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1Mathematical Learning and Cognition in Early ChildhoodKatherine M. Robinson2019This book explores mathematical learning and cognition in ea...ISBN-13:3030128954
2Society, Culture, and Technology: Ten Lessons for Educators,...Richard E. FerdigISBN-13:1387741918
3Handbook of Research on K-12 Online and Blended LearningRIchard E. Ferdig2014-12-05The Handbook of Research on K-12 Online and Blended Learning...ISBN-13:1312587083
4Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Educationa...Kidd, Terry2017-04-20Incorporating new methods and approaches in learning environ...ISBN-13:1522524002
5Handbook of Research on Emerging Practices and Methods for K...Heafner, Tina Lane2019-01-11National efforts have been made to encourage technology inte...ISBN-13:1522580107
6Aschehougs konversasjonsleksikon. 5. utgArthur Holmesland1971MINN:31951001009785Y
7Developing Technology-Rich Teacher Education Programs: Key I...Polly, Drew2012-01-31"This book offers professional teacher educators a rare oppo...ISBN-13:1466600152
8Young Children and Families in the Information AgeKelly L. Heider2014-12-05This edited book presents the most recent theory, research a...ISBN-13:9401791848
9Understanding Tablets from Early Childhood to AdulthoodRhonda McEwen2017-05-18Understanding Tablets from Early Childhood to Adulthood offe...ISBN-13:1315389460
10Children's Literacy DevelopmentCatherine McBride-Chang2014-02-04This introduction to child literacy development looks at the...ISBN-13:1444144685
11Preparing Teachers to Teach Writing Using TechnologyKristine E. Pytash2013-09Technology is changing not only how people write, but also h...ISBN-13:1304351858
12Efficacy of Assistive Technology InterventionsDave Edyburn2015-06-11The Advances in Special Education Technology series is desig...ISBN-13:178441641X
13Reading InstructionBarbara D. Stoodt1981-01-01ISBN-13:9780395307496
14Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Educatio...Ann Miles Gordon2016-01-01The primary strength of BEGINNINGS AND BEYOND: FOUNDATIONS I...ISBN-13:130585487X
15Effective Online TeachingTina Stavredes2011-06-09Effective Online Teaching is an essential resource that offe...ISBN-13:9781118038802
16Aural Skills AcquisitionGary Steven Karpinski2000This book is a hands-on investigation of the stages musician...ISBN-13:9780195117851
17What Works in K-12 Online LearningCathy Cavanaugh2007-01-01A new form of distance learning, online learning is educatio...ISBN-13:9781564842367
18Gaming and Simulations: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and A...Management Association, Information Resources2010-11-30"This book set unites fundamental research on the history, c...ISBN-13:1609601963
19Exploring Multimodal Composition and Digital WritingFerdig, Richard E.2013-07-31While traditional writing is typically understood as a langu...ISBN-13:1466643463
20Using Technology to Enhance WritingRichard E. Ferdig2014-07-08Sharpen your students’ communication skills while integrat...ISBN-13:1936764989
21Blended Learning in PracticeAmanda G. Madden2019A guide to both theory and practice of blended learning offe...ISBN-13:9780262351546
22The Memory BookHarry Lorayne2012-01-18Unleash the hidden power of your mind It’s there in all of...ISBN-13:0307814068
23Handbook of Research on Practices and Outcomes in E-Learning...Yang, Harrison Hao2009-10-31"This book includes a selection of world-class chapters addr...ISBN-13:1605667897
24Musical IslandsElizabeth Mackinlay2009-05-05The island is a powerful metaphor in everyday speech which e...ISBN-13:1443810495
25Technology in the Secondary Science ClassroomRandy L. Bell2008If you're waiting to be convinced that computers offer more ...ISBN-13:1933531274
26A Guide to Co-TeachingRichard A. Villa2013-01-04Your go-to guide for co-teaching! When you and a co-teacher ...ISBN-13:1452285012
27E-Training Practices for Professional OrganizationsPaul Nicholson2004-11-18"E-Training Practices for Professional Organizations" is an ...ISBN-13:9781402077562
28Development and Management of Virtual SchoolsCatherine Cavanaugh2004-01-01Virtual schools are a result of widespread changes in knowle...ISBN-13:1591401542
29Understanding Digital Technologies and Young ChildrenSusanne Garvis2015-09-08Understanding Digital Technologies and Young Children explor...ISBN-13:1317619803
30Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0: Technologies,...Murugesan, San2009-11-30"This book provides a comprehensive reference source on next...ISBN-13:1605663859
31What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies ...Scott McLeod2011-09-13Facebook, Twitter,'s tech-savvy students are ...ISBN-13:1118116720
32Instructional Models in Physical EducationMichael Metzler2017-06-30Ensures that physical educators are fully armed with a compr...ISBN-13:1351818848
33Lessons Learned from Blended ProgramsRichard E. Ferdig2012-10-01ISBN-13:9780988423312
34Exploring Technology for Writing and Writing InstructionPytash, Kristine E.2013-07-31As digital technologies continue to develop and evolve, an u...ISBN-13:1466643420
35Collaborative ConsultationLorna Idol1994-01-01UVA:X002556000
36Researching New LiteraciesMichele Knobel2017-01This book provides an expansive guide for designing and cond...ISBN-13:9781433131455
37Serious Educational GamesLeonard A. Annetta2008-01Serious Educational Games: From Theory to Practice focuses o...ISBN-13:9789087903794
38One Size Doesn't Fit AllRoslin E. Brennan2003ISBN-13:9781740961578
39Using Technology in Physical EducationBonnie S. Mohnsen2010ISBN-13:9781893166905
40Second Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Sec...Joke Voogt2018-08-23In this second edition the editors continue their efforts to...ISBN-13:9783319710532

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