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1Playing It StraightMindy Blaise2012-11-12In particular, this book uses alternative theoretical perspe...ISBN-13:1136080341
2Inclusive EducationAlfredo J. Artiles2011Despite the impressive growth of inclusive education around ...ISBN-13:9781612501161
3Special Education International PerspectivesAnthony F. Rotatori2014-08-26This volume provides an international perspective on special...ISBN-13:1784410950
4Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood EducationMaarit Alasuutari2014-01-21Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen...ISBN-13:1317817079
5Inclusion: The Dynamic Of School DevelopmentSkidmore, David2004-05-01Inclusion has been adopted as a policy goal in many countrie...ISBN-13:0335227910
6Caring for Children1970UCAL:B4732078
7Adolescents' perceptions of school and reasons for learningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
8Counting Girls OutValerie Walkerdine1998The question about girls' attainment in mathematics is met w...ISBN-13:0750708166
9The Child's Conception of LearningIngrid Pramling1983The main purpose of this study was to trace the development ...UOM:39015010770843
10Education and the Commodity ProblemDennis Beach2007This book relates to research conducted through a series of ...ISBN-13:9781872767727
11Young children grow upLawrence J. Schweinhart1980-12-01UOM:39015000093925
12Examining Pedagogical Content KnowledgeJulie Gess-Newsome2006-04-11This ambitious text is the first of its kind to summarize th...ISBN-13:0306472171
13Technology for Inclusion Special Education, Rehabilitation, ...Sumita Chakraborti Ghosh, Ph.D.2017-11-15This book exclusively differentiates the differences of assi...ISBN-13:1607977567
14Science Literacy in Primary Schools and Pre-SchoolsHaim Eshach2006-08-12This well-written and thought-provoking book presents the st...ISBN-13:140204674X
15Play and Learning in Early Childhood SettingsIngrid Pramling Samuelsson2008-11-14This book represents the outcome of the joint activities of ...ISBN-13:1402084986
16Classroom Discourse and the Space of LearningFerence Marton2004-05-20Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning is about learn...ISBN-13:1135642338
17Handbook of Research in Early Childhood EducationBernard Spodek1982UIUC:30112001942454
18International Perspectives in Curriculum HistoryIvor Goodson2018-10-03Originally published in 1988. The history of curriculum has ...ISBN-13:0429845960
19Action and ExperiencePentti Määttänen1993ISBN-13:9789514107061
20Schoolgirl FictionsValerie Walkerdine1990UVA:X001963330
21Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory a...Dion Sommer2009-12-24Recent decades have seen a growing emphasis, in a number of ...ISBN-13:9789048133161
22The Quality of TeachingW. A. Gatherer1988Emphasis on improving quality through training and staff dev...UOM:39015019118671
23Educational Dimensions of School BuildingsJan Bengtsson2011In all modern societies almost everyone of their citizens ha...ISBN-13:9783631630464
24Globalization and the Welfare StateB. Södersten2004-04-18With contributions from leading thinkers such as J. Bhagwati...ISBN-13:0230524427
25The Teaching of Science in Primary SchoolsWynne Harlen OBE2014-02-03The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools provides essentia...ISBN-13:1317914279
26Governing Children, Families and EducationM. Bloch2016-09-27This is a collection of essays that address the internationa...ISBN-13:113708023X
27Broken TechnologiesFernando Flores2009ISBN-13:9789163336836
28Epistemology and Psychology of FunctionsJ. Piaget1977Years ago, prompted by Grize, Apostel and Papert, we underto...ISBN-13:9789027708045
29The Normalization Principle PapersBengt Nirje1992ISBN-13:9789163014116
30Lesson StudyClea Fernandez2012-09-10Lesson study is a popular professional development approach ...ISBN-13:1135644012
31Doing Discourse AnalysisLinda A. Wood2000-05-11Providing both the practical steps for doing discourse analy...ISBN-13:0803973519
32Children’s Exploration and Cultural FormationMariane HedegaardISBN-13:303036271X
33Feminism and ScienceEvelyn Fox Keller1996-07-25Over the past fifteen years, a new dimension to the analysis...PSU:000032179125
34Elementary Science Teacher EducationKen Appleton2013-12-16Co-Published with the Association For Science Teacher Educat...ISBN-13:1135464170
35Play and Pedagogy in Early ChildhoodSusan Dockett2002OCLC:969720716
36Morality in PracticeJakob Cromdal2014-02-27Issues of morality and children have traditionally been inve...ISBN-13:9781845539290
37Improving the Pedagogy of Islamic Religious Education in Sec...Ayse Demirel Ucan2019-09-17This timely book focusses on the central issues and question...ISBN-13:0429619065
38Girls and MathematicsRosie Walden1985UOM:39015021926764
39Feminist Science EducationAngela Calabrese Barton1998This volume presents a case for liberatory science education...ISBN-13:9780807762936
40Excluding for inclusion?Eva Hjörne2004ISBN-13:9789173465014

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