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1Project management2009ISBN-13:9788776757281
2Projektledning2014PROJEKTLEDNING riktar sig till alla som arbetar med projekt,...ISBN-13:9789152326473
3Projektledning upplaga 7Bo Tonnquist2018ISBN-13:9789152354988
4Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok).Bo Tonnquist2016ISBN-13:9789152341100
5Governance, projektportfölj och projektkontorKjell Rodenstedt2013-12-03Allt mer drivs som olika typer av projekt. Stora globala fö...ISBN-13:917463951X
6Future Logistics ChallengesLeif Enarsson2006This book presents a perspective for the future development ...ISBN-13:9788763001700
7Project Management Absolute Beginner's GuideGreg Horine2017-02-09This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include an...ISBN-13:013465398X
8Applying International Financial Reporting StandardsKeith Alfredson2007The core focus of this text remains on the interpretation, a...IND:30000115530648
9The Teen Vogue HandbookTeen Vogue2014-11-28Amy Astley, former Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief, says: “The ...ISBN-13:0698197224
10Project ManagementHarvey Maylor2003Considering the context of modern projects at strategic, sys...ISBN-13:9780273655411
11A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book A...Irena Grugulis2016-11-10Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1473986877
12Creating the Perfect Design BriefPeter L. Phillips2012-07-01In the only book of its kind, now revised and updated with t...ISBN-13:1621532275
13The Book of Alternative DataAlexander Denev2020-06-29The first and only book to systematically address methodolog...ISBN-13:1119601800
14Key Themes in Media TheoryDan Laughey2007-10-01"Key Themes in Media Theory is wonderfully wide-ranging and ...ISBN-13:0335234917
15Six Sigma for Financial Services: How Leading Companies Are ...Rowland Hayler2007Strategies to turn your financial organisation into a lean, ...ISBN-13:0071470379
16Project Management for Engineering and ConstructionGarold D. Oberlender2015-07-16The latest, most effective engineering and construction proj...ISBN-13:9789814670869
17Paediatric Audiological MedicineValerie E. Newton2008-12-30Professionals will find a wide range of topics relevant to t...ISBN-13:9780470987964
18A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R...Project Management Institute2019-08-05To support the broadening spectrum of project delivery appro...ISBN-13:1628255390
19The Small Business ControllerRichard O. Hanson2009-09-01This book describes the role of the controller in a nonpubli...ISBN-13:9781606490631
20A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...Emma Bell2013-09-18Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1446292622
21Proceedings of the 18th Online World Conference on Soft Comp...Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane2018-09-18This book gathers the papers presented at the 18th Online Wo...ISBN-13:3030006123
22Revolutionizing Product DevelopmentSteven C. Wheelwright1992-06-15Today, a company's capability to conceive and design quality...ISBN-13:0029055156
23Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Paper Class 10 English Language ...Oswaal Editorial Board2019-10-24CBSE Curriculum was most recently updated on 29th March 2019...ISBN-13:938934073X
24Management of an Industrial CompanyHåkan Kullvén2018-11-30"How is a company managed? In this book, this is explained b...ISBN-13:9789144129280
25Color and DesignMarilyn DeLong2013-08-29From products we use to clothes we wear, and spaces we inhab...ISBN-13:1472520157
26Consumer BehaviourJim Blythe2013-03-26Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Wh...ISBN-13:1446276333
27Global MarketingKeegan2009-09ISBN-13:9788131719510
28The Trusted Advisor FieldbookCharles H. Green2011-11-15A practical guide to being a trusted advisor for leaders in ...ISBN-13:1118085647
29Inspired INCLisa MacCallum2019-04-30If you're running an Inspired Company your workday looks lik...ISBN-13:9781912892211
30Lean OutDawn Foster2016-01-19Sheryl Sandberg’s business advice book, Lean In, was heral...ISBN-13:1910924032
31The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocketVanessa Wang2013-03-21The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket is the ultimate insi...ISBN-13:143024741X
32Strategic Communication for OrganizationsSara LaBelle2020-02-11Strategic Communication for Organizations elucidates the eme...ISBN-13:0520298527
33Daylight Influence on Colour DesignMaud Hårleman2007ISBN-13:9789197664400
34Branding YouTim FosterISBN-13:9789144092720
35Agil Organisering med PulsUlla Sebestyén2015-04-24Ett företags tillväxt och lönsamhet beror till stor del p...ISBN-13:9163783622
36Virtualization EssentialsMatthew Portnoy2016-08-29Learn virtualization skills by building your own virtual mac...ISBN-13:1119267722
37The Complete Idiot's Guide to Project ManagementG. Michael Campbell2007Loaded with examples, case studies, and expert opinion and a...PSU:000062344166
38The Economics of Transaction CostsOliver E. Williamson1999Transaction cost economics began to take shape around thirty...STANFORD:36105022955277
39Idea WorkArne Carlsen2012What does it take to find oil in an area where many have tri...ISBN-13:9788202403379
40Musculoskeletal AssessmentHazel M. Clarkson2012-01-17Completely revised and updated, the third edition offers a s...ISBN-13:9781609138165
1ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
2ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
3ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
4ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
5ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2014Projektledning
6ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Projektledning
7Project managementTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProject management
8ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
9Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
10ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2006Projektledning
11ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
12Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...
13Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
14ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Projektledning
15Agilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayAgilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...
16ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2004Projektledning
17Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo2008Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
18Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
19Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
20Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
21Project management : student learning guide and workbookTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2010Project management : student learning guide and workbook
22Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...Tonnquist, Bo2017Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...
23Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...Tonnquist, Bo2015Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...
24Projektledning PaketTonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning Paket
25Projektledning från grundenTonnquist, Bo2020Projektledning från grunden
26Projektledning Paket Faktabok + ÖvningsbokTonnquist, Bo2012Projektledning Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok
27Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)
28Project management [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2019Project management [Elektronisk resurs]
29Project management : a complete guideTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Project management : a complete guide
30Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-1999Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...
31Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-2001Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...

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