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1Journalistik i praksisGitte Gravengaard2010Med baggrund i feltarbejde og en stribe interviews giver bog...ISBN-13:9788759314579
2Production StudiesVicki Mayer2009-09-10"Behind-the-scenes" stories of ranting directors, stingy pro...ISBN-13:1135840164
3Public Understanding of Science1994MINN:31951P00361294A
4Organizational Identity in PracticeLin Lerpold2012-11-12Organizational Identity in Practice provides much-needed, in...ISBN-13:1136713654
5Håndbog for statsministreSusanne Hegelund2012-07-09Bogen henvender sig til enhver, der interesserer sig for Dan...ISBN-13:8702116669
6Institutet för rättsvetenskaplig forskning1952UOM:35112200779496
7Handbook of Nephrology and HypertensionChristopher S. Wilcox2008-09-01This manual offers a concise guide for treating patients wit...ISBN-13:9780781795302
8Politics and the American PressRichard L. Kaplan2002-02-14Politics and the American Press takes a fresh look at the or...ISBN-13:9780521006026
9Playing as if the World MatteredGabriel Kuhn2015-03-30The world of sports is often associated with commercialism, ...ISBN-13:1629631345
10Håndbog i kulturpsykologi2003ISBN-13:9788702023695
11What Is Sustainable Journalism?Peter Berglez2017This edited volume, which elaborates on the idea and concept...ISBN-13:9781433134401
12Ombudsmand i Europa2005ISBN-13:9788791620010
13Hate MailMr Bingo2016-11-03'Gorgeous and funny! Like a labrador doing stand-up' - Noel ...ISBN-13:1473547180
14The Future of JournalismBob Franklin2013-09-13The future of journalism is hotly contested and highly uncer...ISBN-13:1317985710
15Market-Driven JournalismJohn H. McManus1994-04-29This book provides a comprehensive theory of commercial news...ISBN-13:9780803952539
16Paradoxes of Liberal DemocracyPaul M. Sniderman2014-08-24In 2005, twelve cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed appear...ISBN-13:1400852676
17The Global Journalist in the 21st CenturyDavid H. Weaver2012-06-25The Global Journalist in the 21st Century systematically ass...ISBN-13:1136513671
18Journalism for WomenArnold Bennett1898STANFORD:36105012345273
19Social Media at BBC NewsValerie Belair-Gagnon2015-02-11Since the emergence of social media in the journalistic land...ISBN-13:1317585011
20Organizational CommunicationKatherine Miller2015ISBN-13:9781285439235
21The Form of NewsKevin G. Barnhurst2002-04-01This book takes a fresh look at the role of the newspaper in...ISBN-13:9781572307919
22Communicating the NationAnna Roosvall2010-01-01With this book the authors seek to contribute to the new str...ISBN-13:9789189471962
23Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public RelationsMichael Regester2008-06-03The reputation of an organisation influences who we buy from...ISBN-13:0749454431
24Brand AidLisa Ann Richey2013-11-30“Has there ever been a better reason to shop?” asks an a...ISBN-13:145291656X
25Becoming a JournalistJan Fredrik Hovden2016ISBN-13:9789187957345
26This is LeanNiklas Modig2012This book is relevant to any kind of business and is current...ISBN-13:9789198039306
27Media and Transnational Climate JusticeAnna Roosvall2018-01-30"A wide-ranging, interdisciplinary study of activism and med...ISBN-13:9781433134876
28Håndbok i likestillingsarbeid i skolen1991MINN:31951P00357723P
29Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated CommunicationKelsey, Sigrid2008-05-31Technology has changed communication drastically in recent y...ISBN-13:1599048647
30What Do Artists Know?James Elkins2012"Brings together historians, philosophers, critics, curators...ISBN-13:0271054247
31Breaking NewsAlan Rusbridger2018-11-27An urgent account of the revolution that has upended the new...ISBN-13:0374717214
32The network nationStarr Roxanne Hiltz1978ISBN-13:9780201031416
33Culture and the MediaPaul Bowman2012-11-26Culture and the Media looks at the relationship between what...ISBN-13:1137295805
34New Serial Titles1998A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31...WISC:89060159233
35PenwomanElin Wägner2009During the early 20th century, a female journalist tries to ...ISBN-13:9781870041744
36How Welfare States Shape the Democratic PublicStaffan Kumlin2014-01-31Staffan Kumlin and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen bring togethe...ISBN-13:1782545492
37Semantic Web: Concepts, Technologies and ApplicationsKarin Breitman2007-01-24The Web is growing at an astounding pace surpassing the 8 bi...ISBN-13:184628581X
38Freedom of Expression and Media in TransitionUlla Carlsson2016ISBN-13:9789187957222
39Digital SnapsJonas Larsen2013-12-19Photography as an everyday practice is once again changing d...ISBN-13:0857734423
40Media and Global Climate KnowledgeRisto Kunelius2016-11-24This book is a broad and detailed case study of how journali...ISBN-13:1137523212
1Handbok i journalistikforskningHandbok i journalistikforskning
2Handbok i journalistikforskning [Elektronisk resurs]2016Handbok i journalistikforskning [Elektronisk resurs]
1Handbok i journalistikforskningKarlsson, Michael Strömbäck, Jesper, 2015Handbok i journalistikforskning

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