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1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderGöran Ahrne2015ISBN-13:9789147112241
2Beyond Public EngagementPedro Ruiz-Castell2015-02-05University collections have unquestionably played a central ...ISBN-13:1443874914
4Political Campaigning in the Information AgeSolo, Ashu M. G.2014-05-31Technology and the Internet especially have brought on major...ISBN-13:1466660635
5Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,...Management Association, Information Resources2015-07-31In the digital era, users from around the world are constant...ISBN-13:1466686154
6Social Media Marketing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practi...Management Association, Information Resources2018-05-04In the digital age, numerous technological tools are availab...ISBN-13:1522556389
7Skriva uppsats med kvalitativ metodJohan Alvehus2013ISBN-13:9789147099153
8Meta-organizationsGöran Ahrne2008-01-01A growing number of organizations are meta-organizations; ra...ISBN-13:1848442653
9Collins Bird GuideLars Svensson2001Collins Bird Guide provides all the information needed to id...ISBN-13:9780007113323
10The Polish Peasant in Europe and America; Monograph of an Im...William Isaac Thomas1920STANFORD:36105011939910
11Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
12Systematic Reviews in Health CareMatthias Egger2013-07-01The second edition of this best-selling book has been thorou...ISBN-13:111870004X
13Knowledge: A Very Short IntroductionJennifer Nagel2014-09-25What is knowledge? How does it differ from mere belief? Do y...ISBN-13:0191637319
14Empty LaborRoland Paulsen2014-08-14The first critical study of 'empty labor', the time during w...ISBN-13:1107066417
15Construction Process ImprovementBrian Atkin2008-04-15The construction process has come under intense scrutiny in ...ISBN-13:0470680423
16Doing Visual AnalysisPer Ledin2018-01-01Visual communication shapes our perceptions and experiences ...ISBN-13:1526418061
17Utilisation of Excess Heat Towards a Circular EconomySofia Päivärinne2017-11-23In order to significantly lower the environmental impact fro...ISBN-13:9176854590
18Researching Information Systems and ComputingBriony J Oates2006With everything readers need to know about how to execute th...ISBN-13:9781412902243
19Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2013-03-28Now in its third Canadian edition, the market-leading Social...ISBN-13:9780199009435
20Svensk kemisk tidskrift1962Vol. 62-63, 65 include Sveriges Kemiska Industrikontor. Ärs...UCAL:B4054592
21The Stupidity ParadoxMats Alvesson2016-06-02Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organ...ISBN-13:1782832025
22Making Things ValuableJan Mouritsen2015Addresses the question of valuation theoretically and throug...ISBN-13:0198712286
23Studier i modern språkvetenskap1993ISBN-13:9789122015765
24Street Corner SocietyWilliam Foote Whyte1981ISBN-13:9780226895420
25Identity and the Museum Visitor ExperienceJohn H Falk2016-06-16Understanding the visitor experience provides essential insi...ISBN-13:1315427044
26Handbook of Qualitative Research Techniques and Analysis in ...Helle Neergaard2015-10-30One of the most challenging tasks in the research design pro...ISBN-13:1849809879
27Celebrity DiplomacyAndrew F. Cooper2015-12-03Time magazine named Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates their "P...ISBN-13:1317262719
28Encountering AlgebraCecilia Kilhamn2019-07-03The book reports a comparative research project about algebr...ISBN-13:3030175774
29Handbok i industriell driftsekonomi och organisationC. Tarras Sällfors1945MINN:31951002329058O
30What Is Not Sacred?Magesa Laurenti2014-04-10Did Christianity replace traditional African religion with the arrival of European missionaries in past centuries? Or did sub-Saharan African cultures persist in maintaining their religious worldviews even after accepting the salvific message of Christianity? In this compelling book, Laurenti Magesa argues that despite missionary Christiaity's refusal to acknowledge the worth of traditional African religious culture. the incarnational spirituality of those cultures remains vibrant and visible today, and has much to offer and teach other cultures, both Christian and not.">"It is not for you to call profane what God counts clean."ISBN-13:1608333213
31Power and WelfareNanna Mik-Meyer2013When the state punishes criminals, removes children at risk,...ISBN-13:0415534429
32Why We HarmLois Presser2013-11-13Criminologists are primarily concerned with the analysis of ...ISBN-13:0813562600
33Governance and Politics of ChinaTony Saich2011Now available in a substantially revised 3rd edition coverin...ISBN-13:9780333716939
34Analyzing Text and DiscourseKristina Boréus2017-02-16Clearly setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each...ISBN-13:1473965675
35Pockets of CrimePeter K. B. St. Jean2008-09-15Why, even in the same high-crime neighborhoods, do robbery, ...ISBN-13:0226775003
36Censors at Work: How States Shaped LiteratureRobert Darnton2014-09-22“Splendid. . . . [Darnton gives] us vivid, hard-won detail...ISBN-13:0393242307
37NetnographyRobert V Kozinets2010With as many as 1 billion people now using online communitie...ISBN-13:1848606451
38Qualitative InterviewingSvend Brinkmann2013-05-30Qualitative interviewing has today become one of the most co...ISBN-13:0199861390
39Managing the Organizational Melting PotPushkala Prasad1997-05-06Some of the more troublesome and disturbing aspects of workp...ISBN-13:9780803974111
40Crime Prevention PartnershipsEric Pelser2002ISBN-13:9781919913070
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoder2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoder2011Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]
4Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...Esaiasson, Peter, 1957-ArrayMetodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...
5Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...2012Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderAhrne, Göran, Svensson, Peter, 2011Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoderSvensson, Peter, Ahrne, Göran, 2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, 2009Handbok i kvalitativ analys
4Handbok i kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, 2019Handbok i kvalitativ analys
5"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...Backlund, Åsa, 1970-,2008"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...
6Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
7Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
8Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...Magnusson, Bertil, Örnemark, Ulf 2017Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...
9Analysarbete inom fältforskningElvstrand, Helene, 1971-, Högberg, Ronny, 1977-, Nordvall, Henrik, 1977-, Analysarbete inom fältforskning
10Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetodSzklarski, Andrzej, 1956-,Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetod
11DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
12DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
13Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys
14Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys

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