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1Honey MoneyCatherine Hakim2012Why are some people a success at everything? Why do doors op...ISBN-13:9780241952214
2The New RulesCatherine Hakim2015-11Could the web be changing the very nature of the bond betwee...ISBN-13:9781908096609
3Research DesignCatherine Hakim2012-11-12Providing a practical overview for graduates and professiona...ISBN-13:1135125724
4Love and Its ObjectsC. Maurer2014-09-25This collection of essays on the philosophy of love, by lead...ISBN-13:1137383313
5Contemporary Cinema and Neoliberal IdeologyEwa Mazierska2017-09-22In this edited collection, an international ensemble of scho...ISBN-13:1315304058
6The Kind-Hearted Smart Aleck - Volume 2: The Wisecracks Cont...Craig RoznieckiISBN-13:1312063254
7Comunicación de instituciones públicasNúria Escalona2015-07-31La concreción del título de este libro se encuentra en cad...ISBN-13:849064733X
8Female Islamic Education MovementsMasooda Bano2017-08-31This book challenges the assumptions of creative agency and ...ISBN-13:1107188830
9Erotic CapitalCatherine Hakim2011States that each person has "erotic capital," or a level of ...ISBN-13:0465027474
10The Sex MythBrooke Magnanti2012-05-03Why everything the media tells us about sex is wrong ... Is ...ISBN-13:0297866400
11Work-Lifestyle Choices in the 21st CenturyCatherine Hakim2000-11-02In this book, Hakim presents a new, multi-disciplinary theor...ISBN-13:0191583308
12The Future of GenderJude Browne2007-08-30"Gender" is used to classify humans and to explain their beh...ISBN-13:9780521874410
13Beautiful TroubleAndrew Boyd2013-05-01Banksy, the Yes Men, Gandhi, Starhawk: the accumulated wisdo...ISBN-13:1939293162
14Capital eróticoCatherine Hakim2012-04-26El primer intento de definir y entender un tipo de capital h...ISBN-13:8499921868
15Women, Crime, and CriminologyCarol Smart1976ISBN-13:9780710088338
16Capitale eroticoCatherine Hakim2012-05-08Ognuno di noi è dotato di alcune risorse personali che può...ISBN-13:8852025359
17Key Issues in Women's WorkCatherine Hakim2016-09-17Women's employment is one of the most widely-discussed and o...ISBN-13:1135310882
18Models of the Family in Modern Societies: Ideals and Realiti...Catherine Hakim2018-01-12This title was first published in 2003. This text reports on...ISBN-13:1351771485
19The Monogamy GapEric Anderson2012-03-21Whether straight or gay, most men start their relationships ...ISBN-13:0199943907
20Gender and STEM: Understanding Segregation in Science, Techn...Maria Charles2018-12-06This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Gender ...ISBN-13:3038971472
21Capitale erotico. Perché il fascino è il segreto del succe...Catherine Hakim2012ISBN-13:9788804620235
22Work-Life Balance in the 21st CenturyD. Houston2005-04-04As we begin the twenty-first century, UK employees work the ...ISBN-13:0230373593
23Why Love HurtsEva Illouz2013-05-20Few of us have been spared the agonies of intimate relations...ISBN-13:0745672116
24SAGE Secondary Data AnalysisJohn Goodwin2012-07-23One central and enduring image of the social science researc...ISBN-13:1446275949
25The Sexual Demon of Colonial PowerGreg Thomas2007Interrogates the language of body politics in the context of...ISBN-13:0253348412
26Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spec...Claire Bishop2012-07-24A searing critique of participatory art by the historian aut...ISBN-13:1844676900
27Middle AgeDavid Bainbridge2012-03-01“There's lots of good news for the middle aged…A very jo...ISBN-13:1846274362
28Sex and the OfficeJulie Berebitsky2012-04-17In this engaging book—the first to historicize our underst...ISBN-13:0300118996
29Close RelationshipsClyde Hendrick2000As Ellen Bercheid points out in her foreword to this volume,...ISBN-13:9780761916062
30Beauty PaysDaniel S. Hamermesh2013-04-21Demonstrates how society favors the beautiful and how better...ISBN-13:0691158177
31The Future of Motherhood in Western SocietiesGijs Beets2010-12-06Most people value to have children still highly. But what is...ISBN-13:9789048189694
32Gender and Popular CultureKatie Milestone2013-04-30This book examines the role of popular culture in the constr...ISBN-13:0745658652
33The Erotic History of AdvertisingTom Reichert2003...a number of fascinating anecdotes...well-documented and f...ISBN-13:1615923365
34Women in BusinessPaola Demartini2019[The role of women in entrepreneurship, management and corpo...ISBN-13:9783039216390
35AutophagyDaniel Klionsky2003-12-15Starting in the early 1970s, a type of programmed cell death...ISBN-13:1498713270
36London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic GamesTom Knight2012-10-22A limited, leather bound , individually numbered edition of ...ISBN-13:9781118378540
37Engaging with Carol BacchiAngelique Bletsas2012-01-01Carol Bacchi's scholarship is both substantial and wide-rang...ISBN-13:0987171852
38Gender Equality in the Welfare State?Pascall, Gillian2012-04-27The relationship between gender and welfare states is of key...ISBN-13:1447309189
39Men, Wage Work and FamilyPaula McDonald2012In the last two decades there has been a plethora of researc...ISBN-13:0415893763
40Unemployment, Social Vulnerability, and Health in EuropeDetlef Schwefel2012-12-06It is not easy to summarize the studies that have dealt with...ISBN-13:3642831125
1Research design [Elektronisk resurs] successful designs for ...Hakim, Catherine.2000Research design [Elektronisk resurs] successful designs for ...

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