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1Project managementBo Tonnquist2009ISBN-13:9788776757281
2Projektledning2014PROJEKTLEDNING riktar sig till alla som arbetar med projekt,...ISBN-13:9789152326473
3Projektledning upplaga 7Bo Tonnquist2018ISBN-13:9789152354988
4Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok).Bo Tonnquist2016ISBN-13:9789152341100
5The Joys of CompoundingGautam Baid2020-06-02Value investing is not just a system for success in the mark...ISBN-13:0231552114
6Governance, projektportfölj och projektkontorKjell Rodenstedt2013-12-03Allt mer drivs som olika typer av projekt. Stora globala fö...ISBN-13:917463951X
7Project Management Absolute Beginner's GuideGreg Horine2017-02-09This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include an...ISBN-13:013465398X
8The Art of Currency TradingBrent Donnelly2019-06-05Now you can master the art of foreign exchange trading While...ISBN-13:1119583578
9Learning and Innovation in Natural Resource Based Industries...Allan Dahl Andersen2020-06-30This book develops and articulates a new perspective on the ...ISBN-13:1000709833
10The Teen Vogue HandbookTeen Vogue2014-11-28Amy Astley, former Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief, says: “The ...ISBN-13:0698197224
11Project Management for DummiesNick Graham2011-04-05Guide your project to success from initial idea to final del...ISBN-13:9781119974413
12Paediatric Audiological MedicineValerie E. Newton2008-12-30Professionals will find a wide range of topics relevant to t...ISBN-13:9780470987964
13Innovation for the FatiguedAlf Rehn2019-03-03How many presentations on innovation have there been recentl...ISBN-13:0749484098
14Proceedings of the 18th Online World Conference on Soft Comp...Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane2018-09-18This book gathers the papers presented at the 18th Online Wo...ISBN-13:3030006123
15Zero LimitsJoe Vitale2010-06-03Praise For Zero Limits "This riveting book can awaken humani...ISBN-13:047089332X
16A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R...Project Management Institute2019-08-05To support the broadening spectrum of project delivery appro...ISBN-13:1628255390
17Future Logistics ChallengesLeif Enarsson2006The aim of the book is strategic, both external and internal...ISBN-13:9788763001700
18The Little Book of Investing Like the ProsJoshua Pearl2020-03-16As you have probably noticed, there are quite a few investin...ISBN-13:1119388260
19Urban Destination Marketing in Contemporary EuropeProf. John Heeley2015-02-15This book aims to unite theory and practice in the field of ...ISBN-13:1845414950
20Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of ComplexityMichael C. Jackson2019-03-15The world has become increasingly networked and unpredictabl...ISBN-13:1119118395
21Fundamentals of Software ArchitectureMark Richards2020-01-28Salary surveys worldwide regularly place software architect ...ISBN-13:1492043427
22Project Management, Sixth EditionG. Michael Campbell PMP2014-03-04Successful project management requires organization, skill, ...ISBN-13:1615645330
23Global Economic History: A Very Short IntroductionRobert C. Allen2011-09-15The gap between the rich and the poor can be vast. Robert C....ISBN-13:0199596654
24Scam Me If You CanFrank Abagnale2019-08-27Are you at risk of being scammed? Former con artist and best...ISBN-13:0525538976
25Taxation and Electronic Commerce Implementing the Ottawa Tax...OECD2001-05-04This volume provides a comprehensive guide to the status of ...ISBN-13:9264189793
26Daylight Influence on Colour DesignMaud Hårleman2007ISBN-13:9789197664400
27Sustainable FashionJanet Hethorn2015-07-30Written as a collection of 15 original essays, this new edit...ISBN-13:1628925310
28Meeting the Ethical Challenges of LeadershipCraig E. Johnson2017-01-10Ethics is at the heart of leadership. All leaders assume eth...ISBN-13:1506321658
29The Captain ClassSam Walker2017-05-16A bold new theory of leadership drawn from elite captains th...ISBN-13:0812997204
30Organization TheoryDerek S. Pugh2007-10-04This book spans seventy years of theory from Max Weber's sem...ISBN-13:0141902892
31The Story FactorAnnette Simmons2009-03-17This modern classic teaches you to use the art of storytelli...ISBN-13:0786736569
32Color and DesignMarilyn DeLong2013-08-29From products we use to clothes we wear, and spaces we inhab...ISBN-13:1472520157
33Zoos and TourismWarwick Frost2011Zoos are important and popular tourist attractions. Spread a...ISBN-13:1845411633
34Streets, Spaces and PlacesMarina Weilguni2011ISBN-13:9789155481032
35Introduction to ManagementColin Combe2014-01This brand new textbook covers all of the core topics found ...ISBN-13:0199642990
36Organization ChangeW. Warner Burke2017-03-16Change is a constant in today's organizations. Leaders, mana...ISBN-13:1506378765
37OvertourismRachel Dodds2019-05-06Overtourism has become a major concern for an increasing num...ISBN-13:3110605708
38Management of an Industrial CompanyHåkan Kullvén2018-11-30"How is a company managed? In this book, this is explained b...ISBN-13:9789144129280
39Decentralisation - why and how to make it work : the handels...Jan Wallander2003ISBN-13:9789171509109
40Progress Gold AEva Hedencrona2003ISBN-13:9789144030043
1ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
2ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
3ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
4ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
5ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2014Projektledning
6ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Projektledning
7Project managementTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProject management
8ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
9Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
10ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2006Projektledning
11ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
12Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...
13Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
14ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Projektledning
15Agilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayAgilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...
16ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2004Projektledning
17Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo2008Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
18Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
19Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
20Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
21Project management : student learning guide and workbookTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2010Project management : student learning guide and workbook
22Projektledning från grundenTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning från grunden
23Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...Tonnquist, Bo2017Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...
24Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...Tonnquist, Bo2015Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...
25Projektledning PaketTonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning Paket
26Projektledning Paket Faktabok + ÖvningsbokTonnquist, Bo2012Projektledning Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok
27Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)
28Project management [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2019Project management [Elektronisk resurs]
29Project management : a complete guideTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Project management : a complete guide
30Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-1999Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...
31Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-2001Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...

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