshals : [Illustr.]Pattison, R P Dunn-1909Napoleon's marshals : [Illustr.]
8The armies of the first French Republic : and the rise of th...Phipps, Ramsay Weston, 1838-1923.©2011The armies of the first French Republic : and the rise of th...
9Even Marshals Hang! [Elektronisk resurs]Clancy, Sam2017Even Marshals Hang! [Elektronisk resurs]
10Pétain : hero or traitor : the untold storyLottman, Herbert R., 1927-1985Pétain : hero or traitor : the untold story
11The air marshalsAndrews, Allen1970The air marshals
12The Marshal's baton [Elektronisk resurs] : there is no bomb,...Christensen, Svend Aage, 1942-c2009The Marshal's baton [Elektronisk resurs] : there is no bomb,...
13The two marshals : Bazaine, PétainGuedalla, Philip[1943]The two marshals : Bazaine, Pétain
14Guides and marshals : an essay on words and imaginative orde...Hamilton, George Rostrevor, 1888-1956Guides and marshals : an essay on words and imaginative orde...
15Napoleon's Peninsular marshalsHumble, Richard1973Napoleon's Peninsular marshals
16Moltke and the German wars, 1864-1871Bucholz, Arden2001Moltke and the German wars, 1864-1871
17The end of the Third ReichČujkov, Vasilij Ivanovič, 1900-19821978The end of the Third Reich
18Göring : mellan makt och vansinneKnopp, Guido, 1948-2013Göring : mellan makt och vansinne
19Jean de Lattre, mon mariLattre, Simonne de, 1906-20031972Jean de Lattre, mon mari
20Manstein : Hitler's greatest generalMelvin, Mungo2011Manstein : Hitler's greatest general
21Stalins general : Georgij ZjukovRoberts, Geoffrey, 1952-Stalins general : Georgij Zjukov
22Rommel and his art of warRommel, Erwin, 1891-19442003Rommel and his art of war
23Generalfeldmarschall Prinz Leopold von BayernWolbe, Eugen, 1873-1938.1920Generalfeldmarschall Prinz Leopold von Bayern
24Hitler's field marshals and their battlesMitcham, Samuel W., jr.2001Hitler's field marshals and their battles
25Hitler's field marshals and their battlesMitcham, Samuel W1989Hitler's field marshals and their battles
26A catalogue of the Earl Marshal's papers at Arundel CastleSteer, Francis W., 1912-19781964A catalogue of the Earl Marshal's papers at Arundel Castle
27Bussaco, 1810 : Wellington defeats Napoleon's MarshalsChartrand, René2001Bussaco, 1810 : Wellington defeats Napoleon's Marshals
28Three marshals of France : leadership after traumaClayton, Anthony1992Three marshals of France : leadership after trauma
29Napoleon and his MarshalsMacdonell, Archibald Gordon1934Napoleon and his Marshals
30Mr Marshal's flower album : from the Royal Library at Windso...Marshal, Alexander1985Mr Marshal's flower album : from the Royal Library at Windso...
31Mr Marshal's flower book : being a compendium of the flowers...Marshal, Alexander.2008Mr Marshal's flower book : being a compendium of the flowers...
32The field-marshal's memoirsMasters, John, 1914-1983.1975The field-marshal's memoirs
33The marshal's own caseNabb, MagdalenThe marshal's own case
34Daran erkenn' ich meine Pappenheimer : Gottfried Heinrich zu...©2014Daran erkenn' ich meine Pappenheimer : Gottfried Heinrich zu...
35Marskalk PilsudskiDe Laval, Erik, 1888-1939Marskalk Pilsudski
36The Marshal's of Alexander's EmpireHeckel, Waldemar1992The Marshal's of Alexander's Empire
37Linii Mannergeĭma [electronic resource] : pisʹma i dokume...Ioffe, Ėleonora.2005Linii Mannergeĭma [electronic resource] : pisʹma i dokume...
38Linii Mannergejma : pisʹma i dokumenty, tajny i otkrytijaIoffe, Ėleonora.2017Linii Mannergejma : pisʹma i dokumenty, tajny i otkrytija
39Erich von Manstein : Hitler's master strategistLemay, Benoît.c2010Erich von Manstein : Hitler's master strategist
40Myten RommelRemy, Maurice Philip2010Myten Rommel
1The masculine image of a great power - Representations ot Sw...Stadin, Kekke,The masculine image of a great power - Representations ot Sw...
2Nothing gets done and no one knows why : PCS and workplace c...Carter, Bob, Danford, Andy, Howcroft, Debra, Richardson, Helen, Nothing gets done and no one knows why : PCS and workplace c...

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