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1Unaccompanied young migrantsClayton, Sue2019-01-30Taking a multi-disciplinary perspective, and one grounded in...ISBN-13:1447331885
2TippyElse Cederborg2014-12-24Tippy is much younger than her brother and sister. The sibli...ISBN-13:1312399317
3The Routledge Handbook of Migration and LanguageSuresh Canagarajah2017-02-03The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language is the firs...ISBN-13:1317624343
4Preventing Abuse and Neglect in the Lives of Children with D...E. Paula Crowley2016-04-02This book addresses the development of our understanding of ...ISBN-13:3319304429
5Dialogue InterpretingRebecca Tipton2016-02-05Routledge Interpreting Guides cover the key settings or doma...ISBN-13:1317289412
6Building and Engineering News1922UIUC:30112089631839
7Child Sexual AbuseMargaret-Ellen Pipe2013-05-13This volume provides the first rigorous assessment of the re...ISBN-13:1135592217
8Queen of the HillsEvelyn Craig Pattiani2007LCCN:2007280031
9Hand Wrought Arts and Crafts Metalwork and JewelryDarcy L. Evon2014-01-28The Arts and Crafts Movement, a fascinating period in Americ...ISBN-13:9780764344855
10Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbeteAnn-Christin Cederborg2014ISBN-13:9789140685667
11Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual AbuseCynthia Crosson-Tower2014-01-30Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse is the first t...ISBN-13:1483359263
12The Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse AllegationsKathryn Kuehnle2008-12-23ISBN-13:0470478691
13It Was Just, YesterdayMirja Unge2013-12-03'Unge can do a lot with a little.' - The Guardian, Best Shor...
14Human Behavior UnderstandingAlbert Ali Salah2012-09-18This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third ...ISBN-13:3642340148
15Samling av uppgifter till äktenskapsregistret1931MINN:31951001301493U
16Please Explain Anxiety to Me!Laurie Zelinger2010-01-01ÿWhat's happening to me? This book translates anxiety from ...ISBN-13:1615998888
17Small Stories, Interaction and IdentitiesAlexandra Georgakopoulou2007Narrative research is frequently described as a diverse ente...ISBN-13:9789027226488
18Investigative Interviews of ChildrenDebra A. Poole1998-01-01Interviewing children as part of an investigation is an act ...ISBN-13:9781557986849
19The Ballad of a Broken NoseArne Svingen2016-06-14From award-winning Norwegian author Arne Svingen comes “an...ISBN-13:1481415441
20Children's TestimonyHelen L. Westcott2003-11-14Children's Testimony offers a comprehensive and up-to-date a...ISBN-13:0470851392
21The Witch-Hunt NarrativeRoss E. Cheit2014-04-28In the 1980s, a series of child sex abuse cases rocked the U...ISBN-13:0190226331
22Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global AgeJacqueline Bhabha2014-05-04Why, despite massive public concern, is child trafficking on...ISBN-13:1400850169
23The Pacific Coast Legal Directory1958STANFORD:36105063336296
24The Good HopeWilliam Heinesen2011First published in 1964 The Good Hope won The Nordic Prize f...ISBN-13:9781903517987
25School BullyingRobin May Schott2014-02-06Bullying is a socially and culturally complex phenomenon tha...ISBN-13:1107729289
26Haines Monterey, Santa Cruz City and Suburban Criss-cross Di...1981UCSC:32106020201593
27Robot Learning from Human TeachersSonia Chernova2014-04-01Learning from Demonstration (LfD) explores techniques for le...ISBN-13:1681731797
28Children, Welfare and the StateBarry Goldson2003-01-15`A good foundation for those intent on further research' - C...ISBN-13:9780761972327
29Suggestibility in Legal ContextsAnne M. Ridley2012-10-22A comprehensive survey of the theory, research and forensic ...ISBN-13:1118432827
30Advanced Planning in Fresh Food IndustriesMatthias Lütke Entrup2006-03-30Production planning in fresh food industries is a challengin...ISBN-13:3790816469
31Disputes in Everyday LifeSusan Danby2012-10-05This volume offers a contemporary understanding of the relat...ISBN-13:1780528779
32Memories on the MoveMonika Palmberger2017-03-03‘Through a series of excellent essays this volume uses con...ISBN-13:1137575492
33Children and International Human Rights LawAisling Parkes2013-08-15The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 198...ISBN-13:1135085196
34Africa's Return MigrantsLisa Åkesson2015-07-15Many African migrants residing abroad nurture a hope to one ...ISBN-13:1783602368
35Computational Human-Robot InteractionAndrea Thomaz2016-12-20Computational Human-Robot Interaction provides the reader wi...ISBN-13:9781680832082
36Touched By GraceGary Lucas2013-09-01"Suddenly, this skinny, longhaired kid who had been lounging...ISBN-13:9781908279453
37Tell Me What HappenedMichael E. Lamb2008-09-15Investigation of child abuse is often hampered by doubts abo...ISBN-13:0470773286
38Practical Approaches to BullyingPeter K. Smith2017-09-13Originally published in 1991, this book is about bullying an...ISBN-13:1351656104
39Sociological AbstractsLeo P. Chall1995UOM:39015078348912
40Kino, Wehikuł Magiczny - Podróż PierwszaAdam Garbicz2014-03-01Co czyni filmy Orsona Wellesa, Akiry Kurosawy, Roberta Bress...ISBN-13:0992823412
1HjärnpunkaCederborg, Staffan, 1962-Hjärnpunka
2Barnrätt : en antologiBarnrätt : en antologi
3Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbeteBarnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbete
4Hjärnpunka [Ljudupptagning]Cederborg, Staffan2014Hjärnpunka [Ljudupptagning]
5Det här är ingen film med lyckligt slut [Elektronisk resur...Cederborg, StaffanDet här är ingen film med lyckligt slut [Elektronisk resur...
6Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbete [Elektronisk resurs...2014Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbete [Elektronisk resurs...
7Hjärnpunka [Ljudupptagning]Cederborg, Staffan, 1962-p 2014Hjärnpunka [Ljudupptagning]
8HjärnpunkaCederborg, Staffan, 1962-Hjärnpunka
9Hjärnpunka [Elektronisk resurs]Cederborg, Staffan2015Hjärnpunka [Elektronisk resurs]
10Barnrätt [Elektronisk resurs] : en antologi2016Barnrätt [Elektronisk resurs] : en antologi
1Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbeteCederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-,2014Barnperspektiv i socialtjänstens arbete
2BarnrättCederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-, Warnling-Nerep, Wiveka, 2014Barnrätt
3Att lyssna på barn och ungdomarCederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-,Att lyssna på barn och ungdomar
4Kränkningar och trakasserier i skolanCederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-,Kränkningar och trakasserier i skolan
5Utsatta barn och ungdomarCederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-,Utsatta barn och ungdomar
6Department of child and youth studiesAronsson, Karin, Cederborg, Ann-Christin, Department of child and youth studies
7Representations of Children’s Voices about their health in...Hultman, Elin, 1976-, Cederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-, Representations of Children’s Voices about their health in...
8Språkbruk i barnavårdsutredningarHultman, Elin, Cederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-, Språkbruk i barnavårdsutredningar
9”What happened when you came to Sweden?" : Attributing res...Lindholm, Johanna, Börjesson, Mats, Cederborg, Ann-Christin, ”What happened when you came to Sweden?" : Attributing res...
10Barns delaktighet i forskning - särskilt om informationskra...Mattsson, Titti, Cederborg, Ann-Christin Warnling-Nerep, Wiweka Barns delaktighet i forskning - särskilt om informationskra...
11Barnets bästa i vårdnadstvisterRejmer, Annika, Cederborg, Ann-Christine Barnets bästa i vårdnadstvister
12Adolescent girls exploited in the sex trade : informativenes...Lindholm, Johanna, Cederborg, Ann-christin, Alm, Charlotte, Adolescent girls exploited in the sex trade : informativenes...
13Legislators’ perceptions of unaccompanied children seeking...Hedlund, Daniel, Cederborg, Ann-Christin, 1952-, Legislators’ perceptions of unaccompanied children seeking...

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