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1Handbok i journalistikforskningMichael Karlsson2015ISBN-13:9789144100777
2Cultural Journalism and Cultural Critique in the MediaNete Nørgaard Kristensen2018-10-03This book addresses a topic in journalism studies that has g...ISBN-13:1315308010
3Freedom of Expression and Media in TransitionUlla Carlsson2016ISBN-13:9789187957222
4Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
5Mediatization of PoliticsF. Esser2014-05-07The first book-long analysis of the 'mediatization of politi...ISBN-13:1137275847
6Political Public RelationsJesper Stromback2011-05-20Political Public Relations maps and defines this emerging fi...ISBN-13:1135194130
7Scandalous!Sigurd Allern2012-01-01Den journalistiske behandling af politiske skandaler i de no...ISBN-13:9789186523275
8Shaping Immigration NewsRodney Benson2013-08-19This book offers a comprehensive portrait of French and Amer...ISBN-13:0521887674
9Politics and the American PressRichard L. Kaplan2002-02-14Politics and the American Press takes a fresh look at the or...ISBN-13:9780521006026
10HostageKristina Ohlsson2014-09-25The brand new thriller featuring Investigative Analyst Fredr...ISBN-13:1471115216
11The Unleashed ScandalBernhard Poerksen2014-06-23In an age of ubiquitous digital media and permanent mutual o...ISBN-13:1845407652
12Night Has a Thousand EyesCornell Woolrich2012-09-04A new Pegasus Crime edition of the landmark noir novel by ...ISBN-13:1453271422
13Date ViolenceElaine Landau2008-08-11Discusses aspects of abusive relationships, including common...ISBN-13:9781439524824
14Populist Political Communication in EuropeToril Aalberg2016-07-01In an increasing number of countries around the world, popul...ISBN-13:1317224744
15National ConversationsKarina Horsti2014Public service broadcasting is in the process of evolving in...ISBN-13:1783201754
16Managing Media Firms and IndustriesGregory Ferrell Lowe2015-08-20This volume provides rich insight into the nature and practi...ISBN-13:3319085158
17In the Service of Young People?Cecilia von Feilitzen2006Articles include: "Violence and pornography in the media", "...ISBN-13:9789189471351
18The Routledge Companion to Social Media and PoliticsAxel Bruns2015-12-22Social media are now widely used for political protests, cam...ISBN-13:1317506561
19The SAGE Handbook of Digital JournalismTamara Witschge2016-05-18The production and consumption of news in the digital era is...ISBN-13:1473955068
20Modern-Day VikingsChristina Johansson Robinowitz2011-01-11Modern-Day Vikings provides a window into what one world tra...ISBN-13:0585434417
21AgonisticsChantal Mouffe2013-07-02Political conflict in our society is inevitable, and its res...ISBN-13:1781682356
22Journalism in ChangeGunnar Nygren2015-07-30Media developments change journalism all over the world. But...ISBN-13:9783631649213
23Understanding NewsJohn Hartley2013-06-17News depends for its effect on a culturally shared language,...ISBN-13:1136105883
24The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate ReputationCraig E. Carroll2016-06-01What creates corporate reputations and how should organizati...ISBN-13:1483376524
25PenwomanElin Wägner2009During the early 20th century, a female journalist tries to ...ISBN-13:9781870041744
26Objectivity in JournalismSteven Maras2013-04-03Objectivity in journalism is a key topic for debate in media...ISBN-13:0745663923
27Global Political MarketingJennifer Lees-Marshment2009-10-16There is increasing awareness of growing similarities in pol...ISBN-13:1135261393
28Local TranscendenceAlan Liu2009-08-01Driven by global economic forces to innovate, today’s soci...ISBN-13:0226486974
29Vagaries malicieuxDjuna Barnes1974UOM:39015010205246
30Trust and OrganizationsM. Reuter2013-12-18An increasing number of people work in organizations that 't...ISBN-13:1137368810
31Cultural Meanings of NewsDaniel A. Berkowitz2010-03-30What is news? Why does news turn out like it does? What fact...ISBN-13:1412967651
32The Invisible Medium1989-06-19ISBN-13:1349199842
33Participatory JournalismJane B. Singer2011-03-21Who makes the news in a digital age? Participatory Journalis...ISBN-13:9781444340723
34Mediating BusinessPeter Kjær2007The book explores the history of key innovations and innovat...ISBN-13:9788763001991
35Hallyu 2.0Sangjoon Lee2015-06The first scholarly volume to investigate the impact of soci...ISBN-13:0472052527
36Making Sense of Mediatized PoliticsJesper Stromback2017-02-24Over time and across Western democracies, the media has beco...ISBN-13:1317507037
37The Handbook of Election News Coverage Around the WorldJesper Strömbäck2009-09-10The Handbook of Election Coverage Around the World focuses o...ISBN-13:1135703450
38(Mis)Representing IslamJohn Richardson2004-01-29(Mis)Representing Islam explores and illustrates how élite ...ISBN-13:9027295808
39Education, Professionalization and Social RepresentationsMohamed Chaib2012-01-26This book presents a broad range of research related to how ...ISBN-13:1136868917
40The Stewart/Colbert EffectAmarnath Amarasingam2014-01-10The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report have ...ISBN-13:0786486686
1Handbok i journalistikforskningHandbok i journalistikforskning
2Handbok i journalistikforskning [Elektronisk resurs]Handbok i journalistikforskning [Elektronisk resurs]
1Handbok i journalistikforskningKarlsson, Michael Strömbäck, Jesper, 2015Handbok i journalistikforskning

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