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1Buber and EducationW. John Morgan2013-10-08Martin Buber (1878-1965) is considered one of the 20th centu...ISBN-13:1135067740
2Martin Buber's I and ThouKenneth Kramer2003Martin Buber's classic philosophy of dialogue, I and Thou, i...ISBN-13:9780809141586
3I and ThouMartin Buber2012-10-01I AND THOU is one of the most important books of Western The...ISBN-13:1456610821
4A Land of Two PeoplesMartin Buber2005-02-15Theologian, philosopher, and political radical, Martin Buber...ISBN-13:9780226078021
5The Promise of DialogueLouise Phillips2011Presents a theoretical framework for analysing the dialogic ...ISBN-13:9027210292
6The Theatrical SpectaculumTova GamlielISBN-13:3030281280
7MutualityDonald L. Berry1985-01-01This is an elegant book. By skillfully blending meticulous s...ISBN-13:9780873959292
8The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group PsychotherapyJeffrey L. Kleinberg2011-10-18A user-friendly guide of best practice for leading groups in...ISBN-13:1119979978
9EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st CenturyD. Novotny2012-10-17Escaping the economic and security-centered approaches, prev...ISBN-13:1137007508
10Virtue EthicsNafsika Athanassoulis2012-12-06What is 'virtue'? And how can we lead moral lives? Exploring...ISBN-13:1441162879
11The Handbook of Community PracticeMarie Weil2012-08-29The Second Edition of The Handbook of Community Practice is ...ISBN-13:1452289972
12Ernst Bloch and His ContemporariesIvan Boldyrev2014-02-27Ernst Bloch and His Contemporaries is a much needed concise ...ISBN-13:1472512065
13Aesthetics of RenewalMartina Urban2009-05-15Martin Buber’s embrace of Hasidism at the start of the twe...ISBN-13:0226842738
14On Intersubjectivity and Cultural CreativityMartin Buber1992-10-01One of the foremost religious and social philosophers of the...ISBN-13:9780226078076
15The Objectification SpectrumJohn M. Rector2014-06-30What lies at the heart of humanity's capacity for evil? Any ...ISBN-13:0199355436
16The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Coaching a...Jonathan Passmore2012-09-24A state-of-the-art reference, drawing on key contemporary re...ISBN-13:1118326490
17A Philosophy of SchoolingJulian Stern2018-02-19This book provides an optimistic account of the value and ro...ISBN-13:3319715712
18Levinas, Storytelling and Anti-StorytellingWill Buckingham2013-02-14The telling of tales is always a troubling business, and the...ISBN-13:1441134905
19Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and HitlerMargarete Buber-Neumann2013-07-31This book is a unique account by a survivor of both the Sovi...ISBN-13:1407018361
20New Perspectives in Philosophy of EducationDavid Lewin2014-10-23New Perspectives in Philosophy of Education seeks to build a...ISBN-13:1472513363
21Debates in Music TeachingChris Philpott2012-07-26Debates in Music Teaching encourages student and practising ...ISBN-13:1136303529
22Hope for Our TimeAvraham Shapira1999-01-01Uncovers the underlying structures of Martin Buber's thought...ISBN-13:9780791441251
23Evocative CoachingBob Tschannen-Moran2010-06-18There?s a lot of conversation about how to make schools bett...ISBN-13:9780470630921
24The Way of ManMartin Buber1966ISBN-13:9780806500249
25Authority and AutonomySusanne Ekman2012-09-18Offers a detailed and entertaining analysis of the daily int...ISBN-13:1137272880
26Existential Psychology East-westLouis Hoffman2009-01-01Existential Psychology East-West presents a dialogue between...STANFORD:36105215356010
27Levinas and TheologyNigel Zimmermann2013-09-12The thought of Emmanuel Levinas is of increasing importance ...ISBN-13:1472554590
28The Moral Work of Teaching and Teacher EducationMatthew N. Sanger2015-04-25What makes teaching a moral endeavor? How can we prepare cla...ISBN-13:0807771988
29The Martin Buber - Carl Rogers DialogueMartin Buber1997-08-14A corrected and extensively annotated version of the sole me...ISBN-13:9780791434383
30The Legend of the Baal-ShemMartin Buber1995The Jewish philosopher Martin Buber spoke directly to the mo...ISBN-13:9780691043890
31The Healing Power of Spirituality: PsychodynamicsJ. Harold Ellens2009-12-30ISBN-13:9780313372018
32Theories of Counseling and PsychotherapyLinda Seligman2009-07-01Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Systems, Strategie...ISBN-13:9780135034767
33Israeli and Palestinian TerrorismGeoffrey Victor Whitfield2009STANFORD:36105124182119
34Teaching VirtueMarius Felderhof2014-11-20In much of the world, religious traditions are seriously val...ISBN-13:1472528107
35Educating the Postmodern ChildFiachra Long2012-11-22Educating the Postmodern Child traces the philosophical chal...ISBN-13:144113266X
36Eclipse of GodMartin Buber2015-10-27Biblical in origin, the expression "eclipse of God" refers t...ISBN-13:1400874084
37Getting the Love You WantHarville Hendrix2001-07-31A marriage therapist and pastoral counselor explains that mo...ISBN-13:9780805068955
38Ecstatic ConfessionsMartin Buber1996Beginning with Buber's seminal essay on mysticism, this book...ISBN-13:9780815604228
39Environmental GerontologyGraham D. Rowles, PhD2013-02-20"[This book] addresses issues on both sides of the Atlantic;...ISBN-13:0826108148
40Religion as a Conversation StarterIna Merdjanova2011-11-03Religion as a Conversation Starter is the first comprehensiv...ISBN-13:1441157158
1Distans och relation : bidrag till en filosofisk antropologi...Buber, Martin, 1878-1965Distans och relation : bidrag till en filosofisk antropologi...
2Logos [Ljudupptagning] två essäerBuber, MartinLogos [Ljudupptagning] två essäer
3Om uppfostran [Ljudupptagning]Buber, MartinOm uppfostran [Ljudupptagning]
4Jewish philosophy as a guide to life : Rosenzweig, Buber, L...Putnam, HilaryJewish philosophy as a guide to life : Rosenzweig, Buber, L...
5Martin Bubers literarisches Werk zum Chassidismus : eine tex...Pourshirazi, Katja.2008Martin Bubers literarisches Werk zum Chassidismus : eine tex...
6Albrecht Goes : Freund Martin Bubers und des Judentums : ein...Zwanger, Helmut, 1942-2008Albrecht Goes : Freund Martin Bubers und des Judentums : ein...
7Ett rum till vänster [Ljudupptagning] ur arbetsboken : [spr...Bolin, AstaEtt rum till vänster [Ljudupptagning] ur arbetsboken : [spr...
8Mellan tystnad och ord [Ljudupptagning] essäerVincent, MonaMellan tystnad och ord [Ljudupptagning] essäer
9Antología de la literatura fantásticaAntología de la literatura fantástica
10Martin Buber's journey to presenceHuston, Phil.cop. 2007Martin Buber's journey to presence
1Ett tvådimensionellt perspektiv på lärares relationskompe...Aspelin, Jonas, 1964-,2016Ett tvådimensionellt perspektiv på lärares relationskompe...

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