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1Chinese Among OthersPhilip A. Kuhn2009This book tells the remarkable worldwide story of Chinese em...ISBN-13:0742567494
2Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark O...1999PSU:000033105871
3Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark O...United States. Patent and Trademark Office1999WISC:89070346358
4Journal of Korean Medical Science2006UCLA:L0098816804
5Sight and Sound2005UCSC:32106018329976
6Korean Business Directory1988UCSD:31822015803976
7The Review of Korean Studies2006STANFORD:36105123422201
8Republic of Korea2002UCSD:31822025461583
9The Development and Validation of an Instrument to AssessYong-Kook Joo1999MINN:31951P00693592P
10Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society2003UOM:39015057371091
11Korean Journal of Crop Science2000CHI:62373646
13Benn's Media2006UCSC:32106019311320
14Medical Imaging2003UOM:39015047930527
15JournalAmerican Chemical Society2002NYPL:33433060955261
16Measuring Physical Activity and Energy ExpenditureHenry Joseph Montoye1996-01This manual of practical guidelines is written by internatio...ISBN-13:9780873225007
17Measurement and Evaluation in Human PerformanceJames R. Morrow2006Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Third Editi...ISBN-13:9780736065030
18Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and TelecommunicationsJaume Anguera2018-02-26The volume contains 94 best selected research papers present...ISBN-13:9811073295
19Innovations in Computer Science and EngineeringH. S. Saini2017-06-19The book is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed resea...ISBN-13:981103818X
20Social Networks and HealthThomas W. Valente2010-03-25This book provides an introduction to the major theories, me...ISBN-13:0195301013
21Meta-AnalysisJohn Edward Hunter1982-10Meta-analysis is a way of synthesizing previous research on ...UOM:39015015288718
22Pop CityYoujeong Oh2018-12-15Pop City examines the use of Korean television dramas and K-...ISBN-13:1501730746
23Taurine 11Jianmin Hu2019-08-29This book gathers a selection of original articles and criti...ISBN-13:9811380236
24Accounting and Corporate ReportingSoner Gokten2017-09-20We have spent a great deal of time on the continued developm...ISBN-13:953513549X
25Semiconducting Metal Oxides for Gas SensingYonghui Deng2019-01-24This book focuses on the use of semiconducting metal oxides ...ISBN-13:9811358532
26Sports & Exercise NutritionWilliam D. McArdle1999ere's the first research-based text that integrates key topi...UOM:39015041430342
27CholangioscopyDong-Wan Seo2002-01-01Now available through Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, this ne...ISBN-13:9788970892580
28Economics of Information Security and PrivacyTyler Moore2010-07-20The Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS)...ISBN-13:9781441969675
29Multi-Sensor Information FusionXue-Bo Jin2020-03-23This book includes papers from the section “Multisensor In...ISBN-13:3039283022
30Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care ProcessL. Kathleen Mahan2012The most respected nutrition text for more than 50 years, Kr...ISBN-13:1437722334
31Content-Based Image RetrievalVipin Tyagi2018-01-15The book describes several techniques used to bridge the sem...ISBN-13:9811067597
32Social SensingDong Wang2015-04-17Increasingly, human beings are sensors engaging directly wit...ISBN-13:0128011319
33Machine Learning for Healthcare TechnologiesDavid A. Clifton2016-10This book brings together chapters on the state-of-the-art i...ISBN-13:1849199787
34The Palgrave Handbook of Ageing and Physical Activity Promot...Samuel R. Nyman2018-03-31The ageing of our population is a key societal issue across ...ISBN-13:3319712918
35Physical Activity Assessments for Health-related ResearchGreg Welk2002And examples -- References -- Construct validity in physical...ISBN-13:9780736037488
36World Heritage2002OCLC:66767171
37Digital Technology, Eating Behaviors, and Eating DisordersDavid Šmahel2018-09-08“After decades of research on dysfunctional eating and lac...ISBN-13:3319932217
38Information Systems Design and Intelligent ApplicationsSuresh Chandra Satapathy2016-02-02The third international conference on INformation Systems De...ISBN-13:8132227522
39The Cinderella ComplexColette Dowling1982Discusses the psychological desire of many women to be taken...ISBN-13:9780671733346
40Adverse Drug ReactionsJack Uetrecht2009-12-18This book provides the current state of knowledge of basic m...ISBN-13:9783642006630

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