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1Clinical Evoked PotentialsOmkar N. Markand2020-03-16This book covers all aspects of evoked potentials (EPs) util...ISBN-13:9783030369545
2CounterpointMarkand Thakar1990Counterpoint manuals have long been central to the music edu...ISBN-13:9780300046380
3Read Mark and LearnDerek Tovey2014-01-22Mark's Gospel ends in an open-ended manner that puzzles many...ISBN-13:1630872881
4Jesus Christ in Matthew, Mark, and LukeJack Dean Kingsbury2002-06-07Written to Supplement the Proclamation Commentaries volumes,...ISBN-13:157910987X
5The Ransom Logion in Mark and MatthewJ. Christopher Edwards2012Revised thesis (doctoral) - University of St. Andrews, 2011....ISBN-13:9783161517808
6Jesus, Mark and QMichael Labahn2001-01-06The first part of this collection is devoted to one of the k...ISBN-13:0567189619
7Men of Smithfield: Mark and TonyL.B. Gregg2012-08-06Coming home from work to find my boyfriend banging our hairy...ISBN-13:1426894171
8Mark and its SubalternsDavid Joy2014-12-18This book offers a fresh appraisal of the identity and invol...ISBN-13:1317490703
9Men of Mark and Representative Citizens of Harrisonburg and ...John W. Wayland2009-06-01In 1850 and again in 1860, the U.S. government carried out a...ISBN-13:0806348348
10Mark and EmpireLaurel Cobb2014-04-10Laurel Cobb's career of social work and advocacy on behalf of the disadvantaged in emerging countries around the globe inform this powerful book on the Gospel of Mark. Cobb combines academic insights into scripture with personal experiences of social inequities and a strongly articulated argument for resistance against Empire (then and now) as a crucial component of any life of Christian discipleship.
Using her personal experiences of faith, economic struggle in the face of a globalized consumer culture dictated from the United States, and gender inequality, Cobb asks the reader to view one's own responsibilities to a world in need of resistance against imperial power in all its forms through the lens of Mark's Gospel; such reisitance is needed today as much as when Jesus stood against Empire twenty centuries ago.">"The journey to Galilee, where Mark's Jesus said he would me...
11Mark and PaulEve-Marie Becker2014-05-08This volume brings together an international group of schola...ISBN-13:311031469X
12Mark and the Mystic MarbleWill Kalinke2010-12-30A marble is just a marbleunless its a magic marble. And a tr...ISBN-13:1426949936
13St. Mark's and the Social GospelEllen Blue2011-12-15The impact of St. Mark’s Community Center and United Metho...ISBN-13:1572338245
14A Common Written Greek Source for Mark and ThomasJohn Horman2011-02-25This book uncovers an early collection of sayings, called N,...ISBN-13:1554582423
15Mark and LivyResa Willis2004-06-01Olivia Langdon Clemens was not only the love of Mark Twain's...ISBN-13:113593682X
16An exposition of the Gospels of st. Matthew and st. Mark, an...Richard Watson1833OXFORD:600042438
17Mark and GusFrank Anthony2012An anthology of Anthony's original 10 stories as they appear...ISBN-13:0473210037
18Mark and Luke in Poststructuralist PerspectivesStephen D. Moore1992Moore offers a reading of the Gospels of Mark and Luke, appl...ISBN-13:9780300051971
19Jesus, Mark and QAndreas Schmidt2004-12-19The first part of this collection is devoted to one of the k...ISBN-13:9780567042002
20Mark and Pip's Special ChristmasStephanie Locking2007-09-01Nine-year-old Mark and his big sister Pip have a special rel...ISBN-13:1425993168
21A Harmony of the Gospels Matthew, Mark and LukeJean Calvin1994ISBN-13:9780802808028
22Mark and the Mega BuffetMary Wilson2005-08Little Mark requests to have a birthday dinner at the Mega B...ISBN-13:1411641728
23An Illustrated Commentary on the Gospels According to Mark a...Lyman Abbott1877UVA:X000417858
24Mark and John the First and Last GospelsJohn Howard Reid2009-10A radical new translation of the New Testament Gospels of Ma...ISBN-13:0557119219
25Andy & Mark and the Time MachineWilfred Reed2003-02-01In the third book of the series, Andy unveils a scientific b...ISBN-13:0595264964
26Andy and Mark and the Time MachineW. F. Reed2000-06-01Imagine an experiment that goes wrong! You're trying to test...ISBN-13:0595128858
27A Harmony of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and LukeJean Calvin1996-05ISBN-13:9780802808035
28The Ending of Mark and the Ends of GodDonald Juel2005-01-01Among his many contributions to New Testament studies, Donal...ISBN-13:9780664227395
29A Gospel Synopsis of the Greek Text of Matthew, Mark and Luk...Jenny Read-Heimerdinger2014-05-22The aim of Read-Heimerdinger – Rius-Camps' new Gospel Syno...ISBN-13:9004266682
30The Lives of the Apostles, and the Two Evangelists Saint Mar...William Cave1840UOM:39015063631470
31Golf CoursesMichael Bonallack2011A tribute to more than one hundred of the world's most visua...ISBN-13:0789322390
32The Mark and the VoidPaul Murray2015-10-20What links the Investment Bank of Torabundo, www.myhotswaitr...ISBN-13:0374712980
33Like BrothersMark Duplass2018-05-08The multitalented writers, directors, producers, and actors ...ISBN-13:1101967722
34Reports of Patent, Design, Trade Mark, and Other CasesJohn Cutler1908CORNELL:31924064837077
35Report of Proceedings of the Section of Patent, Trade-mark a...American Bar Association Section of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law1944STANFORD:36105061733239
36Mark and MeJay McGwire2010Mark McGwire's brother offers a detailed account of how the ...ISBN-13:9781600783081
37Cry of the KalahariMark Owens2014-04-22“A remarkable story beautifully told…Among such classics...ISBN-13:0544341643
38Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Mar...Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer1873HARVARD:HWBN38
39A Few Notes on the Gospels According to St. Mark and St. Mat...Alexandros Pallēs1903UCAL:$B293693
40The Gospel According to Matthew, Mark and Luke1885HARVARD:HWRTYP
1Counterpoint : fundamentals of music makingThakar, Markandcop. 1990Counterpoint : fundamentals of music making
2Looking for the "harp" quartet : an investigation into music...Thakar, Markand2011Looking for the "harp" quartet : an investigation into music...
3Counterpoint [Elektronisk resurs]Thakar, Markand1990Counterpoint [Elektronisk resurs]
4On the principles and practice of conductingThakar, Markand, 1955-ArrayOn the principles and practice of conducting
5Clinical Evoked Potentials: An Illustrated Manual [Elektroni...Omkar N. Markand2020Clinical Evoked Potentials: An Illustrated Manual [Elektroni...
1Emergency information diffusion on online social media durin...Kim, Johoo, Bae, Juhee, Hastak, Markand, Emergency information diffusion on online social media durin...

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