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1Personal CopingBruce N. Carpenter1992-01-01This volume presents current models of coping, describes the...ISBN-13:0275930122
2Life-span Developmental PsychologyE. Mark Cummings2014-01-02Although there has been a significant increase in studies of...ISBN-13:1317784820
3Stress Management in the Construction IndustryMei-yung Leung2015-03-16This systematic review of stress management in construction ...ISBN-13:1118456416
4Individual Differences in MovementD.B. Kirkcaldy2012-12-06This book is an attempt to bridge the gap between differenti...ISBN-13:940094912X
5Stress And AnxietyCharles D. Spielberger2014-09-03First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1317763785
6Psychopathology in ChildhoodJuliana Rasic Lachenmeyer1982UOM:39015016215454
7Health PsychologyMichael Feuerstein2013-06-29Although it has been assumed since early recorded history th...ISBN-13:1489905626
8Handbook of Clinical Health PsychologyC. Green2012-12-06We seek to throw down the gauntlet with this handbook, chall...ISBN-13:1461334128
9Psychobiology of StressStefano Puglisi-Allegra2012-12-06From a historical point of view the first studies on the res...ISBN-13:9400919905
10Stress: Concepts, Cognition, Emotion, and BehaviorGeorge Fink2016-03-10Stress: Concepts, Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior: Handbook...ISBN-13:0128011378
11Encyclopedia of Family HealthMartha Craft-Rosenberg2011-01-20Including entries from disciplines across the social science...ISBN-13:1412969182
12Coping with Chronic StressBenjamin H. Gottlieb2013-11-21Much of what we know about the subject of coping is based on...ISBN-13:1475798628
13Human stress and cognitionVernon Hamilton1979STANFORD:36105035825947
14The American PrisonLynne Goodstein2013-03-08Despite the dire forecasts of others who had themselves edit...ISBN-13:1468456520
15Women, Work, and CopingBonita C. Long1993-10-25Written by feminists and other researchers from the discipli...ISBN-13:0773564357
16Stress in Health and Disease, An Issue of Psychiatric Clinic...Daniel L. Kirsch2014-12-27Stress in the DSM is referred to only in the sense of post t...ISBN-13:0323326773
17The Development of CopingEllen A. Skinner2016-10-08This book traces the development of coping from birth to eme...ISBN-13:3319417401
18Models for Clinical PsychopathologyC. Eisdorfer2012-08-04This volume offers a critical evaluation of seven major para...ISBN-13:9789401571319
19Stress, Coping and Educational Outcomes Among Adolescent Mot...Bianca Lucrecia Guzmán1997MSU:31293017824982
20Personality, Stress, and CopingErica Frydenberg2011-09-01Nearly all chapters in this volume are contemporary original...ISBN-13:1617355259
21Headteacher Stress, Coping, and HealthAlistair Ostell1995This study investigates how headteachers react to, and attem...UCSC:32106011549703
22Comprehensive Handbook of Cognitive TherapyHal Arkowitz2013-06-29This Handbook covers all the many aspects of cognitive thera...ISBN-13:1475797796
23Commuting StressMeni Koslowsky1995-08-31This singular book describes various aspects of the commutin...ISBN-13:9780306450372
24Stress, Coping, and Smoking CessationMeryl Silber Brod1983UCAL:X44574
25The Oxford Handbook of Stigma, Discrimination, and HealthBrenda Major2017-12-13Stigma leads to poorer health. Edited by Brenda Major, John ...ISBN-13:0190243473
26Handbook of organizational stress coping strategiesAmarjit Singh Sethi1984-08-01Good,No Highlights,No Markup,all pages are intact, Slight Sh...STANFORD:36105037636235
27The Handbook of Behavioral MedicineDavid I. Mostofsky2014-03-25Handbook of Behavioral Medicine presents a comprehensive ove...ISBN-13:1118453859
28The Handbook of Stress ScienceAndrew Baum, PhD2010-09-29"[F]or those who are entering the field or who want to broad...ISBN-13:9780826117717
29Stress Management for WellnessWalter E. Schafer1992Provides comprehensive, scientifically-based coverage of the...UVA:X002757469
30InfertilityAnnette L. Stanton2013-06-29As a researcher whose work focuses largely on the causes and...ISBN-13:148990753X
31Encyclopedia of Behavioral MedicineMarc Gellman2013-02-18This encyclopedia advances the understanding of behavioral m...ISBN-13:9781441910059
32Psychische Bewältigung der chronischen HerzerkrankungW. Langosch2013-03-07ISBN-13:3642704352
33The Oxford Handbook of Stress, Health, and CopingSusan Folkman2011The Oxford Handbook of Stress, Health, and Coping is an esse...ISBN-13:0195375343
34Psycho Bio Int Hiv InfectNott2000-05-01HIV infection has, more than any other event this century, t...ISBN-13:9789058230379
35Nursing Student RetentionMarianne R. Jeffreys, EdD, RN2004-05-24In the current nursing shortage, student retention is a prio...ISBN-13:0826134467
36Handbook of Stress, Coping, and HealthVirginia Hill Rice2012This unique and comprehensive handbook examines the various ...ISBN-13:1412999294
37Cognition, Stress, and AgingJames E. Birren1985UOM:39015007092920
38Emotion in Memory and DevelopmentJodi Quas2009-04-09The question of how well children recall and can discuss emo...ISBN-13:0195326938
39Behavior, Health, and Environmental StressSheldon Cohen2013-06-29Eight years ago, four psychologists with varying backgrounds...ISBN-13:1475793804
40The " BASIC Ph" Model of Coping and ResiliencyMooli Lahad2012This book outlines the theory behind the "BASIC Ph" approach...ISBN-13:184905231X
1Political Violence, Armed Conflict, and Youth Adjustment A D...Cummings, E. Mark.Political Violence, Armed Conflict, and Youth Adjustment A D...

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