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1Handbok i kvalitativ analysAndreas Fejes2009ISBN-13:9789147084760
2Foucault and Lifelong LearningAndreas Fejes2008-01-14Over the last twenty years there has been increasing interes...ISBN-13:1134097123
3Research Handbook on Gender and InnovationGry Agnete Alsos2016-09-30Innovation is seen as one of the main engines of economic gr...ISBN-13:1783478136
4Research with ChildrenPia Christensen2017-01-12The entirely revised third edition of Research with Children...ISBN-13:1317327772
5Research Methods in EducationLouis Cohen2017-10-12This thoroughly updated and extended eighth edition of the l...ISBN-13:1315456516
6Learning in the FieldGretchen B. Rossman2011-07-07This popular text is a true introduction to qualitative rese...ISBN-13:1452237565
7Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS StatisticsAndy Field2013-01-24Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics co...ISBN-13:1446249174
8Analyzing Text and DiscourseKristina Boréus2017-02-25Clearly setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each...ISBN-13:1473965675
9Children's Peer TalkAsta Cekaite2014-04-03This collection offers an in-depth study of children's peer ...ISBN-13:1107017645
10Global Economic History: A Very Short IntroductionRobert C. Allen2011-09-15The gap between the rich and the poor can be vast. Robert C....ISBN-13:0199596654
11A Decade of Research on School PrincipalsHelene Arlestig2015-11-13This book provides a unique map of the focus and directions ...ISBN-13:3319230271
12Ethnography EssentialsJulian Murchison2010-01-21A comprehensive and practical guide to ethnographic research...ISBN-13:9780470552964
13The Good PaperLotte Rienecker2013This is a handbook for writing research papers, BA and other...ISBN-13:9788759317907
14The Good Research GuideMartyn Denscombe2007-05-01As a best-selling introductory book on the basics of social ...ISBN-13:0335220223
15Learning Theories in ChildhoodColette Gray2015-09-10Focusing on the early philosophies of learning and key behav...ISBN-13:1473933803
16Att göra pedagogisk praktik tillsammansSara Dalgren2017-02-07Denna studies övergripande syfte är att åskådliggöra hu...ISBN-13:9176855937
17Hållbart utvecklingsarbete i vård och omsorgEmanuel Åhlfeldt2017-09-28[EN] There are many development projects in the public secto...ISBN-13:9176854450
18Drama and Social JusticeKelly Freebody2015-08-20"This text offers a cohesive framework for exploring social ...ISBN-13:1317628772
19The Confessing SocietyAndreas Fejes2013-05-02"I highly appreciate the quality of Fejes’ and Dahlstedt...ISBN-13:1136734309
20Risk, Power and the StateMagnus Hörnqvist2010-02-25Risk, Power and the State addresses how power is exercised i...ISBN-13:1135154392
21Emil and the Great EscapeAstrid Lindgren2008-02-07Whether he's running his little sister up a flagpole, or try...ISBN-13:9780192727206
22Interpreting Qualitative DataDavid Silverman2015-01-22In this fifth edition of his field-defining text, David Silv...ISBN-13:1473916631
23Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-12-01This best-selling introduction to research methods provides ...ISBN-13:0199689458
24Teaching Academic Writing in European Higher EducationLennart Björk2006-04-18This volume describes in detail teaching philosophies, curri...ISBN-13:0306481952
25Burn OutHerbert Freudenberger1983-12-01ISBN-13:9780553255843
26Research ProposalsMartyn Denscombe2012-09-01This helpful step-by-step handbook will guide the reader thr...ISBN-13:0335244076
27Political ScandalJohn B. Thompson2013-04-25Political scandals have become a pervasive feature of many s...ISBN-13:0745657052
28Women in IslamAnne-Sofie Roald2003-09-02Women in Islam investigates the ongoing debate across the Mu...ISBN-13:1134535465
29RacismsSteve Garner2017-03-06Combining key theoretical perspectives with contemporary cas...ISBN-13:1526412861
30Recognition of Prior LearningPer Andersson2017-10-02Recognition of prior learning (RPL) has emerged in recent de...ISBN-13:1317354737
31Industrial Innovation Economics and Intellectual PropertyOve Granstrand2010ISBN-13:9789197025737
32HistoryJörn Rüsen2005Without denying the importance of the postmodernist approach...ISBN-13:9781571816245
33Making Sense of Media and PoliticsGadi Wolfsfeld2011-06-23Politics is above all a contest, and the news media are the ...ISBN-13:1136887679
34Negotiating Critical Literacies with Young ChildrenVivian Maria Vasquez2014-02-05In this innovative and engaging text, Vivian Maria Vasquez d...ISBN-13:1317907434
35Perspectives on BullyingDr. Roland Maiuro, PhD2015-11-30This book, featuring acclaimed research articles on cyber, c...ISBN-13:082619463X
36Medicine & PhilosophyIngvar Johansson2008-01-01This textbook introduces the reader to basic problems in the...ISBN-13:311032136X
37Foucault and a Politics of Confession in EducationAndreas Fejes2014-07-25In liberal, democratic and capitalist societies today, we ar...ISBN-13:1317650131
38Governing ElectronicallyP. Henman2010-01-20This book provides rare insights into the nature of contempo...ISBN-13:0230248497
39Changing Practices, Changing EducationStephen Kemmis2013-11-08This book aims to help teachers and those who support them t...ISBN-13:9814560472
40Honor and Violence against Women in Iraqi KurdistanM. Alinia2013-11-12This book examines violence against women in the name of hon...ISBN-13:1137367016
1Handbok i kvalitativ analys2009Handbok i kvalitativ analys
2Handbok i kvalitativ analys2015Handbok i kvalitativ analys
3Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]2012Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]
4Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]2010Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]
5Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]2015Handbok i kvalitativ analys [Elektronisk resurs]
6Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...2012Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...
1Handbok i kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, 2009Handbok i kvalitativ analys
2Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys
3Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys
4Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
5Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetodSzklarski, Andrzej, 1956-,Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetod
6Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
7Analysarbete inom fältforskningElvstrand, Helene, 1971-, Högberg, Ronny, 1977-, Nordvall, Henrik, 1977-, Analysarbete inom fältforskning
8FenomenologiSzklarski, Andrzej, 1956-,Fenomenologi
9DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
10DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys

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