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1Mathematical Learning and Cognition in Early ChildhoodKatherine M. Robinson2019-05-07This book explores mathematical learning and cognition in ea...ISBN-13:3030128954
2Mobile Web and Intelligent Information SystemsIrfan Awan2019-09-26This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th I...ISBN-13:3030271927
3Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Technology in Educa...Panayiotis Zaphiris2017-06-28The two-volume set LNCS 10295 and 10296 constitute the refer...ISBN-13:3319585150
4Touch Screen Tablets Touching Children's LivesJoanne Tarasuik2018-02-28ISBN-13:2889454177
5Editorial: Towards Real World Impacts: Design, Development, ...Chung Hyuk Park2021-01-19ISBN-13:2889664023
6Evaluating the Impact of a Tablet-based Intervention on the ...Jodie M. Walton2018OCLC:1090436526
7Preschool and Educational Technology: Evaluating a Tablet-Ba...Ana Eugenia Garduno2016This study examines the effect of an intervention called Nat...OCLC:951236473
8Young Children and Families in the Information AgeKelly L. Heider2014-12-05This edited book presents the most recent theory, research a...ISBN-13:9401791848
9Pedagogical Applications and Social Effects of Mobile Techno...Keengwe, Jared2013-02-28With the rapid development of emerging technology tools, the...ISBN-13:146662986X
10Early Childhood MattersKathy Sylva2010-01-04This book documents the rapid development of the importance ...ISBN-13:1135189862
11Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8National Research Council2015-07-23Children are already learning at birth, and they develop and...ISBN-13:0309324882
12Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Educatio...Ann Miles Gordon2016-01-01The primary strength of BEGINNINGS AND BEYOND: FOUNDATIONS I...ISBN-13:130585487X
13Using Digital Media at Home to Promote Young Children's Math...Megan Silander2016Persistent inequalities in the academic learning trajectorie...OCLC:1066355168
14Emerging Technologies for the ClassroomChrystalla Mouza2012-11-07This book provides contemporary examples of the ways in whic...ISBN-13:1461446961
15Learning Science Through Computer Games and SimulationsNational Research Council2011-05-12At a time when scientific and technological competence is vi...ISBN-13:0309185238
16Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia 2008–2011...Bob Perry2012-09-11This is the eighth edition of the four-yearly review of math...ISBN-13:9460919707
17Early Childhood Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,...Management Association, Information Resources2018-12-07A focus on the developmental progress of children before the...ISBN-13:1522575081
18Early Childhood Mathematics Education ResearchJulie Sarama2009-04-01This important new book synthesizes relevant research on the...ISBN-13:1135592497
19Individual Differences in ArithmeticAnn Dowker2019-03-27Arithmetic is still hugely important in many aspects of mode...ISBN-13:1317627431
20Learning and Teaching Early MathDouglas H. Clements2009-04-01In this important new book for pre- and in-service teachers,...ISBN-13:1135843791
21Understanding Tablets from Early Childhood to AdulthoodRhonda McEwen2017-05-18Understanding Tablets from Early Childhood to Adulthood offe...ISBN-13:1315389460
22Mathematics Learning in Early ChildhoodNational Research Council2009-11-13Early childhood mathematics is vitally important for young c...ISBN-13:9780309147439
23In Teachers We Trust: The Finnish Way to World-Class Schools...Timothy D. Walker2021-03-23Seven key principles from Finland for building a culture of ...ISBN-13:0393714012
24How People Learn IINational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine2018-09-27There are many reasons to be curious about the way people le...ISBN-13:0309459672
25RewiredLarry D. Rosen, Ph.D.2010-03-30Look around at today's youth and you can see how technology ...ISBN-13:9780230106086
26Ipads in Higher EducationNicos Souleles2015ISBN-13:1443883093
27Communication and Symbolic Behaviour ScalesAmy M. Wetherby2003-01-01The CSBS™ Record Forms and Caregiver Questionnaires, sold ...ISBN-13:9781557666680
28Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and OurselvesLouise Derman-Sparks2020-04-07Anti-bias education begins with you! Become a skilled anti-b...ISBN-13:9781938113574
29The Effects of IPad Devices on Elementary School Students' M...Jaclyn Singer2015The integration of educational technology continues to incre...OCLC:950525416
30Didactics of Smart PedagogyLinda Daniela2018-11-27The focus on smart education has become a new trend in the g...ISBN-13:3030015513
31Distance Education for Teacher TrainingHilary Perraton2002-03-11First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134868464
32Introduction to Early Childhood EducationR. E. (Rosemary Elaine) Young1994ISBN-13:9780176041755
33Mobile Learning Applications in Early Childhood EducationPapadakis, Stamatios2019-11-29Mobile technologies combined with an interdisciplinary appro...ISBN-13:1799814882
34Teaching in the Digital AgeBrian Puerling2012-07-10Innovative strategies that help early childhood educators ut...ISBN-13:1605541184
35Apps, Technology and Younger LearnersNatalia Kucirkova2016-11-10This book provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges, p...ISBN-13:1317402472
36Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young ChildrenNational Research Council1998-07-22While most children learn to read fairly well, there remain ...ISBN-13:030906418X
37Teaching Secondary School MathematicsMerrilyn Goos2020-07-16Since its first publication, Teaching Secondary School Mathe...ISBN-13:1000251624
38The Education System in MalawiWorld Bank2010-02-25'The Education System in Malawi', an Education Country Statu...ISBN-13:9780821381991
39The Mississippi Cookbook2010-06-30The Mississippi Cookbook was prepared in an attempt to colle...ISBN-13:9781604734843
40Emergent LiteracySonia Q. Cabell2008-11-11Designed for speech-language pathologists to enhance emergen...ISBN-13:1597568139

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