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1Trust and OrganizationsM. Reuter2013-12-18An increasing number of people work in organizations that 't...ISBN-13:1137368810
2The Irrational OrganizationNils Brunsson2000-01ISBN-13:9788763000109
3Meta-organizationsGöran Ahrne2008-01-01A growing number of organizations are meta-organizations; ra...ISBN-13:1848442653
4The Organization of the Expert SocietyAndreas werr2016-12-01It is often claimed that we live in an expert society, a soc...ISBN-13:1317365127
5Organizing and Reorganizing MarketsNils Brunsson2018-02-23Organizing and Reorganizing Markets brings organization theo...ISBN-13:0192547720
6Return to MeaningMats Alvesson2017-06-30This book argues that we are currently witnessing not merely...ISBN-13:0191090786
7The Triumph of EmptinessMats Alvesson2013-05-30The book views the contemporary economy as an economy of per...ISBN-13:0199660948
8Organization TheoryPENGUIN GROUP (UK)2007-10-04This book spans seventy years of theory from Max Weber's sem...ISBN-13:0141902892
9The Stupidity ParadoxMats Alvesson2016-06-02Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organ...ISBN-13:1782832025
10Corporate Taxation and Social ResponsibilityAxel Hilling2018-05-22This book advocates ethical self-restraint in the realm of c...ISBN-13:9789403501321
11Reflexive LeadershipMats Alvesson2016-11-24Making a case for a reflexive approach to leadership, the au...ISBN-13:1473994365
12The Resilience FrameworkStefan Tengblad2017-08-31This book puts forward a carefully crafted theoretical frame...ISBN-13:9811053146
13Constructing Research QuestionsMats Alvesson2013-02-01All researchers want to produce interesting and influential ...ISBN-13:1446290484
14Reform as RoutineNils Brunsson2009-07-30Large contemporary organizations seem to be in an almost con...ISBN-13:0191570389
15The Last de Burgh2013"Destined for the convent, Emery Montbard disguises herself ...ISBN-13:0373306598
16The Shadow WomanAke Edwardson2010-09-28The second installment of the internationally best selling E...ISBN-13:1101460008
17The Notion of General ManagementKarin Brunsson2007The French industrialist Henri Fayol claimed that organizati...ISBN-13:9788763002172
18Sara VidebeckCarl Jonas Love Almqvist1919UOM:39015015397998
19Sustainable Business ModelsLars Moratis2018-06-02This book provides a rich overview and takes a closer look a...ISBN-13:3319735039
20The Teachings of ManagementKarin Brunsson2017-05-29This book provides a brief overview of the fundamental presu...ISBN-13:3319561200
21The organization of hypocrisyNils Brunsson1992-03-01Hypocrisy - the practice of incorporating different organiza...ISBN-13:9780471931867
22CleverlandsLucy Crehan2016-12-15As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exaspe...ISBN-13:1783522755
23Personalekonomiska beräkningar - påverkar de?Ulf Johanson1992CORNELL:31924069055154
24The Reforming OrganizationNils Brunsson2018-04-17Originally published in 1993. Organizations have become larg...ISBN-13:135125216X
25Consumer BehaviorKarin M. Ekstrom2017-08-31This book provides a basic understanding of the subject of c...ISBN-13:9789144116815
26Mechanisms of hopeNils Brunsson2006Nils Brunsson is Professor at the Stockholm School of Econom...IND:30000111035345
27The Biology of DisadvantageJudith Stewart2010-03-22How does socioeconomic status "get into the body" to affect ...STANFORD:36105213135309
28The Haberman VirusPhillip Strang2016-09-05A Genetically-Engineered Virus. A World under Threat! A myst...ISBN-13:9780994287137
29Organizational Epics and SagasMonika Kostera2008-06-25The second volume in a series of three focuses on organizati...ISBN-13:0230583601
30Swinging with SafetyRobert Adler2018-05-03Swinging with Safety is a comprehensive guide to the history...ISBN-13:9781979413138
31Needed by NobodyTova Hojdestrand2009This book offers a nuanced portrait of homelessness in St. P...ISBN-13:0801475937
32Accounting in NetworksHåkan Håkansson2010-04-27Accounting in Networks is the first book that in a comprehen...ISBN-13:1136989692
33Leading with Spirit, Presence, and AuthenticityKathryn Goldman Schuyler2014-06-13Developing inner wisdom as a leadership strength Leading wit...ISBN-13:111882069X
34The Embodiment of LeadershipLois Ruskai Melina2013-04-02Covering leadership in the arts and humanities, this volumei...ISBN-13:1118615662
35The CorporationJoel Bakan2005-03-01A heavily researched profile of the modern corporation theor...ISBN-13:9780743247467
36The ISO 14001 Implementation GuideSuzan L. Jackson1997-02-20With the establishment of new international standards for en...ISBN-13:9780471153603
37Closer TogetherAlexander Ståhle2017-03-28Cities are growing faster than ever before, but why? Because...ISBN-13:9188369080
38Organizing OrganizationsNils Brunsson1998-01-01This book augments the many important Scandinavian contribut...ISBN-13:9788276744224
39Bank RegulationAnna-Karin Stockenstrand2017-01-20Bank Regulation: Effects on Strategy, Financial Accounting a...ISBN-13:1317190688
40Accounting in ScandinaviaSten A. Jönsson2005In this book we have tried to bring together a group of inte...IND:30000102879735
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1Företagsekonomins frågorBrunsson, Nils, 1946-,2010Företagsekonomins frågor

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