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1In Defence of Global CapitalismJohan Norberg2005-01-01This Special `India Edition` Of Johan Norberg`S Widely Accla...ISBN-13:9788171884155
2How to Cure a FanaticAmos Oz2010-09-19Proposes that the murderous violence that has riven our soci...ISBN-13:0691148635
3Fullständiga rättigheterJohan Norberg1999ISBN-13:9789175664194
4The Universal Declaration of Human RightsGuðmundur S. Alfreðsson1999-03-31This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Universal...ISBN-13:9789041111685
5Human Rights and the Uses of HistorySamuel Moyn2014A series of reflective and critical essays explores the pers...ISBN-13:1781682631
6Revolutions of 1848Priscilla Smith Robertson1952In this book the author discusses revolutions in Europe in 1...ISBN-13:9780691007564
7Queer WarsDennis Altman2016-03-21The claim that 'LGBT rights are human rights' encounters fie...ISBN-13:0745698727
8Encyclopedia of Women and American PoliticsLynne E. Ford2009-01-01Presents a comprehensive reference to the role of women in A...ISBN-13:1438110324
9Vad är mänskliga rättigheter?Hans Ingvar Roth2011-10-25Alla människor är födda fria och lika i värde och rätti...ISBN-13:9127129314
10For All Peoples and All NationsJohn Nurser2005In this new century, born in hope but soon thereafter cloake...ISBN-13:9781589010598
11Island of ShameDavid Vine2011-01-03The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is ...ISBN-13:9781400838509
12Studying Human RightsTodd Landman2006A practical handbook for students seeking to understand, exp...ISBN-13:9780415326056
13On the PoliticalChantal Mouffe2011-02-25Since September 11th, we frequently hear that political diff...ISBN-13:1134406045
14The Unharnessed WorldCindy Gabrielle2015-06-18Though New Zealand author Janet Frame (1924–2004) lived at...ISBN-13:1443879762
15I Am Malala Abridged Quick Reads EditionMalala Yousafzai2016-02-04*Winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize* When the Taliban took...ISBN-13:1474600492
16Huddled Masses and Uncertain ShoresBimal Ghosh1998-04-06Includes statistics.ISBN-13:9789041105318
17Hatade demokratiHenrik Arnstad2018-08-30Idag kallar sig alla demokrater. Men den som frågar vad beg...ISBN-13:9113080350
18The Ethics of LibrarianshipRobert W. Vaagan2002-01-01The International Federation of Library Associations and Ins...ISBN-13:311095625X
19Essays in Honour of Göran MelanderJonas Grimheden2006This volume illustrates the complex relationship between dis...ISBN-13:9004151818
20Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945Winston Langley2013-04-03This comprehensive and up-to-date encyclopedia on human righ...ISBN-13:1136595937
21Näringslivet och fötroendet2004ISBN-13:9789138221327
22Holy White LiesSameh Egyptson2018-10-28The White Lie is a translation for a fatwa in Arabic, Al-Ked...ISBN-13:9770287806
23Myths about Women's RightsFeryal M. Cherif2015As one of the first studies of its kind, this book synthesis...ISBN-13:0190211172
24PenwomanElin Wägner2009During the early 20th century, a female journalist tries to ...ISBN-13:9781870041744
25World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki2004OCLC:225309868
26Human RightsBrian Orend2002-05-23Winner: 2002 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award What ar...ISBN-13:9781551114361
27Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)Timothy Zahn2018-07Traces the rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the heights of po...ISBN-13:9780525480488
28Philosophical Dimensions of Human RightsClaudio Corradetti2011-10-29This book presents a unique collection of the most relevant ...ISBN-13:9789400723764
29Financial FiascoJohan Norberg2012-06-20Now newly expanded, with a with a new chapter on the spreadi...ISBN-13:1937184080
30Four FishPaul Greenberg2010-07-15"A necessary book for anyone truly interested in what we tak...ISBN-13:9781101442296
31State of the World's Children2009Evaluation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child all ...ISBN-13:9280644424
32Riksdagens protokollSweden. Riksdagen1999UCAL:B4467153
33Gusty Lovers and CadaversAnne R. Tan2015-05-11Gusty winds...and a trail of destruction. Graduate student R...
34Basic Facts about the United Nations2000-01-01This new updated edition of Basic Facts About the United Nat...ISBN-13:9789211008500
35General Principles of EC LawJohn Anthony Usher1998"This text provides an authoritative account and analysis of...ISBN-13:9780582277496
36Homeschooling in America and in EuropeJohn Warwick Montgomery2014-01-28The right of parents to choose the kind of education their c...ISBN-13:1625646194
37Riksdagens protokoll1997MINN:31951D01723491Y
38Aboriginal PeoplesMarie Léger1994Looks at the plight of aboriginal peoples in Mexico, Columbi...ISBN-13:9781551640105
39Fundamental Social RightsCouncil of Europe2002-01-01This reference book shows the real extent of the Charter's p...ISBN-13:9789287149329
40God's MercyKerstin Ekman2009-07When Hillevi, a young, inexperienced midwife, moves from the...ISBN-13:0803210744

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