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1Explorations in Technology Education ResearchP John Williams2019-01-28This volume brings together significant international resear...ISBN-13:9811330107
2Lärarens återkomst : från förvirring till upprättelseJonas Linderoth2017-10-12I debattboken Lärarens återkomst ger pedagogikprofessorn o...ISBN-13:9127823296
3Embedded Formative AssessmentDylan Wiliam2011-11-01Formative assessment plays an important role in increasing t...ISBN-13:1936765012
4Assessment For LearningBlack, Paul2003-09-01Assessment for Learning is based on a two-year project invol...ISBN-13:0335212972
5Skolutveckling som gemensamt projektPetter Wiklander2019-02-05Boken belyser olika aspekter av ett framgångsrikt skolutvec...ISBN-13:917785568X
6Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
7Learning How to LearnMary James2006-10-13Learning how to learn is an essential preparation for lifelo...ISBN-13:1134146833
8Working Inside the Black BoxPaul Black2004Offers practical advice on using and improving assessment fo...ISBN-13:9780708713792
9The Future of AssessmentCarol Anne Dwyer2017-09-25@text:This volume stems from the 2003 Educational Testing Se...ISBN-13:1351544411
10Improving Learning How to LearnMary James2007-10-18Learning how to learn is an essential preparation for lifelo...ISBN-13:1134138431
11Making Thinking VisibleRon Ritchhart2011-03-25A proven program for enhancing students' thinking and compre...ISBN-13:1118015010
12Embedded Formative AssessmentDylan Wiliam2017-10-17Educational achievement carries more importance than ever in...ISBN-13:9781945349225
13Modern Foreign Languages Inside the Black BoxJane Jones2008-01-07ISBN-13:9780708717653
14English Inside the Black BoxBethan Marshall2006English Inside the Black Box is an easy-to-follow booklet of...ISBN-13:9780708716861
15Ahead of the CurveDouglas B. Reeves2009-11-01This anthology brings the ideas and recommendations of many ...ISBN-13:1934009849
16Assessment in Physical EducationPeter Hay2013Assessment has widely been acknowledged as a central element...ISBN-13:0415602726
17International Handbook of Technology Education2006-01-01This first volume in the International Technology Education ...ISBN-13:9087901046
18Inside the Black Box of AssessmentPaul Black2014-10-03This booklet, drawing from evidence-based research, examines...ISBN-13:9781941112205
19Doing HistoryLinda S. Levstik1997Doing History offers a unique perspective on history instruc...UOM:39015045961227
20Embedding Formative AssessmentDylan Wiliam2015-01-15Effective classroom formative assessment helps educators mak...ISBN-13:9781941112298
21How I Wish I'd Taught MathsCraig Barton2018Brought to an American audience for the first time, How I Wi...ISBN-13:9781943920587
22Women and AppletreesMoa Martinson1985Depicts the struggles of women to endure and overcome the ha...ISBN-13:9780935312386
23Leadership for Teacher LearningDylan William2015-09-20Leading education authority Dylan Wiliam explains how format...ISBN-13:9781941112267
24Creating the Schools Our Children NeedDylan Wiliam2018-03-29Research shows school improvement initiatives are most effec...ISBN-13:9781943920334
25Model Analysis of Pedagogical ProcessesUlf P. Lundgren1981CORNELL:31924052344896
26Recent Research in Mathematics Education 5-16Mike Askew1995STANFORD:36105021651182
27Student Perspectives on AssessmentDennis M. McInerney2009-12-01Assessment for learning is meant to engage, motivate, and en...ISBN-13:160752354X
28Assessment for LearningDylan Wiliam2009Raising student achievement has benefits not only for the in...PSU:000062484671
29Developmental Work ResearchYrjö Engeström2005ISBN-13:3865410693
30The Psychology of Digital LearningStephan Schwan2017-04-17This book provides an overview of the state-of-the art of ps...ISBN-13:331949077X
31Evidence-based TeachingGeoff Petty2009-01"Evidence Based Teaching presents a coherent, evidence based...ISBN-13:9781408504529
32Environment, Ethics and CulturesKay Stables2015-02-27"This collection engages environmental, ethical and cultural...ISBN-13:9462099383
33Science Inside the Black BoxPaul Joseph Black2004ISBN-13:9780708714447
34Preparing Teachers for a Changing WorldLinda Darling-Hammond2017-07-27Based on rapid advances in what is known about how people le...ISBN-13:1119461162
35Information and Communication Technology Inside the Black Bo...Mary Webb2007ISBN-13:9780708717639
36The Professional Knowledge Base of Science TeachingDeborah Corrigan2011-03-01Over the past twenty years, much has been written about the ...ISBN-13:9789048139279
37How to Teach Even BetterGeoff Petty2018-06-07How to Teach Even Better: An Evidence-Based Approach explore...ISBN-13:0198417020
38Educational PsychologyDavid Paul Ausubel1978UOM:39015005430213
39Developing Teacher AssessmentGardner, John2010-02-01-The purposes of assessment --ISBN-13:0335237835
40Formative Assessment Improving Learning in Secondary Classro...OECD2005-01-25This study features a collection of eight case studies of ex...ISBN-13:9264007415
1Handbok i formativ bedömning : strategier och praktiska tek...Wiliam, Dylan2015Handbok i formativ bedömning : strategier och praktiska tek...
2Handbok i formativ bedömning [Elektronisk resurs] strategie...Wiliam, Dylan2016Handbok i formativ bedömning [Elektronisk resurs] strategie...

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