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1ForskningshandbokenMartyn Denscombe2000ISBN-13:9789144012803
2New international studies on religions and dialogue in educa...Martin Ubani2018What are the key questions highlighted in religious and spir...ISBN-13:383098846X
3Church Reform and Leadership of ChangeHarald Askeland2016-01-01Reforms and processes of change have become an increasingly ...ISBN-13:149822332X
4Law and Spatial PlanningStefan Larsson2014-08-20This PhD thesis in Spatial Planning argues for the importanc...ISBN-13:9172952865
5Mind in SocietyL.S. Vygotsky1980-10-15The great Russian psychologist L. S. Vygotsky has long been ...ISBN-13:0674076680
6Research ProposalsMartyn Denscombe2012-09-01This helpful step-by-step handbook will guide the reader thr...ISBN-13:0335244076
7Nigerian Journal of Accounting Research2009STANFORD:36105214176559
8The Good Research GuideMartyn Denscombe2007-05-01As a best-selling introductory book on the basics of social ...ISBN-13:0335220223
9Classroom Control (RLE Edu L)Martyn Denscombe2012-05-04Survival as a school teacher depends on an ability to achiev...ISBN-13:1136470557
10Ground Rules for Good ResearchMartyn Denscombe2002-07-01Amongst the bewildering array of approaches and beliefs abou...ISBN-13:9780335206513
11Doing Action Research in Your Own OrganizationDavid Coghlan2014-03-20The fourth edition of this bestselling book is packed full o...ISBN-13:1473904099
12An Introduction to Design SciencePaul Johannesson2014-10-09This book is an introductory text on design science, intende...ISBN-13:3319106325
13EpidemiologyMark Woodward2013-12-19Highly praised for its broad, practical coverage, the second...ISBN-13:1482243202
14One Hand Washes the OtherChristopher Nicholson2013-06When Thandi Dladla undertakes to coach a young soccer team i...ISBN-13:1909421138
15Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
16Qualitative Research from Start to Finish, Second EditionRobert K. Yin2015-07-08This book will help readers understand the practice of quali...ISBN-13:1462517978
17Modern ERP: Select, Implement, and Use Today's Advanced Busi...Marianne Bradford2015Modern ERP can be used in an undergraduate or graduate enter...ISBN-13:131266598X
18Forensic Psychology in ContextP.A. Granhag2017-09-25Academics and researchers from the Nordic countries (Sweden,...ISBN-13:1351566881
19Handbook of Research on Scholarly Publishing and Research Me...Wang, Victor C. X.2014-12-31For faculty to advance their careers in higher education, pu...ISBN-13:1466674105
20Innovation GenerationRoberta B. Ness2012-03-01"Innovation Generation presents a fascinating new approach t...ISBN-13:0199892598
21The Art of ManeuverRobert Leonhard2009-01-16The Art of Maneuver is an important theoretical study of an ...ISBN-13:0307513270
22Express ProficiencyPeter Dainty1996-01-01ISBN-13:9780133757002
23Measuring ResearchCassidy R. Sugimoto2018Policy makers, academic administrators, scholars, and member...ISBN-13:0190640111
24Dilemmas of Culture in African SchoolsCati Coe2005-11-01In working to build a sense of nationhood, Ghana has focused...ISBN-13:9780226111315
25Making Muslim Space in North America and EuropeBarbara Daly Metcalf1996Focusing on the private and public use of space, this volume...ISBN-13:9780520204041
26Understanding Advanced Second-Language ReadingElizabeth B. Bernhardt2010-09-13What distinguishes this book is its broad, yet thorough, vie...ISBN-13:1136976256
27Doing EnglishRobert Eaglestone2000Aimed at students in the final year of secondary education o...ISBN-13:041519136X
28Strategic Innovation ManagementJoe Tidd2014-09-23This first edition of Strategic Innovation Management is an ...ISBN-13:1118863380
29SanningskonstSven Lindqvist2018-01-16En bok om Sven Lindqvist, där författaren samtalar med Ste...ISBN-13:9100174289
30Contemporary Military TheoryJan Angstrom2014-07-17The book aims to provide the reader with a state-of-the-art ...ISBN-13:1136169202
31Better Thinking, Better ResultsBob Emiliani2007BETTER THINKING, BETTER RESULTS answers the question: "How d...ISBN-13:9780972259125
32Implementing Six Sigma and LeanRon Basu2009This is a comprehensive, user-friendly and hands-on book tha...ISBN-13:1856175200
33Once Intrepid WarriorsDorothy Louise Hodgson2001Drawing on archival sources as well as extensive fieldwork i...ISBN-13:9780253339096
34Ancient EmpiresEric H. Cline2011-06-27"Ancient Empires is a relatively brief yet comprehensive and...ISBN-13:0521889111
35Pastoral man in the Garden of EdenKaj Århem1985ISBN-13:9789171062321
36Fighting By MinutesRobert R. Leonhard2017-07-30This book argues that time is the primary dimension in moder...ISBN-13:1537864203
37BabbittSinclair Lewis2015-05-18Babbitt is the middle-class, average-American protagonist of...ISBN-13:1304097439
38The Maasai and the StateKaj Århem1985STANFORD:36105002117716
39Islamism and ModernismFarhang Rajaee2010-01-01While many previous books have probed the causes of Iran's I...ISBN-13:9780292774360
40No Man's LandGeorge Monbiot1994-01-01ISBN-13:9780333601631
1Forskningshandboken [Elektronisk resurs] : för småskaliga ...Denscombe, Martyn2016Forskningshandboken [Elektronisk resurs] : för småskaliga ...
2Forskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...Denscombe, MartynForskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...
3Forskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...Denscombe, MartynForskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...
4Forskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...Denscombe, MartynForskningshandboken : för småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...
5Forskningshandboken - För småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...Denscombe, MartynForskningshandboken - För småskaliga forskningsprojekt ino...
1Att tillvarata och utveckla tillgängliga språkliga resurse...Torpsten, Ann-Christin, 1952-,2017Att tillvarata och utveckla tillgängliga språkliga resurse...

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